Monday, 30 May 2016

OneCoin's prepaid-MasterCard-page disappeared from the Internet. The London event coming... or maybe not

The webpage for OneCoin's members to manage their prepaid MasterCards has disappeared from the Internet:

The members have not been able to apply for the prepaid cards since 16th March. Also the card loading functionality has been suspended apparently from the same date. This all happened after the drug dealer whose company was in charge for OneCoin's prepaid cards got arrested for smuggling drugs to the U.K. It has been well over two months after the incident and OneCoin has gone all quiet about the prepaid cards. Seems like it isn't easy to find a new henchman to handle the prepaid card business.

However recently OneCoin pulled a new card out of its sleeve and now they are offering a prepaid card from UnionPay. Applying for the card costs 100 euros and it is accepted for payments in about 100 countries (according to OneCoin). I highly doubt the eagerness of OneCoin's members to obtain the card after what happened to prepaid MasterCards - not forgetting that the Chinese authorities are more than likely going to shut down OneCoin's operations in China. The main players of this ponzi were already arrested and I would not be surprised if there was more arrests to come in China.

The prepaid card from UnionPay

The London event

Now we are waiting if or not the London event is going to happen in 11 June. So far the date is not even booked in the SSE Arena's event calendar. However OneCoin has been selling tickets to the event before even having a venue for it - as it seems they still don't have one.

The fact that there has not been any proper ticket booking system in use indicates that OneCoin really has been without a reservation for a venue. I would assume that the negative publicity attached to OneCoin has made all cautious to offer a place for this ponzi scheme. Maybe OneCoin even had a reservation but the place turned it down after learning the truth about OneCoin?

It might be that OneCoin was so desperate to find a venue that they had to hire an outsider to try to book a place for the event. That's probably why they recently presented a web page ( made by a company called Dotslave. The web page they published is quite pointless - there is no additional information that anyone hasn't already got from OneCoin. You can't even book tickets there although there is a tab "Booking" which just shows the ticket prices. Despite the useless web page, Dotslave might have been a good "slave" to use for booking a venue.

This ad was in OneCoin's Facebook page. Also there is a false information indicating that you could book tickets via Well you can't.

If OneCoin manages to pull this event off they must have Dotslave to thank for.

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