Thursday, 22 September 2016

OneCoin's problems with bank accounts continue

OneCoin's problems with bank accounts continue - their new Italian bank account was available only about 24 hours

After losing their Deutsche Bank account I have noticed in my blog's visitor statistics some banks trying to search information about OneCoin. Of course it could just be some bank officials killing time in their office. Then again I'd rather assume that they are interested into the shady companies behind the accounts and the large quantities of money deposited. There has been at least 10 financial institutions / banks showing interest in OneCoin since the Deutsche Bank account was frozen. Those banks include mostly banks from Europe but also from U.S.A., Antigua & Barbuda and Nigeria.

It already seemed like OneCoin managed to acquire a new bank account on Tuesday when it was announced in an Facebook page of German onecoiners:

There wasn't any official announcement about the new bank account from OneCoin yet, but later on Tuesday the new bank details of an Italian bank "Banka Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena" were also added in OneCoin's back office in The account holder is a new one: Educamax Services SRL. I tried to search information about the company but there was nothing much to find - and that was supposedly how OneCoin wanted it to be.

A seemingly popular Facebook page among a lot of onecoiners "OneCoin World" went as far as posted these instructions to the members for money depositing:

They sure are very careful not to let their victims to blurt the word OneCoin to any bank. Also they plea the members: "Never contact the banks directly." - Well, I sure contacted the bank and informed them about their new customer. I'd assume there were some other fellows who have done the same.

Late Wednesday evening someone on Murobbs discussion board informed that there was some onecoiner in German OneCoin Facebook page warning people not to use the Italian bank:

I checked the back office and noticed that they had deleted the bank details of the Italian bank. I suppose OneCoin wasn't welcomed to the Italian bank after all, even though operating behind its new shady shell company.

Update 22 September

The first explanation about the frozen Italian bank account appeared in German onecoiners' Facebook page "OC-Team Deutschland":

A crappy translation with Google Translate: "No further transfers more to the Italian bank. The is already collapsed by the first sales rush! Bitte further remitted to Singapore. Go quickly and safely. ! Already instructed money is credited to or coming back. Dr. Ruja has assured that no characterized a disadvantage arises !!"

So what he's saying the Italian bank received so much money that it couldn't handle it, and it all happened in about 24 hours and even before the bank account was officially announced for the members. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the third largest bank in Italy and well respected. It's amusing how OneCoin tends to use only banks that end up being too small to handle the company. Furthermore I have never heard about a bank that refuses to deposit money just because there is too much of it.


  1. Two more banks just visited my blog, one from Italy and one from Switzerland.

    1. Update: three banks now. The newest from Serbia.

  2. Hope thy will recognize this OneScam!
    Thanks for the info.


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