Monday, 15 April 2019

OneCoin's hidden banking channels

This post is actually about some old information that has remained somewhat hidden. Nevertheless, there seems to be interesting connections of people and companies involved, and also information  how money transfers to OneCoin were arranged at the time the scam ran into serious troubles with its bank accounts.

As many of you readers might already know, in the end of 2016 OneCoin had to quit publishing any bank account information because the banks in question were immediately alerted about the accounts related to the international ponzi-pyramid scam. This usually led quite fast to bank account to be frozen or at least investigated by the bank due money laundering suspicion. The fastest freeze of an account happened in about 24 hours after OneCoin had released the account details.

Supposedly the everlasting problems with bank accounts led the scammers to open alternative routes to scam money from victims. These bank account details were not easily accessible by logging in to the back office online. Instead the information had to be acquired from some sort of trusted source. A trusted source was a OneCoin scammer or an IMA (Independent Marketing Associate) that the company trusted or a third party company providing bank account details to the victims via IMA's.

However, keeping those bank accounts hidden was not so simple as there was masses of greedy MLM people trying to become millionaires. There also has been some good samaritans snooping around information about the scam. Hence there has been bank account details leaking to the Internet every now and then.

Trade Solutions Group

Trade Solutions Group was a company providing bank account information to OneCoin victims via various websites. These websites were designed to give specific instructions how to transfer money in exchange for a membership in OneCoin. 

The CEO of Trade Solutions Group was and still is Herve Lacorne. On his LinkedIn profile Lacorne lists as his specialities "global payments, foreign exchange, trade finance, Technology". He has kept his distance to OneCoin and has been rarely seen among prominent promoters of the scam. Interestingly Lacorne goes way back with Chris Principe, who has had an affection towards OneCoin for years.

Chris Principe and Herve Lacorne

Chris Principe has been featuring as a speaker at numerous OneCoin events, giving his blessing to the scheme and going as far as publishing an awkward issue of his Financial IT advertorial magazine that was only designed to be used as a marketing tool of the scam. On his resume at Principe lists Transaction Banking of Trade Solutions Group starting from June 2014 and lasting to the present. 

Chris Principe

Chris Principe on (screencap taken 12 April, 2019.

Juha Parhiala, Herve Lacorne, Sebastian Greenwood and the "number 1 chryptocurrency".

"When a government decides to devalue their currency everybody gets hurt. If you're in OneCoin your value stays true. You don't lose your value." 
– Chris Principe 

"If you look at the journey that has happened over the last year and a half with OneCoin, it's amazing... er, quickly... and the performance of this currency and company. And this is all to the credit of Mr Juha, Mr Sebastian and Dr. Ruja that have done an outstanding job in building a huge community, and building the future of the currency, the future of payment." 
– Herve Lacorne

Although Lacorne hasn't been much of a public figure of OneCoin, there is at least one event in Cambodia in 2016 where Lacorne was speaking very fondly about OneCoin besides Principe. Here's the whole event on YouTube:

– I have also downloaded the video in case it gets removed from YouTube.

But let's go back to Trade Solutions Group and to the money transfers.

In the late 2016 several websites were found that were providing information to OneCoin victims about how to proceed with payments in order to purchase various packages the scam had to offer. Several (if not all) of the domains were registered to Trade Solutions Group. 

I believe none of those websites are reachable anymore. It's also unclear how long these websites were operational and how successful they were at channelling the money flow. Nevertheless, the purpose of these websites was very clear – to offer an additional banking route to scam money towards OneCoin.

Screencap from the comments section of BehindMLM

The websites didn't offer an online service of payment but generated an invoice instead, directing to a certain bank to proceed with a payment. There were also different websites depending on the currency used.

Before an invoice were to be generated one had to agree with the following terms specifically forbidding the use of word "OneCoin" while organising the payment:"I understand I am not purchasing an investment of any kind. I understand this is solely for the purchase of an education package(s). I understand that I am NOT ALLOWED to use the words : One Coin, Bit Coin, Digital, Crypto, Currency, Investment on ANY section of my purchase process or my money will be rejected. I acknowledge that doing so may cause my purchase to be rejected and my funds may be returned to me. I agree to leave all fields blank under the notes and description/name section of my purchase process when submitting: a bank wire, an ACH, or deposit at a branch. I understand I am not required to state anything so there's no reason to state unnecessary details. If I do have to state the purpose of my purchase or transaction I will just state "Education Course". If I am asked by any bank employee what the purpose of my transaction is, I will be truthful and tell them that I am purchasing education materials. If I violate any of these conditions I understand that I will not be allowed to utilize this domestic purchase system any longer. Tick the box to confirm that you have read and agreed to the above conditions. YES I have reviewed all information submitted in this form and agree that all information is correct. I understand that all communication will be sent to the email address I have provided and I should check my email regularly for updates and information."– Well, why would Trade Solutions Group / Herve Lacorne insist following these kind of terms?

