Thursday, 31 March 2016

OneCoin's funeral coming soon

The Finnish country manager Tommi Vuorinen has promised that there will be shops accepting onecoins as payment during April - in fact there should be 50.000 shops already lined up to accept onecoins by the summer according to Vuorinen. This would mean that the value of onecoins would be determined in a free market for the first time in OneCoin's history. Any merchant willing to accept onecoins should then decide in what price would a transaction be acceptable for a commodity. Anyhow there are still two major buts to crack:

1. There's still no way to move coins from a member's account to a shop's account. Therefore transactions would not be possible in the first place. Maybe someone in OneCoin forgot this minor detail?

2. The fact that onecoins' value would be determined by merchants would of course be the final death blow for OneCoin. The coins have only an imaginary value set by almighty Ruja. Once in an open market the coins have no value what so ever. It's a known fact that OneCoin members have been trying to get rid of onecoins eagerly with very poor success. There have even been several members desperately trying to sell their accounts with highly reduced prices. These are the coins that would be used to buy stuff? Really? Opening stores accepting onecoins would be a huge thing. Yet there are no signs of this revolutionizing new cryptocurrency to emerge soon.

Here's an example from OneCoin's Facebook page. A member desperately trying to sell an account he claims to be his friend's:

Surprisingly he is not at all interested buying the account himself. One might think that even taking a bank loan of 2000 euros should be tempting for a such lucrative offer in case of shortage of money to invest.

Friday, 25 March 2016

OneCoin: every member must have a registered business

OneCoin now insists every onecoiner to acquire a entrepreneur status with a registered business. Every member has to prove having a registered business or the OneCoin account will be frozen.

Obviously the new terms and conditions were released in a fear of some authorities. Maybe OneCoin already received an ultimatum and now they are desperately masking the business to look like a legitimate one. Looks like OneCoin ponzi just collapsed. Now we are just waiting for the first crime reports to be filed in.

Some keypoints from OneCoin's new terms and conditions (the red markings highlight the most important parts):

Independent Marketing Associate IMA (hereinafter referred to as our “IMA”)

§3 General prerequisites for entering into a contract

(1) Contracts may only be concluded with legal entities, partnerships or individuals provided that they or their managers are entrepreneurs and are at least 18 years of age. No contracts may be concluded with consumers.
(2) If a partnership application is submitted by a legal entity or a partnership (organized as a GbR, OHG, KG, etc.), said entity or partnership must provide a corresponding commercial register extract (if available for the partnership), together with all relevant articles of association and other comparable documents, as well as their VAT identification number (if available). All shareholders of the applicant and all shareholders of any legal entity or partnership holding shares in said applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be severally and personally liable to ONECOIN for the applicant’s actions, and must personally sign any and all applications (if submitted offline). 


(7) In the event of a breach of any obligation stipulated in paragraphs (1) to (2) and (4)(2), ONECOIN shall be entitled to terminate the partnership agreement without notice and, if deemed necessary, demand the return of any bonuses that have already been paid out. In addition, ONECOIN expressly reserves for such cases the right to seek further redress for damages.

Financial IT takes down its Facebook page

Update, 20th April:

Financial IT got its Facebook page online again after taken them down for several weeks. I doubt that those 70 % of the banks in the world noticed anything but maybe Financial IT's 24 Facebook likers are now thrilled. It seems that they did not much modifications to their Facebook page. If I recall correctly they were advertising the February-Ruja-issue earlier there. That has now been replaced with the ad of FIT's March issue. 


(The text below is from 24th March)

Financial IT takes down its Facebook page

Most likely cause would be the bad reviews given there and visitor's statements about Financial IT whoring themselves to ponzi scheme OneCoin - and yes, the accusations were true. Well, that sort of stuff would be embarrassing even for a magazine whose existence is entirely based on ads and ad articles. Yes, you read it right, everything is on sale in Financial IT. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post they went as far as copying an issue and publishing it as a "new" February issue for OneCoin's marketing purposes.

Before the OneCoin issue was published I even contacted Financial IT's publisher Chris Principe to inquire about ponzi scheme being on their cover. He did not respond and obviously would have not cared less about OneCoin being a ponzi scheme. They must have been paid top dollar to publish what was asked for and keep their mouths shut.

