OneCoin lost its Cyprus bank account

OneCoin seems to have lost its bank account in Cyprys after having it only a couple of days. I was expecting this to happen after spotting the bank investigating my blog during the last couple of days. Nice work Hellenic Bank! This is the proper way to handle money laundering.

Two more to go.

Thanks to the quick action of the bank I think it's unlikely that there was any victims of this ponzi that lost money through money laundering there.


  1. Nice work again!
    I just made a bank transfer of 0.01€ having keywords: "onecoin" and "onelife" to trigger automatic detectors. I was late this time..

    1. Thanks, although I don't think I was the only one reporting to the bank about OneCoin.

      I like your approach to the matter :) By the way, have you done such transfer to the Tanzanian bank account yet? I haven't got any response from there after informing the bank and the police about the case.

  2. There is also a slim chance that the local bank where you do the transfer from will add the bank of Tanzania account to their blacklist if such transfers are made. That would mean people using that specific bank cannot be as easily fooled into OC as they can't pay the package.

  3. Good idea

    The 0.01€ bank transfer was made on monday and today I saw a 0.01€ return on my bank account. So I didn't lose my euros at all :D
    "Viesti: Ulkomaanmaksun palautus 07.11.16 HELLENIC BANK PUBLIC COMPANY LTD viite 36CV-"

    Today I re-invested that 0.01€ and another 0.01€ to Tanzania and Singapore respectively.
    I might loose those assets but with a smile ;)

  4. Guys i have a question. If banks freeze their account, what happen with money, which were send on bank account before freeze ?

    1. I would assume that all the cash in the account is - as said - frozen. All the assets stay there until the account is either set free or the assets confiscated.

      After freezing an account I think there's a deadline for the account holder to prove that transactions were legitimate.

      I managed to find this article which seems to make sense, and the author probably has a better than average knowledge about the subject:

      Here's some additional information about money laundering and anti-money laundering measures:

    2. So, OC got like 15 bank accounts freezed ? Any bank account unfreezed ?

    3. Here's an example of an offshore bank, Barclays, freezing an account:
      - Apparently even an offshore bank can be quite strict when something suspicious is happening in its customer's account.

      By the way, Barclays has been visiting my blog on three occasions already, so maybe there's a OneCoin related bank account which they are investigating.

      There has been several other banks as well interested in OneCoin. And no, the banks are not snooping information about OneCoin's (nonexistent) blockchain technology, they are snooping money laundering related posts.

    4. OneCoin has 13 bank accounts now supposedly frozen:
      Obviously they have not managed to set any of those accounts free because they always have to find a new bank and a new shell company for the account holder.


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