A sample of an account and instructions used: 
BANK ACCOUNT INFO FOR WIRE - DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION, IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGEBeneficiary Bank: ANZ Bank, MelbourneBeneficiary Bank SWIFT Code: ANZBAU3MBeneficiary: Compass Global Holdings Suite 33, 650 George St Sydney NSW 2000Beneficiary Account No.: 531160EUR00001Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank, FrankfurtIntermediary Bank SWIFT Code: DEUTDEFFXXXAdditional Information: Ref. ML-Moonlearning (your invoice number)SEND in EUR and DO NOT CONVERTInstructions are only usable for EURO transfersSend by "international wire" if unable to send by using Euroland national system

Another sample: 
Account name: Compass Global Holdings Client AccountMacquarie Bank Limited Level 5, 1 Martin Place Sydney, NSW 2000BSB:182 800Acc: 10229427Swift: MACQAU2SXXXRef: ACCT488656 - (Client Name) - Order #1000000012 (invoice number)Beneficiary address: Suite 33, Level 3 650 George Street, World Square Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
– Apparently at least some of the payments were directed to a "client account" of Compass Global Holdings.

This sample instructs to address the payment to CoPilot Ventures Fund II: 
Beneficiary: CoPilot Ventures Fund IIBeneficiary Address: 165 Horton Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563Beneficiary Phone: 516-400-9770Beneficiary Bank: BB&TBeneficiary Bank Account Number: 256649934Beneficiary Bank Routing Number: 053101121Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code: BRBTUS33Beneficiary Bank Address: 200 West Second Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA

I also recall one instruction – it was maybe for Vietnamese people – that offered only a phone number to a Asian woman to reach in order to acquire further instructions how to operate towards payment.

Trade Solutions Groups on LinkedIn.

Life after OneCoin

I guess that after Principe saw the success of OneCoin he got inspired to start a business of his own. A "referral company" called Solidus was launched somewhere in mid 2018. He even chose to appoint his old buddies from OneCoin, Jorma Pallari and Juha Parhiala, as ambassadors of Solidus. Juha Parhiala was touted as the top earner of OneCoin/OneLife when the pyramid was still blooming.

Chris Principe the CEO of Solidus and the Ambassadors, Jorma Pallari and Juha Parhiala.

And what about Herve Lacorne? According to BehindMLM's post about Solidus on September 18, 2018:
"Two months ago Chris Principe interviewed Herve Lacorne, then CEO of WinstantPay. The interview itself is nothing remarkable, but a few months later WinstantPay has emerged as Solidus Global’s payment processor. Since then Lacorne appears to have been downgraded to WinstantPay’s Chief Innovative Officer."

I haven't followed Solidus much. They have organised weekly webinars that haven't had much audience, maybe only twenty or so people attending. The webinars that I attended were brief and more or less awkward with nothing much to say. It seems that Solidus hasn't exactly been a gold mine so far. The Alexa rating of the website isn't flattering, which indicates that there isn't much traffic to the website:

Screencap taken 15 April, 2019.

Maybe it's not just me who wouldn't recommend even to a worst enemy anything these people were offering?

Thursday, 28 March 2019

OneCoin members are idiots

OneCoin members are idiots. – Yes, that's how the co-founder of OneCoin, Sebastian Greenwood, and the current leader of the scam, Konstantin Ignatov, agreed on about the mental state of the members of OneCoin. I really can't argue with that assessment because you really would have to be an utmost idiot to still carry on believing in this charade – or a devious scammer to promote it. 

Not only that OneCoin couldn't be more obvious ponzi-pyramid, but the evidence published after Konstantin Ignatov was arrested should be more than enough to convince even idiots that OneCoin is nothing more than a scam. Sadly it's quite common that major scams have members who continue to believe the lie they have been fed with even after the pyramid they have ben worshipping has already collapsed.

Well, it wasn't actually written there, but it might as well have been.

For once Konstantin was telling the truth.

"we are not mining actually – but telling people shit." This is what Ruja Ignatova was messaging to the co-founder of the scheme, Sebastian Greenwood, while plotting how to scam money from gullible people.