In the end Financial IT is a sad little magazine. It seems like it has only a couple of hundred subscribers. Their Facebook page had only a handful of likers and I bet it was very rarely visited. Nevertheless OneCoin has been marketing Financial IT as a magazine equal to top notch financial publications. Onecoiners were saying nonsense like "about 70 % of world's banks are subcribers". Of course it's hard for such an insignificant magazine to survive and I understand money is tempting. - But being a bitch for a ponzi scheme? Really?

Click to read more about OneCoin's media coverage.

OneCoin wrapping up?

OneCoin has been promising that there should be merchants accepting onecoins as payments from the beginning of April. What ever they come up with then is so ridiculous that it should mean that the ponzi is about to be wrapped up. Onecoiners can not even succeed to sell their coins in OneCoin's exchange because no-one in their right mind would buy those worthless coins. How is it going to work with the promised 50.000 or more merchants remains unclear... well, at least until April.

... And this just came up: OneCoin changes a bank yet again

Dear Member,
Please note, that we no longer accept payments in Kreissparkasse Steinfurt Bank
Please use the new bank details:

Account Holder: IMS International Marketing Services GmbH
Bank: Commerzbank AG
Bank Address: Königsstraße 39, 48143 Münster

The change is with immediate action.
Please under subject of payment write ONLY your username.

I can't even remember all the banks OneCoin has now used. This is how ponzis stay alive until their bitter ends: Changing banks again and again after accounts freeze one after another.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

OneCoin under police investigation in Sweden

Quick translation with Google translate from Göteborgs-Posten:

"Police investigating Onecoin

Onecoin The number of investors has grown at a tremendous rate in Sweden. Meanwhile, police are now launched a preliminary investigation that the activity is illegal.

Gaming Board chose to make a police report against Onecoin for violating Lotteries January 22 this year. Now the police have chosen to start a preliminary investigation.
- We looked upon the concept after getting tips on this to remind you of a pyramid scheme or chain letter games. We reviewed Onecoin generally, and how the profits are distributed, says Josefin Aronsson, administrators in illegal gambling on the Lottery Inspection.

In simple drag Onecoin based on that profit depends on how many participants there with, she explains.
- The initiative is based on purchasing so-called training package, happily for many 1000-pieces. The profits go up in the ranks. There are different levels, and you are encouraged to buy the more expensive training packages.
- This concept is built for virtual currency, which was not yet formulated a time when we looked at. Return possibilities based on the "we believe", and it resembles it very much with existing Bitcoin, when in fact we have not found so many similarities. Regarding Bitcoin has of course been able to deal with the currency. When I reviewed, at the beginning of the year, there was nothing concrete in terms Onecoin."


For an obvious reason OneCoin gains more and more visibility in media. All the articles are pointing at one direction: OneCoin being a pyramid scheme. It's hard to say yet if the police investigation will lead to any convictions in Sweden because OneCoin is lead from abroad and with a very messy ownership pattern of at least three different companies. However when the pyramid collapses I bet at least the biggest losers in it will file a crime report against the individuals fooling them to join OneCoin.

We have had a somewhat similar case in Finland. Global Pension Plan was an international scam scattered all over the world. There was a person convicted in Finland as a head of the snake so to say.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

OneCoin Mastercard merchant part of a drug gang

The plot thickens

Thanks to some research done in Murobbs discussion forum it was noticed that the company behind handling OneCoin's debit card applications to a bank was Zala Group Ltd.

After checking U.K.'s records of the company the name Martin Henry Beckett popped out as the sole director of the company. Under Beckett's name was also some other companies registered in U.K. with only rented mailbox addresses. Martin Henry Beckett had also been filed in bankruptcy 2014:
There was also a fishy associate in one of Beckett's companies (though maybe not related to OneCoin case). In addition nickname pieniapina from Murobbs noticed that there was also an on going trial with Beckett accused of something.

So it all seemed somewhat suspicious. Furthermore why would OneCoin pick a company like this to handle all the debit card applications to a bank? 

After receiving the information above BehindMLM continued the research and noticed today that Beckett was just convicted in a drug gang case. They were caught smuggling £24 million worth of cannabis concealed in industrial tubes wrapped up in carpets.

