Sunday, 20 March 2016

OneCoin Mastercard merchant part of a drug gang

The plot thickens

Thanks to some research done in Murobbs discussion forum it was noticed that the company behind handling OneCoin's debit card applications to a bank was Zala Group Ltd.

After checking U.K.'s records of the company the name Martin Henry Beckett popped out as the sole director of the company. Under Beckett's name was also some other companies registered in U.K. with only rented mailbox addresses. Martin Henry Beckett had also been filed in bankruptcy 2014:
There was also a fishy associate in one of Beckett's companies (though maybe not related to OneCoin case). In addition nickname pieniapina from Murobbs noticed that there was also an on going trial with Beckett accused of something.

So it all seemed somewhat suspicious. Furthermore why would OneCoin pick a company like this to handle all the debit card applications to a bank? 

After receiving the information above BehindMLM continued the research and noticed today that Beckett was just convicted in a drug gang case. They were caught smuggling £24 million worth of cannabis concealed in industrial tubes wrapped up in carpets.

I quote:

I bet OneCoin is now desperately looking for some other company to forward debit card applications to a bank. It might not be that easy considering they had to use Zala Group Ltd until Beckett was caught (OneCoin closed debit card business about the same time this happened). Then again Ruja and her partners in crime must have already gotten a decent sum of euros from the ponzi. Maybe it's time to wrap it up?


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