But here I go babbling about old news... Never mind that the current leader of the scam, Konstantin Ignatov, was arrested, charged and could be sentenced for 20 years in prison. Never mind that the founder of OneCoin, Ruja Ignatova, could be sentenced for 85 years in prison. It's time for...

The First Annual Miss Ponzi Scam 2019 Beauty Pageant!

At first I thought this was a joke, but, yeah, there really was a beauty pageant planned to happen on 7th April, 2019. Well, the actual name of the competition is Miss OneLife 2019 but I took the liberty of modifying the name a bit to make it more accurate.

It remains to be seen if the event will ever actually occur, but so far the organisers seem to proceed as if nothing had happened, despite Konstantin Ignatov was arrested and the autopsy results of the scam investigation were publicly displayed.

Miss OneLife

I couldn't find information about the organiser of the event. It seems that "MISS ONELIFE Organization" doesn't really exist. Most likely it's just a bogus organisation made up by a group of OneCoin scammers from Romania.

But how is this all connected to the scam-coin – aka "trashy coin" like Ruja Ignatova likes to call it. Let the website of the pageant explain:
MISS ONELIFE and the cryptocurrency 
We are the first organization in the beauty pageant industry who decided to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies. We decided to show to the entire world that no matter how big are the costs of the production, the cryptocurrency can be used like any other fiat currency (US dollars, euro, etc.) to cover all the production costs. We believe that the cryptocurrencies are the future of payments and the financial transactions.

Yes, it actually says "THE BIGEST". I didn't photoshop that.

The winner of the competition gets a "luxury car" worth 100.000 euros. That seems to have been enough of an attraction to gather some chicks ignorant enough from all over the world to participate and compete for the title. The organisers have just recently revealed most of the contestants on the website of the competition, so maybe we'll get to witness this ridiculous event happening in April after all. 

The participant from Finland was presented as Russian for several days until a correction was made.

I don't know if the contestants are aware that they are participating an event marketing a scam, but at least they should be alarmed by the fact that the company/organisation behind the event doesn't seem to exist:

I'm also puzzled about the nature of this competition – not that I give a damn about beauty pageants – but this has to be the most stupidest beauty pageant ever. The members of OneCoin can actually buy vote-packages to vote their favourite contestant. I guess this competition isn't so much about beauty then.

Vote packages for sale.

The website of the event is typical scam quality all around. This includes false marketing and bullshitty claims.

According to Miss OneLife website Samsung's Regional Manager Alexander Smith is a client of the company. A client of what? What company? Who is Alexander Smith? I couldn't find him. 

Miss OneLife website: 
"Our target audience is 20-50 million people from more than 190 countries. We will reach our target using a complex branding and advertising campaign."
– Well, it's almost April, but I haven't seen any advertising campaign yet... or was the arrest of Konstantin Ignatov just part of the complex branding and advertising campaign?

The alleged sponsors of the event. 

Update 16 April, 2019

Samsung, Loreal, Wella, Toyota and Universal have been removed from the sponsors section. It seems likely that the organiser of the pageant had deliberately lied about having those companies sponsoring the event.

Konstantin Ignatov missed the pageant

Oh, by the way. This just came in: Konstantin Ignatov's initial hearing on US charges for conspiracy to commit wire fraud using OneCoin has been set for 26 April.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Miner One under pre-trial investigation in Lithuania

According to Lithuanian news source Miner One is under investigation by the Financial Crime Investigation Service of Lithuania. There's only one person suspected, Pranas Slušnys, the project manager of Miner One.

"The Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) conducts a pre-trial investigation into the ICO project" Miner One ", according to the characteristics of an offense established in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania for High Value Fraud," 
Source: 15min

A former legal counsel of Miner One, Jonas Udris, posted a message today via Telegram to the Miner One community: 
Dear Miner One community, 
As a legal counsel of the Miner One project, I hereby regret to inform you that last week I was questioned by the Financial Crime Investigation Service of Lithuania (FCIS) in the status of special witness regarding my work in the Miner One ICO, where I have learned that CEO and a sole owner of a Miner One FZE (a United Arab Emirates company), Mr. Pranas Slusnys is under investigation of fraud. 
I was involved in the Miner One project as a co-founder and legal advisor from the very beginning in November 2017 until June 2018. My responsibilities included drafting the White Paper, Terms and Conditions, Token Sale Agreements, Miner One Prospectus and a number of other legal documents, as well as counseling the management, the team and the community members regarding legal matters of the project.  
After the end of the ICO, Mr. Pranas Slusnys continued to operate the company as sole owner and director and my services were no longer required since then. 
I am fully cooperating with the investigation and I have provided all the information which was in my possession. I hope that the investigation will be as quick as possible and all the answers will be made public.  
To my knowledge, all Miner One staff members were let go in early January 2019 in the name of saving costs.  
In the meantime, I will keep you informed on the progress once I will have any updates.  
Jonas Udris

"Pranas Slusnys arrested!"