I quote:

I bet OneCoin is now desperately looking for some other company to forward debit card applications to a bank. It might not be that easy considering they had to use Zala Group Ltd until Beckett was caught (OneCoin closed debit card business about the same time this happened). Then again Ruja and her partners in crime must have already gotten a decent sum of euros from the ponzi. Maybe it's time to wrap it up?


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

OneCoin halts money transfers to debit cards

Today's news:

OneCoin suddenly decided to halt all money transfers to debit cards and in addition they do not approve new card requests at the moment. They don't even give any information how long this "system upgrade" is going to last. Smells like frozen bank accounts again.

Onecoin - there is a lesson to be learned

In the beginning the message was: OneCoin sells education not coins. This message is still the selling point they offer. Strangely enough OneCoin's Finnish Country Manager Tommi Vuorinen has several times admitted in public that selling education is only to avoid problems with financial supervisory authorities. 

However despite selling education was so important to OneCoin they made some additions to their product line by the end of 2015 adding educational packages with no education. There was Festival package for 18.000 euros and I think the 100.000 € Elite Trader package emerged during the end of 2015. Those packages include no education what so ever. Neither does the 25.000 € Infinity Trader package which came to replace the Festival package in the beginning of 2016. Looks like they care even less about authorities nowadays than before. It must be due the surpise that the ponzi is still running.

This is what you get for 25.000 euros. I guess they ran out of bullshit to cover the education part.

In addition to the reckelesness they've already showed to authorities they are going to raise the prices of the "educational packages" by 10 % in April. This is done because Onecoin is "aiming to have a stable price of the coin". I thought the price was for the education not for the coins. They could not be more obvious about the education being only a window dressing to sell play money... well, like I said they had already gone as far as selling the packages without any education so why bother including those educational materials at all? Who the hell reads them anyway? Onecoiners are not in it to educate themselves, they are in it to become millionaires!

It's quite amazing how much bullshit Onecoin members can take and at the same time being unable to see the obvious ponzi scheme. They seem to lack all the abilities to rationalize and question when they are blinded by all the riches they see in the future. One thing is sure, all the members will get an unforgettable lesson in the end.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Yle: OneCoin similar to a pyramid scheme

Today on TV Yle news broadcast about OneCoin: OneCoin similar to a pyramid scheme

Yle is like a Finnish BBC, a national broadcasting company. Today they aired a quite thorough report on OneCoin during today's news broadcasts. Earlier Finnish media has been pretty gentle on OneCoin and actually there has not even been much news reports about it - (sarcasm detector on!) which is strange considering we are talking about a revolutionizing new crypto currency. However the tone on today's news broadcast was critical, judging OneCoin as a pyramid scheme and the reporter had done nice effort to offer proper information about what the scam is about.

"We give you an opportunity to become a millionaire with crypto currency."

There was nothing much new for those of us who have criticized OneCoin before. A very short and rough translation about the report:

OneCoin promisses richness to people in exchange to large sums of money paid for education packages. The education is not even remotely worth the sums paid and the same education could be easily obtained via library for free of charge. In addition to education OneCoin members get play money which has no value what so ever.

IT expert Petteri Järvinen has followed OneCoin from its early stages and he believes that it is unequivocally a pyramid scam:
– In my opinion, OneCoin is play money from a Bulgarian company. The coins have roughly the same value as the Monopoly game's play money. When there is money that can not really be used anywhere, and whose value is not determined freely, so c'mon, it's not real money. It's just play money, says Järvinen.

Where does the money go?

Yle had also done research about where all the money goes:

"The money is paid for a Bulgarian company called One Network Services Ltd. Yle acquired through a Bulgarian trade register information of the company. It turns out that a Bulgarian company is owned by another local company - which is owned by a third Bulgarian company. The third company is owned by Veska Ignatov. 

Tommi Vuorinen, who is Veska Ignatov?
- Veska? She is Ruja's mother."


Now also in English (added 14th March):

In Finnish:

A short version in Russia:

Friday, 11 March 2016

"OneCoin completes acquisition of Univerteam"

Now it's official: 

"OneCoin completes acquisition of Univerteam"

One can only wonder what's the reasoning behind capturing this collapsed pyramid scheme. If you take a look on Univerteam's Facebook page you can notice a lot of members complaining about losing their money. My best guess is that OneCoin's top leaders are now hoping the capture of Univerteam would bring a badly needed cash injection to OneCoin's cash strapped pyramid.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

OneCoin is a pure pyramid scheme

Facts about OneCoin


Why there's a need for mining onecoins although the structure is not decentralized? The idea of mining centralized cryptocurrency is absurd. - It's just a fundamental conflict with the general idea of cryptocurrency. 

