The new DealShaker is a new DealShitter

OneCoin has been crumbling since the end of 2016 and from thereafter most of the top scammers have already left the sinking ship.

Suffering from a serious investment drought in its old market areas OneCoin and the remaining scammers have turned their focus on Africa and Latin America. To support the pillaging of people living in developing countries OneCoin introduced new remarkably cheaper education packages referred as "Legal Courses".

It's funny though that they forgot to include any education to those packages. – So much for the "we are only selling education" ruse.

OneCoin's new uneducation packages. Click to enlarge.

A member concerned about the missing education.

Still no exchange

The members of the scam have been desperately waiting for an exchange to cash out their imaginary possessions from OneCoin. Of course the company has no interest in setting up an exchange for reasons that should be obvious for anyone with even basic knowledge of economics and a half of a brain.

As an effort to divert the attention from the missing exchange OneCoin has introduced various sideshow schemes such as MAB (Mobile App Builder), IPO, ICO and a merchant platform called DealShaker.

I believe most of you readers already know what DealShaker is about, but for those who don't; in a nutshell it's a merchant platform designed to strengthen misbeliefs of delusional victims of the scam and to attract more gullible people to invest to the ponzi.

In reality the platform has turned out to be an awkward and even somewhat hilarious effort by OneCoin to build up credibility.

As OneCoin's pseudo currency has no real value there hasn't been any genuine interest towards DealShaker and the platform practically only succeeds to underline that the coin is in fact worthless. The tragicomic BMW auction speaks for itself.

To make the site appear more vital OneCoin has had fake deals manufactured to the platform. Hence there has been masses of fake deals on the platform. Usually these pre-marketed deals are systematically deleted right before they should become actually available for any customers.

I guess the failure of the merchant platform became too obvious so OneCoin's Chief Head of the Scammers decided that it was time to renew the site. So let's move on to our main course, the new DealShaker!

Yeah, that's really the URL of the new version of DealShaker (aka DealShitter). Instead of having the new version of the platform replacing the old one there are now two DealShitters running separately. According to a newsletter 4th December by OneCoin scampany the reason for running those two domains is this:

"Both the old and the new platform will be operating in parallel with each for a certain period of time for your convenience. This is made to give the DealShaker users enough time to get familiar with the new features and move their current deal from the old platform to the new one. Their accounts and coins will be moved automatically."

The real reason why they ("they" because there's really no information who is running these scam things nowadays) chose to have a new domain is that the team working on the platform couldn't manage to import the old shitty deals to the new platform. So now OneCoin must have also the old version of DealShaker running. Any merchant-victim of OneCoin stupid enough to continue with this charade must move their deals manually to the new site.

The old domain ( was set to expire last Friday on 4th January 2019. That should be alarming to anyone making purchases from there. But then again, who in their right mind would.

The new domain has been set to expire in November 2019. I suppose that they don't have any long term plans for the new platform then, which is only reasonable while we are talking about a crumbling ponzi scam.

Initially the new version of the platform was meant to be launched already in September. However, it was first postponed to October only to be postponed yet again and finally launched in November. Well, you shouldn't expect anything other from OneCoin – the future of delayments.

The registrar of the new domain is an Irish company Dantir Dilela Limited. The company was set up only recently on 2nd of November 2018 so there isn't much more to say about it.

Who is in charge?

The man giving his face as the "Project Lead" to the new version of the DealShaker is Duncan Arthur. According to his LinkedIn profile he has been serving as the Project Lead since October 2016. As far as I know he doesn't have any previous experience in ponzi business. Nevertheless, he doesn't seem to have a problem providing his services to a notorious ponzi-pyramid scam that has been labeled as an international criminal organisation.

Duncan Arthur, the Project Lead of DealShaker.

According to Duncan Arthur's LindkedIn profile he has been providing his services to OneCoin ponzi scheme since October 2016.

Duncan Arthur is not only a Project Lead, he has also been speaker in OneCoin related events promoting DealShaker and attending webinars organised by OneCoin's independent marketing associates.

