Friday, 25 March 2016

Financial IT takes down its Facebook page

Update, 20th April:

Financial IT got its Facebook page online again after taken them down for several weeks. I doubt that those 70 % of the banks in the world noticed anything but maybe Financial IT's 24 Facebook likers are now thrilled. It seems that they did not much modifications to their Facebook page. If I recall correctly they were advertising the February-Ruja-issue earlier there. That has now been replaced with the ad of FIT's March issue. 


(The text below is from 24th March)

Financial IT takes down its Facebook page

Most likely cause would be the bad reviews given there and visitor's statements about Financial IT whoring themselves to ponzi scheme OneCoin - and yes, the accusations were true. Well, that sort of stuff would be embarrassing even for a magazine whose existence is entirely based on ads and ad articles. Yes, you read it right, everything is on sale in Financial IT. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post they went as far as copying an issue and publishing it as a "new" February issue for OneCoin's marketing purposes.

Before the OneCoin issue was published I even contacted Financial IT's publisher Chris Principe to inquire about ponzi scheme being on their cover. He did not respond and obviously would have not cared less about OneCoin being a ponzi scheme. They must have been paid top dollar to publish what was asked for and keep their mouths shut.

In the end Financial IT is a sad little magazine. It seems like it has only a couple of hundred subscribers. Their Facebook page had only a handful of likers and I bet it was very rarely visited. Nevertheless OneCoin has been marketing Financial IT as a magazine equal to top notch financial publications. Onecoiners were saying nonsense like "about 70 % of world's banks are subcribers". Of course it's hard for such an insignificant magazine to survive and I understand money is tempting. - But being a bitch for a ponzi scheme? Really?

Click to read more about OneCoin's media coverage.

OneCoin wrapping up?

OneCoin has been promising that there should be merchants accepting onecoins as payments from the beginning of April. What ever they come up with then is so ridiculous that it should mean that the ponzi is about to be wrapped up. Onecoiners can not even succeed to sell their coins in OneCoin's exchange because no-one in their right mind would buy those worthless coins. How is it going to work with the promised 50.000 or more merchants remains unclear... well, at least until April.

... And this just came up: OneCoin changes a bank yet again

Dear Member,
Please note, that we no longer accept payments in Kreissparkasse Steinfurt Bank
Please use the new bank details:

Account Holder: IMS International Marketing Services GmbH
Bank: Commerzbank AG
Bank Address: Königsstraße 39, 48143 Münster

The change is with immediate action.
Please under subject of payment write ONLY your username.

I can't even remember all the banks OneCoin has now used. This is how ponzis stay alive until their bitter ends: Changing banks again and again after accounts freeze one after another.

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  1. "uhhh ...sorry we missed the 50,000 mark (and didn't bother to mention anything about it until CoinMush), but we just created another 120 BILLION coins so that we can get a million merchants in 18 months." - Dr. Screwed'ya


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