OneCoin claims that they are mining onecoins in three different locations with massive computer power. Why there is a need for a massive calculation power when a single modern computer could form a database for 1.2 billion onecoins and it certainly would not take years? 

Usability of onecoins

There is no way to have a proper circulation of the coins. Let's imagine onecoins would be available for merchants to use. The merchants need traditional currency to run their businesses so they would have to get rid of onecoins as soon as possible. Who would buy the coins? Even if someone would buy those coins there would be a constant pressure towards selling coins and no one in their right mind buying them. We all know what happens to a currency that has no demand what so ever.

A cryptocurrency itself is not a blessing for merchants (at least not yet and supposedly not even years to come). Nevertheless some entrepeneurs serve their customers by giving a chance of paying their purchase with bitcoins. It's only an additional feature which does not hamper their businesses too much.

So what does onecoin has to offer? It's simply a play money not ever tested in a free market. It has only a imaginery value set by dictatorship of Ruja Ignatova. 

The so called "converting MasterCard"

Onecoiners have been saying that there will be a "converting MasterCard" in the future. OneCoin's Finnish Country Manager, Tommi Vuorinen, has explained the card as goes: When you are at a local market shopping and come to a register to use your (converting) Onecoin-MasterCard Onecoin Ltd buys onecoins from your e-wallet at the same time for the equal amount to your purchase. 

Let's play along with this idea and have a peep in to the future how a converting card would work - or would it:

First of all the total value of onecoins is supposed to exceed vastly the amount people have paid for their education packages (not forgetting that large amount which has gone to paying commissions etc.). So Onecoin Ltd would not have much cash supply to keep the coins circulating. It would be hard to believe they could cover all transactions made with converting cards.

Also this sort of transaction with a converting card would mean that the actual purchase is done with local cash, not with onecoins. Therefore it would be a massive burden for Onecoin Ltd, because it would constantly have to buy coins from the market to keep them circulating. There would be an enormous pressure for Onecoin Ltd buying coins and relatively small interest for anyone buying them from Onecoin Ltd. And everyone should know what's the inevitable result from this.

One might also ask what purpose does a cryptocurrency have in this kind of transaction? - A silly and senseless one I suppose.

OneCoin in press

The only way for OneCoin to get positive publicity has been buying it. We have seen the bought ad in Forbes magazine.

Onecoiners truly believed it was a unpaid article about OneCoin. Probably because OneCoin deliberately used the cover in their marketing not mentioning a thing about it being an ad.

Recently they have done the same thing with the February issue of Financial IT magazine. However this time they are also giving a vastly exaggerated picture of Financial IT as a magazine intensively followed by financial world. They claim that about 70 % of banks are subscribers to Financial IT. 

In fact Financial IT is a insignificant magazine which is published only four times a year with only 2000 print copies (claims the magazine itself). Each issue of Financial IT contains almost entirely paid articles and ads. They are also quite flexible what comes to their integrity. When a ponzi scheme comes splashing their cash Financial IT seems to be the magazine to get an article into. They even went as far as made an exception to have an extra issue published when OneCoin showed enough money to get an article (with a cover) to their magazine. To underline the ridiculousness of the case the issue for OneCoin is exact copy of their previous issue - of course apart from cover and the story of OneCoin.

To conclude...

The stuff above is only a fraction of what's wrong with the whole picture of OneCoin. Why there still are more and more people getting involved with this ponzi scheme is beyond me. There are already more than enough warning signs that one would think people had a better judgement.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Zinzino - kallis harrastus

Zinzino putkautti esille 2015 tilipäätöstiedotteen:

Tiettävästi aktiivisia zinzinolaisia on noin 1000*. Vuosikertomuksen lukujen perusteella liikevaihdoksi jää noin 3000 euroa / naama / vuosi. Eurot eivät toki jakaudu noin tasaisesti näiden aktiivisten zinolaisten kesken, vaan todellisuudessa moni tekee enemmän tai vähemmän persnettoa. Vielä kun ilmeisesti on myös vähemmän aktiivisia zinolaisia, jotka ovat kakkua jakamassa, vuosittainen liikevaihto per naama jäänee melkoisen säälittäväksi.

