Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ask Dr. Ruja - Scam Detector gives the proper answers

Welcome to unlive the live webinar hosted by Dr. Ruja, OneCoin CEO Mr. Pitt Arrens and OneLife Global Master Distributor Mr. Sebastian Greenwood! Shit has been hitting OneCoin's fans for quite some time so buckle up if you fear falling from your seat because of laughter. 

Originally the webinar was supposed to happen June 14 but for some reason it was postponed to July 13. It may not come as shock that none of the questions presented in the webinar were asked during the livestream but via a web form well before the webinar happened. - God forbid if someone actually knowing something about cryptocurrencies were to ask Ruja some questions! Naturally they also got to choose which questions to answer and which ones to put straight into a shredder.

Start of the webinar. Pitt Arens looks like he shat his pants a bit and Ruja Ignatova is giving one of her awkward smiles.



Ruja Ignatova: 
"I believe that OneCoin has actually chosen a very very good approach and makes itself ready for the future because we store in an encrypted way the KYC information of the users." ... "We prepare our cryptocurrency not to be anonymous and this is why we store this information actually in our blockchain."

- However, Ignatova still doesn't care to explain how unbanked people without proper ID are going to use your coin. She has told again and again how OneCoin is going to be the cryptocurrency for the unbanked people who don't have proper documents for identification.

Does OneCoin have a blockchain?


Ignatova also presents some questions to herself as if there wasn't enough of them sent to her:
"We have been approached and people say: Does OneCoin have a blockchain? Is it true there is no blockchain? What happened? 
 Yes, OneCoin definitely has a blockchain, and I really would like to discourage people to spread rumors like this, because they are simply not true. A blockchain is something essential for a cryptocurrency and we had invited independent auditors even to audit this."

- Please, Ruja, I would really like to discourage you from spreading these rumors about OneCoin having a blockchain. What comes to your audit reports, no one outside your cult takes them seriously.

"We can not go public without a proper blockchain, because going public of course needs this technology. So I would like to tell everyone once again, yes, we have a very proper blockchain, and the haters claiming other people should probably go find something else to say on this."

- Well, the coin hasn't ever gone public with the blockchain and it seems more than likely that it never will. 

What comes to Ignatova's word, it has no value whatsoever. She was sentenced for a fraud last Spring in Germany to probation for one year and two months. In addition Ignatova has been caught lying, making false promises, and she was involved in BigCoin scam before starting OneCoin.

I find it amusing that she actually uses the word "haters" referring to people criticizing the ponzi scam. What a true onecoiner she is.

What about the situation in India?


Ignatova goes on commenting about the recent happenings in India, where 30 OneCoin reps have been charged because of participating in this scam. 23 of those charged have already been arrested.

"Unfortunately we face situations every day in several countries, and even more unfortunately that most of the situations are self-made and unfortunately made by network."

- She conveniently doesn't mention that herself was among the ones listed on the chargesheet of the Economic Offences Wing of the Navi Mumbai Police.

After disowning the Indian OneCoin reps Ignatova continues by reprimanding the network what OneCoin is all about:
"We are a company who sells education packages. We are not an investment. We are not selling onecoins, we are not selling cryptocurrency. And this is extremely important, me as the founder of this company and also the management team will not tolerate people who go out and who promise things that are not real... who go, who make a really, er, bad, er, bad claims about our company.  
And what happened in India is actually very very simple, there was 25 or 30 people who're marketing our company and our education packages as an investment. 
All these people we have removed frmh(?) compliance from the company, because OneLife is not an investment company. There are no returns. There're no, er, promises like this. We sell education packages. And whoever violates this, is getting to be taken out of the network, because of compliance."
"We're co-operating with the Indian authorities. We support them whatever we can."

- Well finally Ignatova tells something that's true: There are no returns. And I must admit that onecoiners do get a life lesson out of this.

In this video clip Ignatova herself has says that "We actually are in financial services." She's also bragging about huge commissions, but promising even bigger profits from the coin.

OneCoin abandons India?

"I have even stopped the registration process of India yesterday, until all the Indian leaders have not done another training in compliance with the company's standards I will not reopen the market."

- That pretty much wraps it up - foreign OneCoin scammers are going to stay the hell away from India from now on. As seen before, OneCoin reps getting in trouble with local law enforcement are on their own and the company sure doesn't come to rescue.

When will the White Paper be officially published?


Pitt Arens answers:
"Today it is not open source. Once it (the blockchain) becomes open source, of course the White Paper will be published."

- There you have it - again - ladies and gentlemen, the White Paper hasn't been published. However, OneCoin sure don't mind spreading an unofficial white paper among its representatives.

I believe that this farce OneCoin have with the white paper fail has something to do with Arens's incompetence as a ponzi CEO. Maybe OneCoin should have hired an experienced scammer instead of Arens.

What about bad press and OneCoin's reputation as a notorious scam?


Sebastian Greenwood takes on this one:
"... all these negative - let's say news - that are fake news... this is what it is."

- He also goes on accusing bloggers and media about just trying to get traffic on their web sites by giving bad publicity to OneCoin.