Pranas Slušnys

According to Pranas Slušnys was arrested on 7th March due the fraud investigation. 

ICO Investigation website is ran by a person named Matthew, also a victim of Miner One himself. The website has been dedicated in unraveling Miner One scam. There's also information about Miner One related scams; Golder Games (aka Warfield) and TOKIA.

I personally bumped into Matthew in June 2018 on Miner One's official Telegram channel. At the time Matthew was a firm believer and supporter of this project and I was actually having a debate with him when I was suddenly banned from the Telegram group by Miner One's admin. 

Eventually also Matthew was banned from the channel after daring to make too many questions there. Since then he has been gathering evidence about the scam and posting it to the website.

The mining farm was a hoax

On December 10, 2018, Miner One was boasting about having 4620 Bitmain Antminer S9's ready for mining.

However, the members had already began to suspect whether the mining equipment actually existed. The strange problems Miner One had providing visual evidence about the farm only raised more questions. The photos they finally managed to publish were soon suspected as being photoshopped.

Eventually a group of people operated together and managed to find the location that was used to stage the mining farm.

Quoting Matthew: 
"The evidence gathered to date was strong however finding the location would confirm suspicions and guarantee the interest of local law enforcement. On the 30th of January still images from the Facebook live videos was analysed by a small group of investors and the same day a possible location was checked and the containers found, the results where kept quiet from the group whilst another smaller group was formed to discuss the ramifications of the discovery which are detailed in Containergate Exposed – the Miner One Lie."

On the location only two rotting shipping containers were found. I recommend the link above to see also photos from the scene.

After collecting enough evidence the group contacted Lithuanian authorities: 
"The Financial Crime Investigation Service of Lithuania (FNTT) was contacted and in early February an investigation was underway with information being supplied as more data was analysed to bolster the evidence supplied to date which mainly concentrated on the containers."

Golder Games (aka Warfield) dumped

The scammers behind Golder Games seem to have abandoned the project almost simultaneously with Miner One.

Nothing has happened since my last post about the scam.

Update March 13, 2019

Darius Udrys comment posted yesterday about his role in Miner One scam:

My comment was soon deleted by Darius Udrys. I guess he's a bit touchy about criticism.

Although Darius Udrys tells us that his consulting work with Miner One ended right after New Year he did continue to work for Golder Games where he was also an admin in the official Telegram Group.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Konstantin Ignatov arrested – charges announced against Ruja and Konstantin

US Department of Justice press release published today announced that criminal charges have been filed against Ruja Ignatova and her brother Konstantin Ignatov.

Konstantin Ignatov

Konstantin Ignatov was arrested on a wire fraud conspiracy charge March 6 at Los Angeles International Airport. Quoting the press release:
"Between February 27, 2019, and March 6, 2019, IGNATOV travelled to the United States to conduct OneCoin-related business, including in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he stayed at a casino resort.  While in Las Vegas, IGNATOV met with a number of OneCoin affiliates."
– I don't know why Konstantin Ignatov dared to set his foot on US soil, especially now after it was evident that US authorities were after OneCoin scammers. Maybe Ignatov had a false sense of security and he thought that there wasn't enough evidence available to file charges against him. Boy was he wrong.

Here are the charges against Ruja and Konstantin: 
IGNATOVA, 38, of Sofia, Bulgaria, is charged with one count each of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years sentence, and one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. IGNATOVA remains at large.

IGNATOV, 33, of Sofia, Bulgaria, is charged by Complaint with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Investigation: OneCoin has no blockchain

The press release by the US Department of Justice is very thorough and makes also clear that OneCoin hasn't had a blockchain and is nothing more than a malicious scam designed to rob money from gullible people.

"The investigation has revealed that OneCoin lacks a true blockchain, that is, a public and verifiable blockchain.[2] Moreover, by approximately March 2015, IGNATOVA and her co-founder had started allocating to OneCoin members coins that did not even exist in OneCoin’s purported private blockchain, referring to those coins as “fake coins.”"