Duncan Arthur, DealShaker "Project Manger" featuring in OneCoin's Mastermind Pro 2019 event in Singapore.

The subtitle refers to attacks to the DealShaker domain. According to Duncan those attacks were caused by"haters". – While those attacks might be totally unrelated to OneCoin being a ponzi scam, I guess Duncan is referring to people who just don't like about an international criminal organisation scamming money from gullible people.

He certainly seems to taken in the ponzi vibe. As soon as anyone involved in a ponzi starts talking about "haters" you know that they are neck-deep serious about the shit they are in.

The new site

The new version of the DealShaker (aka DealShitter) has been built on a platform apparently provided by BigStep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. As a reference BigStep has SocialEngineAddOns demo site marketing different kind of packages and the platform itself.

You really don't need to be an expert to see that the new version of DealShaker has been built on the same platform than SocialEngineAddOns. So basically a ready-to-go package was bought and modified according to the needs of the scam.


What comes to the professionalism of Duncan Arthur and his chosen provider of the platform it really seems that they suit the low standards of a ponzi very well.

Respectable companies don't usually use unlicensed photos without permission, not even when a mockup is presented to a customer let alone to a larger audience. BigStep Technologies certainly doesn't seem to be afraid to take the step to misuse photos from internet. The same applies to the published version of the new DealShaker platform.

For instance, both NewDealShaker and SociaEngineAddOns demo page hold this same fake personality as "a member" of the community:

If it was a licensed stock photo the usage of the picture would be fine. However, the person in the picture is an U.S. politician Sharon R. Bock. She hasn't given her consent on using her picture on commercial use let alone on a ponzi scam related platform. How do I know? Well, I asked her – not that I didn't already know what would the answer be:

There are probably also dozens of other unlicensed photos used. For example this picture of a woman who seems to be a Korean actress:

The photo of "Kate Wilson" has been stolen from Amber Bock's Twitter profile

This is not "Gemma Weber" but Libby Robinson. I'm pretty sure her picture isn't available for commercial usage.

I don't think these people would be happy knowing their faces have been plastered on a ponzi scam related web site.

Alleged 3.5 million members, only few hundreds seem to care

Although the company claims to have 3.5 million members and the misleaders of the scam have been touting that there would be a huge number of merchants lined up to register to DealShaker, there hasn't been any evidence of this kind of popularity in the new platform.

In fact the similar kind of sales pitches were already heard prior the launch of the old DealShaker. There was supposed to be even "hundreds of thousands" of merchants waiting eagerly for the launch. In reality the platform has been nothing but successful and the the vast majority of the merchants and deals appear to be fake.

The search engine of the new platform shows that there are only three Chinese members. The number includes the site admin. This is rather strange considering that OneCoin has been boasting about having way above one million Chinese members.

All in all the search engine gives the following member counts for all possible areas:
North America: 336 members
Central America: 291 members
South America: 348 members
Caribbean: 302 members
Europe: 890
Africa: 328 members
Asia: 591 members
Oceania: 271 members
However, each search result includes also several mockup profiles and also people from all other areas so those figures aren't exactly reliable.

The search for stores available shows 549 results. I randomly clicked about 20 store profiles and only a couple of them were offering products. Most of the store profiles have only 1–20 views registered.

Products section of the platform shows 570 products. Some of the products don't seem to be available for everyone though but set as private.

As I was writing this there was only about 50 members online.

Oh, I didn't mention yet that the platform works hideously slow.

The new platform has been running now about two months so the figures aren't flattering at all to the ponzi. These are hardly numbers expected from a "billion dollar company" that has millions of members. I guess most onecoiners just don't care much about shopping and are only in it for the education.

To attract more businesses to the merchant platform of the ponzi the required portion of onecoins of a price of a deal was reduced to 10 %. However, selling products on the platform isn't exactly cheap. Quoting the terms and conditions:
"You understand that all cash transactions being done for all sales in stores are subject to a commission fee of 25% of the cash value transaction. You understand that all posted auctions are subject to a 5€ publishing fee."