* 1000 aktiivista partneria koskeva tieto löytyy tästä linkistä:

Kun tarkastellaan Zinzinon vuoden 2014 vuosikertomusta, siinä mainitaan Suomen osalta: ”Vuonna 2014 saatiin 1.701 (1.661) uutta jakelijaa ja 9.877 (9.889) uutta asiakasta.” Näin ollen vuosien 2014 ja 2013 aikana on tullut yhteensä peräti 3.362 uutta jälleenmyyjää. Siitä huolimatta vuonna 2015 toimintaa aktiivisesti harjoittaa vain noin 1000 (joista niistäkin osa on peräisin jo vuosilta ennen vuotta 2013). Vähäisemmilläkin järjen lahjoilla siunattu voi tästä päätellä kuinka käsittämättömän järjetöntä on ryhtyä Zinzino-partneriksi.

Summa summarum:
Zinzino on näennäisen laillinen verkostokusetus, jossa edes nollatulokseen pääseminen on työn ja tuskan takana. Valtaosa Zinzinon aloittaneista tekee persnettoa ja lopettaa. 

Aiheesta muualla:

Thursday, 3 March 2016

OneCoin sulki kolikkopörssin kahdeksi viikoksi

Tulevaisuuden maksuvaluutta päätti yllättäen sulkea kolikkopörssinsä ovet kahdeksi viikoksi "huoltotöiden" vuoksi. Tommi Vuorisen mukaan tänään piti aueta jo ensimmäinen kauppapaikka (tai ensimmäiset kauppapaikat), joten ajankohta on sikälikin erikoinen. OneCoinilla täytyy olla todellisia vaikeuksia, koska mitään järkeähän tällaisessa katkoksessa ei ole. Olisivatko pyramidin maksuvaikeudet käyneet jo täysin ylitsepääsemättömiksi?

Samalla lanseerattiin uusi Infinity-paketti, jolla saa elämänkoulutusta 25.000 euron pilkkahintaan. Valittavissa on kaksivaihtoehtoa, joista toinen (Infinity+) jäädyttää kaikki kolikot kahdeksi vuodeksi Rujan virtuaaliseen kassakaappiin. 

Edesmenneen Festivaalipaketin tapaan, tähänkään ei ole viitsitty edes tekaista koulutussisältöä. Eikö OneCoinin pitänyt myydä koulutusta eikä valuuttaa? Valuutan myynti olisi laitonta. Tätä on useaan otteeseen maajohtaja Tommi Vuorinenkin painottanut. Ilmeisesti tässä vaiheessa ei vain enää jakseta panostaa edes koulutusmateriaalin plagioimiseen.

Nyt luvattiin kaiken lisäksi vielä, että kaikkien koulutuspakettien hinnat nousevat ja niiden hintoja myös jatkossa mahdollisesti nostellaan kolmen kuukauden välein. Nyt kannattaa siis nopeasti hankkia oma elämänkoulupaketti, ennen kuin hinnat nousee! Hintojen nostoa perustellaan sillä, että se tasapainottaa kolikon hinnan kehitystä - ettei oltaisi ihan vaan hypen varassa. Ei tässäkään mitään järkeä ole, mutta elämänkoululaiset nielevät taatusti kakistelematta kaiken kakan mitä Ruja rikostovereineen ulos suoltaa.

Onecoinisteilla logiikka ei luonnollisesti ole vahvin alue. Kolikoiden myyntirajoituksia ihmetteleville tarjoavat coinistit syyksi usein sen, että näin turvataan kolikon arvon nousu tai säilyminen, sillä vapaa kaupankäynti romahduttaisi hinnan. Tähän ja muihin vastaaviin päättömyyksiin coinistit siis perustavat vankan uskonsa one-kolikkoihin tulevaisuuden maksuvaluuttana.

