Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Kari Wahlroos kicked out from OneCoin/OneLife

OneLife scam has announced today that the company has removed Kari Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the Network. 

Prior to the company's announcement the Facebook page belonging to the European Ambassador of OneLife was blocked from visitors earlier today (at the moment back online). For the past few weeks there has also been rumours about Wahlroos quitting OneLife and starting to promote some other scheme. 

According to Kari Wahlroos, his appearance at the Lisbon event in October was the event number 460 for him at the service of OneCoin/OneLife. As a keynote speaker in hundreds of events and scamventions he was trusted by the cult members as an official spokesman of the company.

The company accusing Wahlroos from misrepresentation and legal consequences

What's surprising is the tone and content of the announcement, which implies that the breakup was one-sided. The company goes as far as accusing Wahlroos from "consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation of the OneLife Network operations and strategy". This is rather strange from a company whose existence relies on scamming and running a ponzi scheme. 

Furthermore the announcement let's us know that: "The company has experienced serious legal consequences, following Mr. Wahlroos’ behavior on and off stage, indirectly damaging its credibility and reputation." – OneCoin/OneLife hasn't got any credibility or reputation that could be damaged, so that part is of course total bullshit. So far it's unclear what these legal consequences are, if there even has been any. However, it could be possible that the company has been pursued by law enforcement from somewhere, and desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Despite blaming Wahlroos from consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation, the announcement doesn't go to the specifics about these violations against the company. Nevertheless, this certainly ads some irony on those several occasions when Wahlroos was reprimanding OneLife members who had not been representing the company correctly. 

I think this case reveals the current decomposing state of the crumbling scam even for the cult-believers to see. We have already seen some top scammers and CEO's abandoning the ship. There's a lot of confusion and worries among the members. And now it seems that no one even knows how to represent this scam properly and how to be safe from getting kicked out. – Except of course Ruja Ignatova and her co-scam-management, who can lie freely and make false promises without any consequences.

As a loyal defender of OneCoin/OneLife scam, not even threatening with violence was out of the question for Kari Wahlroos.

Oh, here's yet another treat I happened to find while searching some of the latest videos with Wahlroos speaking. 
Kari Wahlroos educating OneLife representatives in Vietnam, Hanoi, August 21 2017:
"We are currently negotiating – or there are about ten countries that are seriously interested with changing their currency to OneLife."
- Yeah, sure.

Here's the whole announcement by OneLife:
Effective today, December 4, 2017, Mr. Kari Wahlroos, will no longer serve the role of OneLife Network European Ambassador. 
This news follows a series of reports issued on his activities as an independent marketing associate. Due to consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation of the OneLife Network operations and strategy, the management team of OneLife has taken the unfortunate decision to demote Mr. Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the Network. 
The company has experienced serious legal consequences, following Mr. Wahlroos’ behavior on and off stage, indirectly damaging its credibility and reputation. 
As a company following an objective approach, all reports issued on Mr. Wahlroos were carefully investigated by a dedicated compliance team in order to determine the validity of the information provided. 
Reflecting on the recent events and the rapid growth of the Network in the past 3 years, 2018 will present a new leadership agenda, focused on giving more opportunities for training newcomers and developing newly qualified Leaders under the mentorship of trusted leadership trainers. 
Adhering to the Network’s vision on continuous personal and professional growth of its members, OneLife will present it’s trainings agenda for 2018 in Q1 of next year. The newly developed program involves more time, efforts and resources invested into growing a new generation of leaders and network marketing professionals, who will carry out the training agenda for 2018. 
The OneLife Network company is encouraging all members to fill in the Whistle Blower report if they experience ANY misconduct or breach of the IMA rules, by anybody, despite their ranking or qualification. 
The entire OneLife corporate team is grateful to be part of one big Family and are looking forward to making next year BETTER for everyone! Together for more.


  1. Are there any Finnish pimps left that haven’t already switched to the next scam? Vuorinen is promoting a new pseudo cryptocurrency mining scam, Kari is now out, Seppo is selling Helo fitness bands, Blom is wanted by the tax officials...

    1. I don't think there has been anyone actively promoting OneCoin for a long time. The last time Wahlroos was visiting Finland (4 September, 2016), I recall him reprimanding quite harshly the Finnish onecoiners present that they were doing lousy with their recruiting. I believe that was also the last time Country Manager Vuorinen was seen here publicly promoting OneCoin.

      That all been said, I find it very strange that Finland still remains on OneLife's "Members by country" list. There are 20 countries listed and Finland is the 20th. This is the situation despite OneCoin being in stagnant state here for about two years. I guess Finland was kept on the list just for marketing purposes.

      Members in countries such as France and Poland must have done even worst with their recruiting. I must say, this is really appalling for "the biggest cryptocurrency in the world".

  2. Let's mention it in the comments here too:
    Also Udo Deppisch and Ken Labine are out. Neither has given an excuse on why they all of a sudden abandon the "future of payments" that they so far have been promoting as "the future you want to be part of". Perhaps they also "still share the vision of Dr.Ruja" like the Islam brothers said when they left.

    1. They are misleaders with a lot of victims, so they have to try to keep their flock believing. That way they can start self-victimizing when shit really hits the fan: "The company was giving misinformation. I was just doing everything according to the company's terms and conditions, and selling education. – Just like you!"

    2. Yeah but still if I had invested my life savings to something that the promoters said was the chance of a lifetime and future of payments and what not, I would demand some explanation on why all of a sudden these same promoters jump off the boat without giving any sensible reason or explaining why they all of a sudden choose some other business instead of this that was just few months ago the opportunity of the century and better than any other anywhere on the planet?

    3. There are already several members of OneCoin addressing their concerns to Wahlroos on Facebook about him leaving OneCoin and promoting DagCoin.


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