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OneCoin Circus in Tokyo Japan 15th July

Last weekend OneCoin circus was visiting Japan to set up the ground for stealing money from the Japanese. I watched a clip in YouTube showing the parts of Chris Principe and Sebastian Greenwood giving their speeches at the event in Tokyo. Let's go through their presentations and analyse them a bit, shall we!

Chris Ponzipe... sorry, Principe:

By now it's obvious that Chris Principe is a loyal servant of Ruja Ignatova and OneCoin. He was a speaker in the London event and now he continues to travel with the OneCoin circus to Tokyo shamelessly promoting the ponzi scheme.

At the Tokyo event he goes through a slide show painting us a picture of a future with cars without drivers, phones installed under our skin, and of course everybody using cryptocurrency.

"Everyone in this room. Everyone in OneCoin is a pioneer. Pioneers of the new financial future... Everybody here who is a pioneer, give yourself applause!" Then he continues by bashing banks and governments as a danger. Apparently OneCoin is the savior.

Then Principe jokes about all the money OneCoin has stolen:

"Now, you could load all your money in a truck and take it to the bank... This might be Juha's truck." (Referring to Juha Parhiala who makes 4 million dollars each month according to OneCoin.)

"Or you could find another way of saving your money... I think that's Sebastian's bed."

"We are today the barbarians at the gate. The establishment is afraid of what it is we're about to do and aren't doing and can do."

Well, I haven't heard anything about anyone being afraid about what onecoiners can do with their ponzi coins. However, barbarians and onecoiners have something in common, they both know about equally as much about cryptocurrency.

He continues to talk about the four key uses and benefits of cryptocurrencies. Needless to say OneCoin has none of those. Anyway Chris Principe isn't there to convince people but to confuse them with mixing up facts from real cryptocurrencies to the ponzi currency.

He emphasizes the first one (on the picture), banking the unbanked, because "it's closest to Ruja's heart". It's funny though that she has already stated that no one without proper documents for identification can be part of OneCoin/OneLife.

About devaluation of money

"You went to sleep at night and woke up the next day with less money. It doesn't happen in cryptocurrency." Yeah, he really claims that investing in cryptocurrency is all safe and the value of your investment simply won't go down. Well, I have to admit that this might even be true what comes to onecoin because its value is based solely on rainbows and unicorns.

After 19 minutes he urges and rushes people to act (to invest in OneCoin) because: "Six months from now... even a month from now by not taking action today you might lose the opportunity." Then he blurts out couple of the favorite examples of onecoiners: Microsoft and Google. "If you had bought shares of those companies when they started you could now be a millionaire or maybe even more." Well, anyone can be a smartass after something has already happened. That's why so few of us are millionaires, because we simply don't know the right numbers before lottery.

Warning! Greenwood and astronomical figures ahead!


- This is actually quite funny. Greenwood explains why Conligus, OPN, UniverTeam and BNG were attracted to join OneCoin: "Companies who have failed. Companies who said: we pay out too much commissions, we can not afford to run a network." So basically he described those companies as pyramid scams - which they truly were. But for the Ponzi's sake, don't say it out loud, Mr. Greenwood!


"We have more than 8.000 people making 35.000 euros a week – every Monday." 
- So each Monday OneCoin pays 280 million euros to those 8.000 affiliates, and that sums up to 1.1 billion each month! This certainly is some expensive education people are buying. 

- To cover the expenses of the commissions to the 8.000 top promoters OneCoin needs at least 168 million euros every week. (Only 60 % of commissions go to cash accounts. So 0,6 x 35.000 is 21.000 euros. 21.000 x 8000 = 168 million). That's 672.000.000 euros each month. They would have to sell at least 122.000 Tycoon packages each month just to cover those expenses. Those figures just don't add up with the reality.

Sebastian Greenwood:
"Now all of you in here can make 35.000 euros a week - easily!"
- Really?

0,125 % of OneCoin members own over half of the onecoins.

The slide behind Greenwood states:

"320 millionaires on commissions."
- By knowing OneCoin this figure is most likely total bullshit but let us humor our selves: So over 320 million euros stolen by the top scammers already.

"2500 millionaires on coin value!" = at least 2.5 billion euros worth of ponzi coins. By the way, OneCoin's marketcap on is about 4.8 billion. That been said a tiny minority of 0,125 % (2.500/2.000.000 = 0,125 %) of the members own over half of the onecoins . Is this a coin for an elite or what!

"120.955 members with more than 1.000 euro total bonus earned."
- I'm not sure what this "total bonus" means but at least it's in euros. Who want's those coins anyway?


"Now the question is how many coin millionaires can we create? - Many!"
"Make sure your business grows! Make me proud! Make Dr. Ruja proud!"

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  1. Nauseating, laughable, absurd and surreal in equal measures.
    They simply pull numbers out of their ass.
    Great posts!


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