Thaimaassa tapahtuu

OneCoinin suomalaiset lähetyssaarnaajat levittävät sanaa myös ulkomailla asuville suomalaisille. Thaimaassa OneCoinin ilosanomaa levittää mm. Aleksi Heinonen ja "Kaitsu". Herätyskokoukseen osallistunut A. Juhana Keronen kertoo: "Vasta pari kertaa OneCoinin promootiotilaisuuksissa käyneinä alamme uskoa sen tulleen jäädäkseen." No, itse olen katsonut ja kuunnellut lukuisia videoita OneCoinin esittelytilaisuuksista ja eventeistä, opetusvideoita sekä lukenut suhteellisen paljon saatavilla olevaa tietoa sikäli kuin OneCoin sitä edes antaa. Täytyy sanoa, että olen ihmeissäni siitä, että näin selvääkin selvempi kusetus vielä on pystyssä. Vääjäämättä se kuitenkin romahtaa, vaikka ihmisten tyhmyys onkin loppumaton luonnonvara.

Mikä sitten OneCoinissa vetoaa tiettyyn kansanosaan?

Toki osa on yksinkertaisen tietämättömiä, mutta suurta osaa ajaa mukaan samanlainen välinpitämätön ahneus, joka houkutteli taannoin mukaan tuulipukuväkeä myös Wincapitaan. Ei lienekään ihme, että OneCoinissa on mukana tuttuja nimiä jo Wincapitan yhteydestä. Suomessa on verkostohuij... -markkinoinnissa pienet piirit. Sen huomaa jo tarkastelemalla puhutuimpien viritysten jäsenien Facebook-kavereita. 

Normaali-ihmisillä hälytyskellot alkavat soida viimeistään googletuksen jälkeen ja käydessä selväksi, että hommaa pyörittää paatuneita verkostokusettajia, joilla on jo takanaan useita epäonnistumisia aikaisemmista verkostoviritelmistä tai pyramideista. Ne ahneet yksilöt tai tietämättömät uhrit, jotka läpäisevät tuon siivilän, ovatkin sitten täydellisen helppoja lypsylehmiä pyramidihuijareille.

Ponziin mukaan erehtyneet saattavat olla omasta erinomaisuudestaan jopa niin ylpeitä, että suhtautuvat halveksuen epäilijöihin ja kyseenalaistajiin. Pahimmillaan nämä menevät harhaisuudessaan niinkin pitkälle, että olettavat ponzin ulkopuolelle jääneiden "vastustajien" olevan luonnostaan pahantahtoisia, kateellisia ja haluavan vain heidän epäonnistuvan. Tässä vaiheessa kaikki järkiperustelut, kyseenalaisuuksien esille tuomiset, faktat ja KRP:n varoitukset ovat näiden henkilöiden käsityskyvyn ulkopuolella. Ehkä tälle verkostohuijauksissa sangen usein esiintyvälle psyykkiselle häiriölle keksitään vielä joskus oma nimensä?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OneCoinin - Tommi Vuorinen OneCoin-esitys Linnasmäki kokoushotelli 23.02.2016.

"Liian suuri kaatuakseen"

Pyramidit kaatuvat juuri kasvaessaan liian suureksi. Onecoinin ongelmat ovat näkyneet jo pitempään maksuvaikeuksien muodossa. Pankit ovat jäädyttäneet Onecoinin tilejä. Ruja kumppaneineen on joutunut keksimään myös uusia keinoja viivästyttää jäsenien palkkioiden ja kolikkomyyntien maksua.

KYC-prosessilla koeteltiin jo sinnikkäimpienkin onecoin-fanaatikkojen kärsivällisyyttä prosessin venyessä kuukaudesta toiseen ja kolmanteenkin. Aasialaisilta alettiin yhtäkkiä lennosta vaatimaan 15 euron käännösmaksuja kääntämättömistä dokumenteista. Lopulta ilman sen kummempia selityksiä ilmeisesti kaikkien hakemukset saivat "ehdollisen hyväksynnän" olipa hakemusliitteitä käyty läpi tai ei. Joka tapauksessa Onecoin-rikollisten käsissä on nyt varmaankin valtavat määrä skannauksia passeista ja jäsenien henkilötietoja.

"Firma takoo rahaa ihan käsittämättömästi jo nyt."

Niin, niillä rahoilla maksetaan pyramidipalkkioita. Ei OneCoin säilö sisään tulevaa rahaa vaan sitä pumpataan samaa tahtia huijareiden taskuihin. Toki sen verran laitetaan kassaan, että voidaan ostaa välillä vaikkapa mainossivut Financial IT -lehdestä ja järjestää OneCoin-seurakunnilla herätyskokouksia ympäri maailmaa.

