Ruja Ignatova was part of BigCoin scam before OneCoin

Here's a video proof that Ruja Ignatova was participating BigCoin scam before OneCoin:

This certainly conflicts with Ruja's statement that OneCoin was the first time she was messing with MLM pyramid structure. Apparently BigCoin was not a great success because it's hard to find much information about it on the internet. 

Looks like Ruja would be more than happy to forget this venturing into cryptocurrency business prior to scamming with OneCoin.

Here is Sebastian Greenwood at the same event:

Another video where Ruja can be seen handed some award from ponzi business (update: unfortunately the video has been removed):

It had been buzzed about on the Internet that Ruja (as well as Sebastian Greenwood) were linked to BigCoin. However as far as I know there was only a little evidence supporting that Ruja had a role in it. Looks like OneCoin was not the first "centralized cryptocurrency" after all. They just stole the idea from BigCoin and covered it with some new wrappers and of course changed the name. Then they just presented Ruja Ignatova as the mastermind behind the new ground breaking cryptocurrency and a new ponzi was ready to take off. 

"The Rise of BigCoin" - That sure sounds familiar.

Update 23 May:

Somebody dug up a document revealing a direct connection linking OneCoin Ltd to BigCoin as well as to Greenwood’s failed Loopium platform. You can read more about this in BehindMLM.


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