"I''ve also seen very good positive media out there on us. So don't believe everything you read."

- Yeah, really? Please, do give us an example of a respectable media source writing something positive about OneCoin.


Ignatova wants to add something and starts accusing bloggers for making a good living out of writing negative stuff about OneCoin and concludes: 
"Do not trust strange web sites that just want to make money with you."

- This is voluntary work for me. I have no ties to any cryptocurrencies. I'm not hiding behind an alias, this is real me. 

Yes, I have adds on my blog, but I'm not earning "a good living" out of this. My earnings from the date I started running my blog in February 2016 up to this date are about 75 euros. That doesn't compensate at all the time I have spent on investigating this scam - as well as others that I have wrote articles about.

What about DealShitter/DealShaker?

First Arens talks some boring bullshit about DealShaker, how they are going to make it better etc. Well, a legitimate company would have never launched such an awful platform that still doesn't work properly. It is just an awful monstrosity that should be put down already.


Ignatova continues after Arens:
"Never ever do any transactions outside the DealShaker. Unfortunately we know there's a bad world outside, and there are always people who try to fraud other people. Never ever do a transaction and give cash to somebody outside the DealShaker platform - coins or cash. Do not do this!"

- Well, I think this warning applies to almost all car deals there has been on DealShaker.

Are credit card payments going to be possible?

As OneCoin has lost all of its public bank accounts, the members might find it difficult to transfer money to their user accounts. This of course isn't exactly helping DealShaker to bloom, because many deals require more or less of the deal done by cash transactions in addition to onecoins. 

Greenwood explains how China Union Pay card is already available for the Chinese members and some parts of Asia. However, he has nothing new to tell to the other parts of the world.
"The company is working on to get other payment systems on the platform."

- OneCoin has already had some tough times with MasterCard so I believe at least MasterCard is out of the question - as it has been already for a long time: 
OneCoin's converting MasterCard was a lie
OneCoin Mastercard merchant part of a drug gang

IPO (Initial Public Offering) and strategic plans for the next year?


"Xcoinx will be open again, and it will be open to the general public. Of course we will work like any other regulated company and we are working a lots of this to have the regulation in place."
- So far OneCoin has been frequently in news by getting its ass kicked by regulators.

Ignatova about OneCoin going public:
"There's no certainty, I can not give exactly a date. What we are planning as a company, is we are planning definitely 2018, third or fourth quarter of the year."
"So expect the going public most probably in 2018."
- OneCoin sure is the future of delayments. The cult members were already eagerly expecting OneCoin to go public in the second quarter of 2018. Now Ignatova suddenly reveals news that this won't happen.

On which exchanges will onecoin be traded after the IPO?


"Xcoinx will be the primary market maker for OneCoin exchanges, but on top there is one Asian - especially Asian - stock exchange which we are in advanced talks with also to trade the coin."

- A stock exchange getting involved with a ponzi coin. Come on, Arens! It seemed like you were just making stuff up while you were speaking.

What are the benefits going to be for the members after OneCoin becomes public?

I skip the nonsense from OneCoin and move on directly to my answer:
Anyone capable of understanding even the basic laws of economics should understand what would happen then. But then again, like Ignatova said, OneCoin isn't att all about selling coins or getting returns, it's all about education.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Indian police include Ruja Ignatova on its chargesheet

The Police in India is certainly giving a hard time to crumbling OneCoin scam. There has already been 23 representatives of the scam arrested. According to the police the accused have operated 35 bank accounts registered in names of varied private firms, which saw transactions of over Rs 75 crore, which is about 10.2 million euros. The police were able to have about 3.4 million euros seized while the accused moved away the rest of the money as soon as the arrests were made.

An article published today on the Indian EXPRESS tells that the Navi Mumbai Police have filed a chargesheet against the promoters of OneCoin. Booked were also two Bulgarian nationals, including Ruja Ignatova.

So far OneCoin has either distanced itself from any accusations or kept an awkward silence. However, this time her dictatorship herself has been accused. - Certainly she can't tolerate this kind of treatment and rushes to India to clear her name, and while doing so also saves those poor souls accused of promoting a scam!

Foreign OneCoin scammers have been avoiding India for months

It has been no wonder that top OneCoin scammers have been cancelling their India tours after police there started to discipline the ponzi.

There was supposed to be a tour by Muhammad Zafar and Kari Wahlroos in June 25-26, but the duo made some excuses to avoid setting their foot on Indian soil. Zafar claimed that there was some problems getting their visa confirmed. Meanwhile Wahlroos explained that the event was postponed to July due a "tight schedule".

So is it problems with visa or "tight schedule"? 

Yeah, right. I haven't seen any event plans for India anymore. 

Earlier in the Spring a OneCoin promoter from the U.S. Tom McMurrain was supposed to have a tour in India 27-30 April, but he suddenly chickened out from it after news about arrests made in India were published 25th of April.

While there was no other bookings in his schedule McMurrain chose to stay at home and focused on launching webinars and even tried to have my Facebook account closed. Needless to say, he had absolutely no reason to report my account and he managed to cause no harm to me. However, this sort of action by McMurrain only reveals what kind of devious character he is.