Onecoin - there is a lesson to be learned

In the beginning the message was: OneCoin sells education not coins. This message is still the selling point they offer. Strangely enough OneCoin's Finnish Country Manager Tommi Vuorinen has several times admitted in public that selling education is only to avoid problems with financial supervisory authorities. 

However despite selling education was so important to OneCoin they made some additions to their product line by the end of 2015 adding educational packages with no education. There was Festival package for 18.000 euros and I think the 100.000 € Elite Trader package emerged during the end of 2015. Those packages include no education what so ever. Neither does the 25.000 € Infinity Trader package which came to replace the Festival package in the beginning of 2016. Looks like they care even less about authorities nowadays than before. It must be due the surpise that the ponzi is still running.

This is what you get for 25.000 euros. I guess they ran out of bullshit to cover the education part.

In addition to the reckelesness they've already showed to authorities they are going to raise the prices of the "educational packages" by 10 % in April. This is done because Onecoin is "aiming to have a stable price of the coin". I thought the price was for the education not for the coins. They could not be more obvious about the education being only a window dressing to sell play money... well, like I said they had already gone as far as selling the packages without any education so why bother including those educational materials at all? Who the hell reads them anyway? Onecoiners are not in it to educate themselves, they are in it to become millionaires!

It's quite amazing how much bullshit Onecoin members can take and at the same time being unable to see the obvious ponzi scheme. They seem to lack all the abilities to rationalize and question when they are blinded by all the riches they see in the future. One thing is sure, all the members will get an unforgettable lesson in the end.