Thursday, 17 May 2018

Bunny Token – Maslov and Kazarin

Bunny Token has published two new videos this month with the CEO Aleksander Maslov and the CTO Andrei Kazarin making their appearances. Awkwardly the videos published on the Facebook page of Bunny Token lack subtitles and the speeches are in Russian(?). However, they did publish the videos also on YouTube and there subtitles are visible.

I guess the main purpose of these two-minute videos is just to show that Maslov and Kazarin really exist. However, considering that there isn't any evidence supporting that they use their real names, and Bunny Token had a team of 18 people removed from its website after I presented evidence revealing them as fake persons, I don't think Bunny Token has any credibility left even if Maslov and Kazarin was their real names. In addition also the Facebook pages of Maslov and Kazarin were showing similar made-up content as the members of the deleted team had on Facebook.

Maslov making an appearance

There isn't much to be said about the content of the video. It's only two minutes. However, here are some of the key points:

With "the Bunnies" he's referring to the cartoon characters that is used to market Bunny Token. According to Maslov: "The stickers are popular even outside the crypto community".

Funny that you say so, because I'm sure the team was just a dream.

Andrei Kazarin

The robotlike Kazarin seems to read a pre-written speech throughout the video. According to Kazarin Bunny has "a highly professional team made up of 6 developers". – Yeah, I'm sure the team was made up.

Marketing budget of Bunny depleted?

I haven't seen Bunny Token ads for weeks. It could be because there isn't gullible people investing enough to keep Bunny rolling.

According to Google Trends the popularity of search term "bunny token" has gone remarkably down recently. This makes sense, because a scam that depends heavily on advertising is likely to go down due the lack of advertising:
The popularity of search term "bunny token" on Google Trends. Click to enlarge.

As a comparison to give some perspective, here's "bunny token" (blue) compared to the popularity of "onecoin" (red) on Google Trends during the last 90 days.

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