Live webinar featuring Duncan Arthur

A recent webinar made it clear that any existing merchants using the old platform would have to manually move their deals to the new platform. A disappointed OneCoin affiliate reveals his frustration by commenting: "That's a shame." Duncan quickly responds: "That's not a shame. Come on!" Then the OneCoin affiliate points out that it requires a lot of work from a merchant.

OneCoin's partner who is responsible for handling KYC applications to the new DealShaker is a company named Jumio. As far as I know, outside the new DealShaker all OneCoin related KYC applications have been handled by the company itself.

Whether a KYC application sent to the service by Jumio goes through or not there's a fee of 4 euros to pay. According to FAQ section of the new DealShaker:

"There is a small fee of 4€ for this service, but everything is made to ensure 100% true and verified members, shop, products and auctions on our site. You have 2 attempts to finish the KYC process and within 5 minutes of starting the same. Make sure you have a valid ID document before starting."

What comes to OneCoin's own KYC procedure they have been approving also fake ID's. This concerns also OneCoin's Coin Offering site. I know for a fact that fake documents were approved and an imaginary person was granted a pass to participate the CO. I'm puzzled though why on earth is a KYC approval required for this in the first place because according to the T&C the Coin Offering isn't about an investment and there isn't any currency involved. Quoting:
"The CO performed will not include or in any other way involve issuance of any currency, securities (whether equity securities or otherwise) or other kind of investment certificates and/or instruments."

Exchange opening... not!

According to Duncan Arthur there's supposed to be an exchange for OneCoin on January 8th 2019. I'm sure that won't ever happen because it would just kill the cult like belief to the imaginary value of the coin.

In fact OneCoin already had an exchange once,, which was running only for a short while. It became soon too obvious that there was masses trying to sell coins and no one interested in buying. The situation led to some awkward lies by Ruja Ignatova and Juha Parhiala as they explained that the sale orders were expiring because of time differences of time zones despite the sale orders were in fact continuously active for several days waiting for buyers.

MAB is dead

In this webinar Duncan pronounces OneCoin's MAB (Mobile App Builder) practically dead as it isn't compatible with the DealShaker platform. Yet the company is still selling the app. 

Well, the application was a disaster to begin with so I don't think there has been many victims who actually purchased it.

This reminds me a bit about the silently buried CoinVegas. CoinVegas was supposed to be an online casino offering standard casino attractions besides sports betting etc. Needless to say but CoinVegas was a shitty platform that was missing pretty much all the elements promised in the linked event video. Eventually the website just disappeared after the domain expired.

Sebastian Greenwood arrested

These are old news but nevertheless worth mentioning in case someone hasn't spotted them. According to news from November 2018 Sebastian Greenwood was arrested in Thailand and extradited to US. The arrest of Greenwood might be connected to a money laundering case in US involving 400 million dollars of OneCoin related money

Bangkok Post tells us: 
"The CSD also worked with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to apprehend Sebastian Greenwood who was wanted on a US international arrest warrant and an Interpol red notice for operating a digital currency pyramid scheme."

There hasn't been yet any news giving further information about Greenwood's case.


  1. Here is the first row of "South America members" (as seen on 29th of November 2018 but unfortunately it has not changed a lot since as all four "members" are still present).

    Anna Smith = Irene from Red Velvet
    Linda Johnson = Julianne Hough
    first last = Scarlett Johansson
    And the last one I have no idea if she is legit but here's the thing: she is listed in the members of South America, members of North America, members fron central... In every single area.


    Same profile page on all areas. I mean the same exact URL. What kind of crappy platform even makes it possible to have a member that simultaneously exists on all areas?

    Another tidbit: According to "Store -> Browse products" there are total of 571 open deals in new Dealshaker. This is the result of allegedly having gained 251,000 members and 36,500 merchants during last month and a half.

    Old dealshaker has added more deals in one day.

    (Also: the real added numbers are 2,500 members and 230 business members, this is how much the counters have increased.)

