Friday, 22 July 2016

OneCoin / OneLife: Lies in Tokyo, Ruja's part

Before going to the Ruja's presentation I must repeat something from my previous blog post because it really makes it absolutely clear that we are talking about a pure scam: 

As mentioned in my previous blog post OneCoin has gone presenting numbers that are obvious lies. The figures Sebastian Greenwood announced in Tokyo are totally lunatic and they simply can't be true. 

(This part updated 30 September after checking OneCoins compensation plan.) According to the numbers presented OneCoin needs to pay 168 million euros each week just to cover what sums up for commissions to the 8.000 top promoters. There would have to be over 120.000 people buying at least a Tycoon Trader package of 5500 euros each month for OneCoin to cover those expenses.

The slide Greenwood was showing also revealed us that 2.500 members have millions on coin value. This means that a tiny minority of 0,125 percent of the claimed 2 million members must own over half of the mined coins. 2.500 x 1 million adds up to 2.5 billion and that's over half of the total marketcap OneCoin claims to have.

It looks like they have not calculated anything before announcing those figures. They seem to just pick up random numbers that look arousing enough to build up the religious trance that the members are suffering.

Ruja Ignatova's presentation in Tokyo

Well, it's quite boring in fact. It's mostly what we have heard her preaching before.

There are lots of things that are confusing though. Ignatova talks about usability a lot as a key factor for a cryptocurrency for the masses, but usability is precisely what onecoin doesn't have.


"Litecoin, number four. Why is Litecoin so small? Why? What is going on?" She continues by stating that the reason for other cryptocurrencies being so small is because they can't be used. "Has anybody seen an opportunity to use Litecoins?" 

Well, how come OneCoin is so big when it can't be used either? Let me answer that question: It's because OneCoin being the second largest cryptocurrency is a lie. The coin lacks usability and has no real value. That's why you can't find OneCoin in any other charts but the ones OneCoin or its promoters are presenting. That's why there are no newspapers reporting of this new ground breaking cryptocurrency. Instead newspapers are reporting about a ponzi scheme called OneCoin.

Then we hear again about the greedy and evil banks. She uses an imaginary bank as an example to compare why Onecoin is so superior: "Now a bank launches a cryptocurreny." ... "They will not provide this for free." She says that of course banks will charge their clients and adds: "There's no such thing as a free lunch." - Funny that she uses that phrase. OneCoin certainly doesn't offer any free lunches.


"The second - I think a success factor for a cryptocurrency... I believe that one of Bitcoin's biggest issues is the anonymity that they have created." Then she states again - like many times before - that if you want anonymity you are not welcomed to OneCoin. - Screw you unbanked people!


"The third thing, that's very very exciting about cryptocurrency... in my opinion is the merchants" She states that OneCoin has much more users than Bitcoin. Users? Who can use onecoins?

She also praises their new blockchain which they claim to start in 1st October. This only proves that as OneCoin is a dictatorship, their queen can do what she pleases. She can even double everyone's coins with her magic wand and make all twice as rich. However, for an obvious reason she takes special care not to use her magic wand before 1st October. So in theory it could be possible to buy so much educational packages that the final amount of 120 billion onecoins would be exceeded when Ignatova uses her magic. Isn't this amazing?

About transparency

"Nobody knows who created Bitcoin. Everybody knows who created OneCoin."
- Well, not exactly. The Finnish county manager Tommi Vuorinen has explained the birth of OneCoin. According to him the algorithm that OneCoin uses was coded/invented by five Indian mathematicians. Now Ignatova apparently claims that she possesses some magical coding skills and she's the sole person behind the coin.


  1. Great article. Again!!! I provide these to the authorities investigating the scheme and who will eventually take it down :)

    1. Thanks, please spread the word to help putting an end to this nonsense.

      This ponzi keeps getting more and more absurd. Just when you think they have gone to the limits of craziness, they come up with some new shit that just blows your mind.

    2. I hyper-linked one of your articles in my interview with Jamie Redman on HERE:

      Keep up the good work. I will continue to follow you. There are now thousands of Truth Advocates out there who will see this through to the end. And you are absolutely right! Onecoin's limits of absurdity are mind-boggling! But, I believe that the Universal Principles of Economics which ScRrud'ja broke on June 11th will be their downfall. Regardless of all the lies and deception prevalent within Onecoin's marketing, the magic wand touch and hyper-inflation (nevermind that they PROMISED OC had a "fixed" and "finite" supply), cannot be denied. There are a FEW "smart" people involved who are not going to let contradictions to Supply & Demand prevail. I think that onecoin already has cancer from within. It just needds to further metastisize in order to bring itself down.

  2. Onecoin is the bitcoinkiller , and your homepage have the profit just from this scam blogs , you are in the market since 17 years , its your work to share any thing with scam , because the first search Keyword in google is SCAM , so many advertisement and shows will you cash with this blogs ,
    Onecoin is reall , and you are with your friends comment the Scam in his eyes.

    1. The little ad revenue this blog generates can't be called profit. Running this blog is basically voluntary work from my behalf to share information about these scams.

      What comes to the "bitcoin killer", see if you can find it on this chart which shows overall popularity of search terms used in Google:,ethereum,litecoin,ripple,bitcoin

      I have no clue what you mean by "you are in the market since 17 years".

      You have obviously already lost your money to OneCoin, and they sure seem to have succeeded with their brainwashing.

      If you don't want to educate yourself with a proper knowledge, you don't have to read my blog. I'm sure your upline is more than willing to feed you with false information that suits their own needs. On the other hand, I don't get any commission from the money you have invested by typing this comment.

      Like I have already said, the most important reason for running this blog is to deliver information to potential victims of scams, banks and regulators and also to police - and also to the people who have already lost their money.

      I only hope for your sake, that you come to your senses. Believe me, I don't earn a dime from that either.

  3. Bullshit blog
    Onecoin is the greatest of all cryptocurrency coins.
    It's the only coin that mits global standard with its KYC feature.
    Bitcoin and other coin are for investment and speculations Onecoin is for the global currency market. Cos it's more stable and not as volatile as other coine especially Bitcoin.
    Onecoin Onelife

    1. You have really missed the latest memo. Now even the top scammers involved in the scheme have been stating that OneCoin is a scam and not real.

      OneCoin's KYC procedure is pure bullshit. They have even approved fake ID's.

      It's a ponzi pyramid scam, and I sincerely hope that you have not lured anyone to lose money in this.


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