Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Business For Home drops Ruja from a poll

Bullshit For Home Review

Business For Home (aka Bullshit For Home) is a corrupted blog endorsing various MLM based scams from around the world. Although BFH has even some articles giving warning about scams - like this one - it's very obvious that BFH isn't a place of integrity and actual facts. 

OneCoin particularly has gained a lot of visibility on this blog ran by Ted Nuyten. Despite all the negative press, authorities waving red flags, arrested reps, and above all OneCoin being an obvious ponzi-pyramid-scam, Nuyten's blog has been a loyal lackey of the scam since 2015. 

In fact you can't find a single bad news about OneCoin on his blog – and it's not like there ever has been a shortage of them. OneCoin simply hasn't had any other way for positive news but paying for them.

Alexa-ratings of the two webpages might indicate the importance of OneCoin to BFH and vise versa. The collapse of OneCoin started in the late 2016. Since then also the traffic to BFH has been decreasing.

The BFH's marketing kit OneCoin has chosen seems to include several positions on the "Top Earner Ranks" list, which is infested with OneCoin reps.

Top Earner Ranks list filtered with word OneCoin. This screencapture shows the top ten earners from OneCoin.

BFH giving its blessing to OneCoin ponzi scam with grade A+.

Awkward Hartley Interview by Nuyten

Ted Nuyten himself was also interviewing Edward Hartley about OneCoin in this six minute video.

Ted Nuyten: "Now a difficult question. A lot of people say: Listen, OneCoin it is a ponzi. - That is of course an ögly one. Now, you are a forensic accountant, so give me a reason why is it not?" 
Edward Hartley: "You know what, look, I can't tell you it is not per se, because everyone's has a perspective..." 
Then Hartley goes on to blabber about how Bitcoin and other things have been considered being scams by some.

Despite Nuyten asked that "ögly" question, this really is just a marketing video for OneCoin. Well, at least Hartley's awkward answer to his question reveals that there wasn't a script to follow.

Ted Nuyten interviewing Edward Hartley. Video link here.

Business For Home drops Ruja from a poll

BFH also publishes yearly poll, "The Top Direct Selling CEO In The World Poll". Accordingly has OneCoin/OneLife been urging its members to vote Ruja Ignatova to the top every year. 

Despite Pierre Arens and Pablo Munoz being the current CEO's, Ignatova was once again appointed to the competition on the official Facebook page of OneLife. It's also worth mentioning that Pablo Munoz has disappeared after his last public appearance in Spring. The company has not made any comments about the absence of Munoz.

OneLife urging its members to vote Ignatova on the official Facebook page.

I recall checking out the poll during last week and noticing Ignatova occupying the second place with maybe 3.000 votes or so. I happened to check out the poll standings during Monday and Ignatova had been removed from the poll. – Didn't Ruja pay her bills anymore, Ted?

Business For Home deleting bad reviews

Surprisingly BFH gives an opportunity to anyone to write reviews about MLM companies and rate them. Also OneLife/OneCoin was available for reviewing so I decided to give it a go and wrote an honest review about it. I did mention that it was a ponzi and authorities from several countries had been giving warnings about it. I concluded my review by giving OneCoin the lowest rating, one star out of five. It didn't take long after my review was deleted.

Afterwards I have also seen other reviews giving bad ratings to OneCoin there and they all have been deleted.

– Now, Ted, that's a pretty ögly thing to do. Therefore I give your blog the highest turd-rating possible, five turds out of five.

Update 5 October

And now Ignatova is back at the second place of the poll.

Ted Nuyten has commented:

Yeah, you really showed them! – This must be the one and only poll in the whole world where thousands of dollars are paid to hackers just to win a meaningless poll on a blog.

It's not like there's any sense in this yearly poll of finding out the best scam CEO of the year, but accusing scammers of cheating in this poll? Come on, Ted! – Isn't this all about scamming in the first place!

Just to amuse ourselves, let's have a look at the results of the past polls. According to BFH there was about 100.000 votes given in 2015, about 40.000 in 2016 and about 17.000 now in 2017. 

The result of the last year's poll show that Ignatova got only 344 votes, even though OneCoin was urging its members to vote for Ignatova via newsletter and on the company's Facebook page as well. I guess the members just didn't value the efforts of their almighty leader that year.


  1. "According to BFH there was about 100.000 votes given in 2015, about 40.000 in 2016 and about 17.000 now in 2017."

    Ruja got 2,132 votes in 2015 and 2,523 votes this year. Due to less and less voters, she went from 2.1% of the total votes to 14.8% of the total votes while the actual amount of people voting her was almost the same. Just because the amount of people voting dropped by whopping 83%!

    But there's another side to this:
    Amount of OneCoiners voting Ruja increased by 18% from 2015 to 2017 (from 2,132 to 2,523).
    According to OneCoin the amount of OneCoin members has increased by 408% during the same time (from 639,000 to 3,256,000).

    Only thing in these numbers that looks good is the 2nd place in the voting.

    1. You of course know this, but let's make this clear. Nuyten's poll has next to nothing to do with the abilities of the persons voted as a CEO. The blog is just a marketing tool for scams.

      It's remarkably funny though, how OneCoin itself disses its actual CEO's, Pablo Munoz and Pitt Arens.

      Here's a screencapture from the end of September when Ruja had still over 3000 votes:

      OneCoin claims to have 3.2 million members and the company manages to get only about 0,08 % of them to vote the precious leader. I find this very strange knowing how fanatic many onecoiners are.

  2. One interesting thing in the Ruja's photos from years 2015, 2016 and 2017 - she is wearing different outfit but her face is same all the way to the way her mouth has other side slightly up and other side slightly down.
    Perhaps it's just the pose she always does?

    1. It could be just coincidentally similar pose. Or this was the head she was most happy with and asked to use the same heavily photoshopped head for some of her PR pics.

      But what's more interesting than Ruja's head is that I just noticed that Ted Nuyten seems to have removed all the results of top CEO polls 2015, 2016 and 2017.

    2. Also the results from "Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan" polls are missing.

    3. And now the poll results are back online.

    4. Definitely a photoshop. If you look at left side of her head (from viewers perspective), the hair close to the ear has been cut along the shape in the railing of two first images, but a piece of the railing was left just above.


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