"Kaikki ketkä ootte tässä huoneessa. Kun te otatte tän asian tosissaan, te ootte kaikki vuodessa taloudellisesti riippumattomia."

Toivottavasti KRP:llä on tuo Youtube-video tallessa tulevia käräjöintejä varten. Miten ihmeessä pdf-tiedostoja ostamalla voi saavuttaa taloudellisen riippumattomuuden? Sen maajohtaja vieläpä lupaa tuossa kaikille.

"Kiinalainen hieronta on sellaista, ettei lapsille kerrottavaa."

Pitäisikö tämä suomentaa niin, että joku on käynyt Kiinassa huorissakin onecoinilaisten rahoilla?

"2.3. aukeaa ensimmäiset kaupat"

Mitenkäs niillä one-kolikoilla voi maksaa, kun ei ole olemassa mitään keinoa siirtää kolikoita kauppiaille? Miten kolikoiden kierto voisi toimia, kun kolikoilla ei ole ostajia?

"Tähän (prepaid-MasterCard-korttiin) tulee konvertaatio jo tän vuoden aikana. Tarkoittaa sitä, että voit suoraan omista onecoineista käyttää tätä."

MasterCardilla ollaan varmasti tuollaisesta käyttömahdollisuudesta eri mieltä. Se on prepaid-kortti, eikä mitään muuta.

Perään maajohtaja selittää konvertoivan kortin toimintaa: Ostat 100 euron ostoksen. Yhtiö ostaa sinun tililtäsi onekolikoita 100 euron arvosta ja hyvittää ostoksen arvon euroina kauppiaalle. Sitten yhtiö myy one-kolikot takaisin kiertoon. Todellisuudessa tuollainen pelleily ei toimisi, vaikka konvertoiva kortti olisi todellisuutta.

Entä mihin ihmeeseen niitä one-kolikoita tuollaisessa kaupankäynnissä tarvitaan? Nehän vain hankaloittavat ostoprosessia. Sen sijaan, että ostotapahtuma kävisi yhdellä valuutalla, tarvitaan tässä lisäksi mielikuvituskolikoiden siirtelyä virtuaalilompakosta Rujalle, jonka jälkeen Rujan täytyisi päästä kolikoista taas eroon saadakseen kassaan rahaa muiden ostotapahtumien toteutumista varten.

"Meidän tuote ei ole kolikko. Yhtiö myy talouskoulutusta."

En edelleenkään ymmärrä, että miten poliisilla ei ole keinoja pysäyttää tällaista kusetusta, joka myy pdf-tiedostoja ja videoleikkeitä tuhansilla euroilla osana ponzihuijausta. Koulutusmateriaalin kirjalliset tuotokset on plagioitu muista teoksista ja videoiden sisältö on huonolla englannin kielellä kerrottuja taloustiedon perusasioita elämänkoululaisille.

No, ainakin tuossa maajohtaja on rehellinen, että koulutusta on luvassa. Onecoinilaiset tulevatkin saamaan oikein kantapään kautta elämänsä talousopetuksen.

Onecoinista voisi Vuorisen mukaan saada palkkioita kymmeniä tuhansia viikossa. Hän esittää asian vieläpä niin ikään kuin tuollaiset summat olisivat kenen tahansa otettavissa. Mistä ne sellaiset tulot tulevat? Ei ainakaan kolikoiden myymisestä, koska siihen on Ruja asettanut tiukat rajoitukset. OneCoinin ainoa rahanlähde ovat uusien huijattujen rahapanokset sekä vanhojen jäsenien uudet rahapanokset. Mitään muuta tulolähdettä ei ole.

"Tää ei oo sijoitustoimintaa. Kaks asiaa mitä ette saa tehdä: te ette kellekään puhu sijoittamisesta yhtään mitään. Te ette lupaa mitään tuottoja yhtään kenellekään. Se on laitonta."

Mutta eikös tällä OneCoinilla pitänyt tulla taloudellinen riippumattomuus vuodessa? Nyt olen ymmälläni. Eikö se ollutkaan lupaus? Oliko se laiton lupaus?