Friday, 2 June 2017

Recyclix trying to pay its way out from the deep shit?

This tragicomedy just keeps on continuing. You can read about the previous developments of the two sides arguing from my earlier blog post 19 May.

Earlier this week the side running the official webpage published bank statements of an account held by reCyclix sp. z o.o in Czech bank ČSOB. The pdf files seemed to be genuine bank statements revealing hundreds of pages detailed information about deposits to and from the company's account.

Yesterday the other side running the so called official blog of the company published a statement condemning the measures of their enemies who they refer as "Raiders". Yaroslav Mikhalsky (presumably a fake name) running the blog also shared a list of Recyclix members who are included "in the first phase of the compensation provision program". The list contains 700-800 member accounts with an identifier code and individual amounts to be refunded. As Recyclix has claimed having around 1 million members, I guess the procedure to compensate the victims could take some time.

However, as far as I understood the "refund amounts" are only partial sums to compensate the original investment lost. Even then I have serious doubts whether all the members will be refunded - if any at all. It could be just delay of the game tactics.

As I have said before, neither side of the scam should be trusted. It seems that the scammers are now grabbing on anything that could buy some more time and prevent the members from filing police reports about the case.

Update 30 June 2017

I took a glimpse at a Facebook group of German Recyclix members and noticed some posts stating no compensation has been paid to the members of the "first phase of compensation provision program".

I can't say that I was surprised. As a matter of fact, it would had been mind blowing if the scammers had made any compensation payments.

I have found several Facebook groups indicating that Recyclix was a very wide spread scam.

Google Trends show a typical graph of a collapsed pyramid scam. The interest towards Recyclix has gone very low:

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