Friday, 26 August 2016

OneCoin/OneLife - One World Foundation charity scam

This ponzi goes to nauseating levels also with the sideshow charity organisation it has been running since the early days of OneCoin. Now you might be asking, what does a ponzi scheme need a charity organisation for? 

Well, as we know that Ruja Ignatova wants so dearly to bank the unbanked and while doing it she also wants to, er, teach those kids in need about money... you know, all the kids without money need to know about money they don't have. The solution to help the children of the world and to build up Ruja Ignatova's image as a philanthropic humanitarian they created the One World Foundation.

Now I'm not saying that the OWF hasn't done any charity. To name few of its targets OWF has bought some cheap toys for orphans, autism therapy workshop in Bulgaria, ICT classes for a year in Sri Lanka and of course it's only natural to help Bulgarian stray dogs, support a violin competition held in Bulgaria, donate 10.382 euros to the American University in Bulgaria and to donate to the Bulgarian Natural Sciences Olympic Teams. For an organisation with "world" in its name OWF sure is concentrated in Bulgaria.

OneLife's Facebook page had the following post today urging people to donate to the One World Foundation to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy:

As I posted a comment there questioning this kind of behavior, it's very suspicious why they don't advice people to donate directly to the Italian Red Cross. Now they would be working only as a pointless money and time consuming middleman between donors and the actual charity target. I'm surprised that OneLife wasn't also asking their members to donate blood and send it to their office in Sofia.


  1. I smelled something fishy when they claimed partnership with SEVA Canada last year and contacted SEVA Canada, who told me they were unaware of any such partnership, and hence made a diret claim on their website that they were adamantly NOT affiliated with OWF or Onecoin.

    More recently, I decided to do the same with Pencils of Promise, another alleged "partnership." Since they were never included in the "partners" page on PoP, I found that strange.

    HERE is the PoP logo as appeared a month or so ago on OWF's page (this is a mobile screen capture). Upon notifying them that their logo was being used and that they were claimed as a "partner," OWF's page had mysteriously removed them, shortly thereafter.

    I had one or two additional logo images from OWF's official page which have since been removed, as well, but the phone I screen captured them on was damaged and I lost the images. If someone might be able to view cached pages of OWF's site, I'm fairly sure you will see that "partners" apparently are playing musical chairs on the page.

    I also retrieved this image from my files:

    I do not want to confirm or deny that it was or was not an alleged "partner" of OWF for sure, or not, but if cached pages might be found, maybe someone can help confirm or deny this?

    1. It wouldn't be SO bad if the OWF really would be a sincere charity organisation. Instead what we have is a marketing tool for OneCoin and a PR machine for Ruja Ignatova in Bulgaria.

      As a charity organisation OWF is as credible as the ponzi scheme it's serving. The icing on the cake is that the organisation is ran by Ruja Ignatova herself and her mother.

      Interestingly the top scammers - who are claimed earning big bucks from this scam - make their own donations to OWF with the worthless onecoins which can't be used for any charity whatsoever:
      "Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s Fundraising Birthday Party
      Due the increasing interest to our One World Foundation during the past few weeks we are happy to announce that on special ceremony during the celebration for Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s birthday were given the first Donation Certificates to Mr. Sebastian Greenwood, Mr. Juha Parhiala and Mr. Vincent Ta, who made major contribution (500 000 OneCoins) to the One World Foundation during the Dubai event."

      What's quite funny, I have never seen those 500.000 onecoins on this counter:
      - OneCoin doesn't even bother to register their own toy money donations.


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