The true nature of Ruja Ignatova was always there to see, but many of the victims of OneCoin worshipped her like she was a goddess with a heart of gold. However, the US investigation has revealed a nice gem that reveals that Ruja Ignatova only intention was to scam money from the investors:  
Moreover, the investigation has revealed that IGNATOVA and her co-founder conceived of and built the OneCoin business fully intending to use it to defraud investors. For example, in one email between IGNATOVA and her co-founder, IGNATOVA described her thoughts on the “exit strategy” for OneCoin. The first option that IGNATOVA listed was, “Take the money and run and blame someone else for this . . . .”

The name of the co-founder isn't revealed. I would suspect that it is Sebastian Greenwood who was arrested months ago.

And here's more email correspondence telling exactly what OneCoin was:

In the summer of 2014, Ruja and Founder-2 were developing the concept and payout plan for OneCoin, which they referred to at the time in e-mail correspondence as "trashy coin." On June 11, 2014, Ruja wrote to Founder-2 concerning the OneCoin business plan: 
It might not be (something) really clean or that I normally work on or even can be proud of (except with you in private when we make the money) – but ... I am especially good in this very borderline cases (sic), where the things become gray - and you as the magic sales machine – and me as someone who really can work with numbers, legal and back you up in a good and professional way - we could really make it big - like MLM meets bitch of wall street ;-)

Later that summer:

Beginning in or about August 2014, Ruja and Founder-2 developed the idea of marketing to members that tokens could be used to "mine" OneCoins. In an e-mail to Ruja dated August 11, 2014, Founder-2 proposed:  
"Get members to think that they are mining their OneCoin via crunching (exchanging) tokens for OneCoin. This storey (sic) is good as ppl will then not go super crazy and just try and sell tokens all the time."  
Founder-2 e-mailed Ruja the following day, writing, "The concept of converting tokens into OneCoin is an important phase for validity and truth behind the OneCoin. The so called "mining" of coins is a concept that is very familiar in the industry and a story we can sell to the members." Ruja then wrote to Founder-2, "We are not mining actually – but telling people shit," to which Founder-2 responded, "how can this be investigated and found out?" and "Can any member (trying to be clever) find out that we actually are not investing in machines to mine but it is merely a piece of software doing this for us?"

"Founder-2" and Konstantin Ignatov sharing messages about the people in the network:
For example, on September 21, 2016, KONSTANTIN IGNATOV, the defendant, and Founder-2 shared the following message exchange:

Founder-2: These ppl are crazy
Founder-2: Like they want to speak every hour
Founder-2: Abt shit
IGNATOV: haha they are. tried to fixed it with him, tried to avoid bothering you as far as possible. so you are not lost everything s fine ;)
Founder-2: Emoticon
Founder-2: These ppl are idiots
IGNATOV: as you told me, the network would not work with intelligent people ;)
Source: US court document 

OneCoin generated over 3 billion euros in sales revenue

According to the investigators the money flow to the scam has been massive.

"As a result of misrepresentations made by IGNATOV, IGNATOVA, and other OneCoin representatives, victims throughout the world wired investment funds to OneCoin-controlled bank accounts in order to purchase OneCoin packages. Records obtained in the course of the investigation show that, between the fourth quarter of 2014 and the third quarter of 2016 alone, OneCoin Ltd. generated €3.353 billion in sales revenue and earned “profits” of €2.232 billion"

The press release also confirms that OneCoins have not been "mined" using computer resources and the value of the coins isn't real. – As I and many others have been saying since the beginning of this scam while warning possible investors and victims.

"The purported value of a OneCoin has steadily grown from €0.50 to approximately €29.95 per coin, as of January 2019.  In fact, the value of OneCoin is determined internally and not based on market supply and demand; and OneCoins are not mined using computer resources."

You can read the whole press release from here.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Global InterGold's banking problems continue - Update 18th March

Global InterGold (former Emgoldex) has already a long history of banking problems, which is probably not strange considering that we are talking about a scam. This is also acknowledged by authorities and banks. For example, here's a warning by Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

I have been keeping an eye on this scam from the early 2017. During that time there has been about 10 different bank accounts used, held by various shell companies. Nevertheless, Global InterGold has been surprisingly successful and persevere in holding bank accounts in Bulgaria continually sticking on to one specific shell company, MD7 Trade Ltd. 

The company was incorporated in 2016 with a small initial capital of about 255 euros. The owner is Mihails Subotins, an Ukrainian businessman. Interestingly the name popped up in Greek media in 2017 while an embezzlement scandal tied to a Greek basketball club reached headlines.

