Thursday, 2 March 2017

OneCoin's DealShaker would be better called DealShitter

16th of February was the day OneCoin finally launched the highly anticipated DealShaker platform. A platform for individuals and business owners to sell their products and services using onecoins and optional euros for transactions.

During the first two weeks her dictatorship only charged 25 % of the cash part of any deal made. - Wow, so much generosity! After March 1st 50 % of all cash goes directly to Ruja's purse. This is only fair, because it's a ponzi.

The terms and Conditions of DealShaker state:
"Regular Advertising Fee is calculated based on the Cash Value of the Promotional Deal Offering Price. Until March 1, 2017 the adv. Fee will equal 25% of the cash value.
Featured Deals Advertising Fee is calculated based on the Cash Value of the Pormotional Deal Offering Price and will equal 50% of the cash value of the redeemed Deal Coupon Price.
Featured Deals Advertising Fee will require that the Cash Value of Promotional Deal Offering Coupon Price constitutes at least 20% of the Deal Coupon Price."

Shitty deals

I have been following the new market place during these two weeks and it turned out to be pretty much what was expected among critics of OneCoin scam. The platform offers mainly insanely overpriced products from all over the world, including bedspreads, bedspreads, bedspreads, self help crap, wedding planning from China, kitsch and a lot of other junk.

There are also some seemingly high quality products like this Louis Vuitton handbag. According to the merchant's address these handbags are sold from a Chinese village.

Who's responsible for a shitty deal?

As OneCoin takes no responsibility on the deals done, I can't imagine who on earth would be willing to use cash for purchasing anything from DealShaker.

DealShaker's Terms and Conditions:

"In addition Merchants agree that the Company is only acting as a passive conduit for Merchants’ online distribution and publication of their content. The Company is not responsible for any public display or misuse of any Merchants’ content.

Refunds and Complaints
If a Merchant has not managed to provide the described and promised service or product, and there is a sufficient evidence provided by the buyer/user/client - the client may be fully or partially refunded. 
DealShaker can be in control of the communication between the Merchant and the Buyer 
DealShaker doesn’t assume responsibility on behalf of the merchant for the provided service or product"

A disappointed customer from England communicating with a Chinese handbag salesman through DealShaker. That should be interesting... Or not since "can" doesn't really promise anything, and as said "DealShaker doesn't assume responsibility".

The purchase process

As stated on DealShaker's Terms and Conditions:

The process will flow as thus 
Be automated  
Via OneLife Cash and OneCoin Account  
Users have to sign off the purchase order with their unique Transaction password. Transaction Password can be set through the OneLife BackOffice. Only user knows his/her Transaction Password. 
No limitation as to how many coupons can be purchased from the deal 
Users can shop coupons for only 1 deal at a time, e.g. there is no shopping card at the moment 
Credit Card payments are not yet available 
Debiting the Cash account of the user will be visible in the OneLife BackOffice. In the dealShaker user profile, users will only be able to track their OneLife and Cash Balances
OneCoin is unbanked and thus bank wire transactions aren't possible. The company can't even offer credit card payment, so shopping at DealShaker has been done really hard and it's also burdened with trust issues between merchants and customers.

OneCoin has had a lot of time preparing the platform. Despite having all the time and money the merchant platform is just awful. There has been a lot of mysteriously disappearing ads. Filtering products works miserably, which makes the whole shop a big and unattractive mess. In addition, prices being ridiculously high I doubt that there's been much deals executed. Most of the deals require "self organized shipping" or redeeming at location.

"There is an up to 4 weeks period for approval and processing your withdrawal request for the DealShaker cash proceedings from your OneLife Backoffice."
- Lol.

Three million members, 100.000 of them giving a shit?

OneCoin claims to have nearly 3 million members. Nevertheless the merchant platform has only aroused the attention of a bit above 100.000 members. So far the counter on the web page claims that there are 14.200 registered businesses:

After two weeks has passed it's hard to believe that the humongous majority of OneCoin's self-declared nearly 3 million members have not shown any interest towards the merchant platform. I would suspect that the real headcount of the members is close to the figure on DealShaker's ticker.


  1. I think people are starting to miss their money, that has been stolen from them by the liars. So sad.

    1. To complete your thoughts - not good, not good!

    2. Scam site.Brother of One coin.

  2. Deal SHITTER has to be the most complete PILE OF STOOL I have ever seen. It is comically frustrating to use but then when you do find something the PRICE is ABSURD.

    Are people that ignorant that they would not check other sites like Ebay,Amazon,Aliexpress,Alibaba, or the other Million of sites that have better prices, take credit cards, etc.

    UNREAL how bad this is.

    1. It's the very definition of a cult. They make you believe that your brain is made out of fried chicken.

  3. This is just embarrassing, poor people.

    HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 (HX-HSCR-BK/NA)
    DS: 445 EUR ((200,07 EUR)+(31,55 ONE*7,55 EUR) = 444,58 EUR)
    Amazon: 107 EUR (113,95 USD x 0,94 = 107,11 EUR)
    => DS price more than 4 times higher than Amazon's

    Daniel Wellington (Swedish brand), watch
    DS: 230 EUR ((200,07 EUR)+(14.84 ONE*7,55 EUR) = 230.01 EUR)
    Amazon: 72 EUR (76.29 USD x 0,94 = 71.71 EUR)
    => DS price more than 3 times higher than Amazon's

    1. What does it matter for millionaire people to pay 4 times more big shitter talker you are!!!

    2. Well, I guess it doesn't matter much for a millionaire. Then again, there ain't much millionaires among onecoiners.

  4. "During the first two weeks her dictatorship only charged half of the cash part of any deal made. - Wow, so much generosity! After March 1st 50 % of all cash goes directly to Ruja's purse."
    I think first was 25%?

    1. Yes, that's right. I corrected my post.

    2. Also your quotes from DealShaker terms and conditions appear to miss spaces or line breaks. Especially the latter one. At least when viewed on my iPhone.

    3. I hope I spotted and corrected them all. The text was copied directly from DealShitter. Some formatting there ended up showing some parts of the text as one paragraph.

    4. So Anonymous, it is correct price for revolver set:
      31.55 one = 0 + 200eur - 100eur for Ruzamama and 100eur real price, it is cheaper than 107 eur :)

  5. Yes. It is sad that people do not see the point from what is real. It is a c2c platform, so stop comparing to other big mechant out there. Most of the critics do not see the merit behind the strict T&C; how a illegimate firm should run.

  6. Guys, my cousin injected 200,000 euros of his hard-earned money in this cult. When I heard Rajja talk for the first time, I almost peed in my pants of laughther. They call her doctor or our leader...haha...She knows nothing about finances. She compared Dealshaker with and claimed that dealshaker is better because they take only 25% of the transaction, instead of 50%....such a generous group of scammers. Of course, they take the cash, not the crappy cryptoshittency...haha.

  7. We still alive and kicking fellas!

    1. Nope, you're just zombies refusing to believe that you have no brains.

    2. If you are alive . then show us our money we invested in your crap

  8. haha watch out. Onecoin will kick you in the ass.

    1. Please, I don't need to worry about a scam kicking my ass. If OneCoin was a legitimate business it would have already sued my ass off after all the hard blows I have delivered to the scam.


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