Thursday, 22 September 2016

Onecoiners exploiting Huffington Post's blogs section back fires (again)

Onecoiners have recently been spreading a new blog post published in Huffington Post's blogs section 14th September by "William Morrow". The earlier blog post praising OneCoin last July was soon deleted by the author after several complaints made to Huffington Post about the questionable content. 

I'm not surprised about the eagerness of onecoiners to share the blog in Facebook because it appears there like an actual article published in the H.P. Here's an example by OneCoin's Chief Learning Officer Ed Ludbrook: 

As you can see it's easy to misinterpret a blog post being an article by Huffington Post.

The new blog post is still online despite complaints made. I would assume that this has something to do with the fact that the man who has been presented as the author of the blog post has been dead since February 2015. It appears that the actual author of the blog post is someone named Segun Onibalusi. The first explanation I can come up with is that Mr. Morrow Willis - may he rest in peace despite all of this - was resurrected apparently by Onibalusi and renamed as William Morrow for a career as his puppet blogger and twitter. Yes, Onibalusi went as far as created also a Twitter account for Morrow using a picture of Mr. Willis for the profile pic. 

As far as I know Onibalusi has already explained that this all has been just a mix up just because Huffington Post's blogs section has issues. However I have serious problems believing that Huffington Post would create a Twitter account for a dead person - an account which by the way has surprisingly similar content as the one of Onibalusi's. For a dead guy Morrow was also very swift to delete his profile picture from Twitter after he got all this attention and was pronounced dead and fake.

In addition it's quite amazing that all the blog posts I could find by William Morrow have been written about after a year he past away. Every single one of Morrow's post are linked to Onibalusi in Huffington Post. Now, I still can't be 100 percent sure that Onibalusi is behind Morrow's posts but Onibalusi sure doesn't seem to care a bit about having Morrow's face and name on all his blog posts.

Someone took extra care to remove the Twitter link yesterday after William Morrow was found a fake. So apparently Onibalusi can edit the information of the author. Why not to change the profile picture and the name as well?

Here's also BehindMLM's article of the same issue.

Ps. Thanks to those anonymous people who dug up the dirt and revealed the casket, so to speak.

Update 23 September

Well, well, it turns out that William Morrow seems to be working as a Content Marketing Strategist at SEO POW LTD. Segun Onibalusi is the president of the company according to his own Facebook page. A word of advice to Onibalusi, never hire a dead man to work as the Content Marketing Strategist of your business. He might even come haunting one day. 

The president of SEO POW LTD and below his employee.

I think this case is closed.


  1. ...annnnd it's gone! :)

    All references to OneCoin scam we're eliminated 40 minutes ago.

    Good job everyone!

  2. ...annnnd it's gone! :)

    All references to OneCoin scam we're eliminated 40 minutes ago.

    Good job everyone!

    1. Nice but I'm not happy until Mr. Morrow Willis can rest in peace.

    2. ... annnnnd I tipped off H.P. about the case.


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