The latest bank account changes

MD7 Trade Ltd has had bank accounts at least in the following five Bulgarian banks:
• Raiffeisenbank
• International Asset Bank
• Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD
• United Bulgarian Bank
• Bulgarian-American Credit Bank

The latest bank account details given to the victims of the scam were directing to accounts in United Bulgarian Bank and Bulgarian-American Credit Bank. Now those bank account details have been removed and replaced with a new one held by yet another new shell company, Gold International Group Limited.

Recipient Bank:
Bank Address:
115 E Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Gold International Group Limited
Beneficiary Address:
Georgi Sava Rakovski Str. 96, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Beneficiary Account:

In fact Global InterGold has used Piraeus Bank also in the early 2018, but then the holder of the account was MD7 Trade Ltd. There was also a limit for wire transfers to the account. Transfers were not to exceed 7000 euros – supposedly exceeding sums would raise too much unwanted attention.

Traffic declining

Traffic to the website seems to be declining and the official Facebook page of the company seems awfully quiet.

Stats from Similarweb show about 300k visits per month. Click to enlarge.

Update 18th March – Bank account changed again

Well, the bank account in Piraeus Bank didn't last long. Here's the new bank account just recently added:

Recipient Bank:
Unicredit Bank
Beneficiary Address:
Vanatori Str. 5-11, ap. 17, Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania
Beneficiary Account:

The shell company holding the account is rather freshly incorporated Romanian company. GIG Global InterGold Limited SRL was founded on September 19, 2018, with an astonishing share capital of about 40 euros.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Warfield (aka Golder Games) – follow-up

Time to check up what has happened to Warfield after I posted my review of the scheme in July 2018. I finished my review by concluding that in my opinion Warfield was a scam and not to be trusted. Well, where are we now?

A lot of bullshit in this field

According to the roadmap that was used to marked Warfield during its ICO phase the game was supposed to be released on App Store and Play Store simultaneously on 15th February. Of course that didn't happen.

On 15th of May 2019 the game is supposed to be released on Xbox and PlayStation. That won't happen either. It was just a bogus claim the team made up to sell the ICO to gullible investors.

The roadmap of Warfield (click to enlarge)

Recently the official Telegram group of Warfield/Golder Games was made inaccessible. This happened soon after the Telegram group of Miner One was cut off. Miner One was a Bitcoin mining related ICO launched prior to Warfield. At least some of the people behind Warfield were also involved in Miner One.

Warfield team members: 
Andrius Mironovskis - Founder & Team Leader
Donatas Kanapickas - Chief Developer
Rimas Puriuskis - Operatins & Co-Founder
Alkas Aleksandravicius - Lead User Interface Designer
Julius Serenas - Server Guru & Wizard
Dzianis Kuchynski - CCO
Ovidijus Sudzius - Business Development
Tom Frisina - Executive Advisor
Benjamin Tershana - Marketing & Business Development Advisor
Adalberto Bruno - Technical Advisor
Dylan Sharkey - Commercial Strategy Advisor
Darius Udrys - Brand & Business Development Advisor
Quyen Nong - Marketing Advisor
Jonas Udris - Corporate & Legal Advisor
Andriy Sharanevych - Networking & Connections Advisor
Scott Shirley - Professional Player & Game Tester

Warfield also ceased publishing on its official Facebook page. The last post has been published on January 25. It was about a contest that was supposed to have winners announced on 19th February. However, the winners were never announced, although it would had been very easy since there seems to be only one person who bothered to participate.

... Anyway, congrats "CryptoZombie":

Not much to hype about anymore. Traffic to declined rapidly after October 2018. – I guess no one cares no more.

How much for a Golder?

You forgot to add "for gullible people" at the end.

On November 26th 2018 the team announced that Golder was tradeable on Coinbene exchange. Quoting: 
"This fulfils Golder Games’ promise to literally let players make money playing video games!"

Before Warfield cut off the official Telegram Group I noticed there were some alarmed Golder owners who were dismayed about the low value of their possessions. Apparently there wasn't much interest towards buying Golder, whereas anyone possessing them was eager to sell. 

I decided to try to have a chat with Darius Udrys who's the Brand & Business Development Advisor of Warfield and also one of the admins of the Telegram channel. This was after I had noticed him urging members in the channel to lure more people to invest in to the game:

Besides cutting off Telegram and Facebook the game doesn't seem to be available for playing anymore. I guess this is it then.

– Sure you are. I guess the release on Xbox and PlayStation is taking a toll?