    1. Thanks for these nice gems of information.

      I did notice at least Scarlett Johansson there but forgot to mention her... I guess she was too obvious.

  2. "I believe moving from the old platform to the new one also requires to renew KYC applications regardless having one already accepted. (By all means correct if I'm wrong.)"

    ^ My impression is, that this allegation is not true. I would remove this allegation for now unless you have more evidence, because it decreases credibility of the article if its wrong. And I'm pretty sure it's wrong.

    1. Well, I have no actual evidence to proof that because I don't have a KYC approved account to test it. That's why I wrote "I believe".

      On the other hand, I know that you can't open a store without proceeding to KYC application and the system doesn't ask whether I have a KYC approved account to proceed.

      But yeah, I guess it's best to remove that part of the text until there's more information about the issue.

  3. And here we are - January 8th and open exchange!
    OneCoin ICO website says (for a second day in row):


    But that is all the news there is.

    1. This must be the shittiest ICO scam ever. It's like they don't even bother to try.

  4. So now we're told that "once all ONEs, released on 08.01.2019, have been obtained by participants, ONE will be listed with a stable coin price on an exchange."
    (Source here: )

    It is unclear whether the listing to an exchange will be postponed if even one donkey fails to request for his/her coins. Also, there is no way to know how many - if any - have requested for their coins, there's zero transparency in this.

    When Konstantin was on stage, he didn't give any more hints on the exchange:

    "The vision" he mentions so many times apparently is that coins cannot be traded to fiat currency. ;)

  5. The "old" Dealshaker stopped showing valid numbers of deals on the page.
    On the left side it says there are 9 905 open deals in "Products".
    If - however - we go to "Products" section and view all open deals, there are 777 pages of deals in there, 12 deals per page. 777 x 12 = 9 324, which is about 600 deals LESS than shown on the page.

    1. This fallacy continues. The "open deals" counters are frozen to 29th of January readings, it seems. Meanwhile number of open deals has dropped still.

      And in new DealShitter the page where you are supposed to be able to browse deals is insanely slow; if you click on "Browse Products", it takes 1 minute and 30 seconds before you get to see the list. No progress bar, no "loading..." note. There's NOTHING telling that the web page is doing something.

    2. The domain of the old DealShitter expired 4th January. However, due a 30-day renewal grace period they were still able to renew the registration for another year.

      I guess the traffic to the Shitter was dropping so they needed another domain to explain the drop.

      The new DealShitter has been online for well above two months. I have never seen more than about 200 people online there. Isn't it amazing how little those other 3.5 million people care about the site?

  6. Old Dealshitter is showing valid numbers again.

    Also, if we choose to believe that the counters on both sites are correct, the new Dealshitter gains an average of 440 new users per week, wheras the old Dealshitter gains around 450 new users... two days.

    If you select "Store -> Browse products" in the new Dealshaker and wait for several minutes, you get to see that there are total of 2,492 open deals in new Dealshaker.
    Most of the added new deals are "private deals" that are listed in the list of deals but can be fully viewed only by a specified user name for which the deal is for.
    Seriously - WTF is the point of being even able to create such deals?

    Like always, there is a car dealer that promises to sell cars 100% on OneCoins.
    Except that the deals are those private deals.
    And in addition to that, the car dealer has set his entire profile private so that only the selected users can see it.
    (Before that he had already entered 402 open deals - at the time it was 22% of all open deals in the new Dealshitter. I can only guess how many there are by now.)

    In many ways the new Dealshitter seems like worse than the old Dealshitter.

    1. Considering that New DealShitter gains about 440 new users per week, it's rather suspicious that there has continuously been only 150-200 people online per day.

      I'm also surprised how the alleged millions of users don't seem to care much about this usability side of OneCoin. Well, actually I'm not surprised, just sarcastic.

    2. and what do you want actually

  7. for now ,my experiences with dealshaker are good ,and now I have started with new application of deal shaker and it is also good ...

    1. You'd better read this before rushing in to defend the scam:


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