Tuesday, 19 April 2016

30 % of onecoins "mined", still no use for onecoins

Yesterday was a big day for onecoiners because the magical milestone of 30 % mined coins was finally reached. OneCoin's Finnish country manager Tommi Vuorinen had promised that after reaching that point onecoiners could use their coins for shopping and there will be at least 50.000 shops available for the eager coin users by this summer. Vuorinen had even went as far as making "a press release" to media including the promise about shops for onecoiners after reaching the 30 % limit. The wildest promises from OneCoin leaders/representatives have set the numbers even higher as we have been told that over 100.000 merchants are lined up to accept those precious coins.

Of course nothing actually happened yesterday. There was still no place to use onecoins. OneCoin itself has been surprisingly quiet about this ground breaking milestone reached. One would expect that they would at least say something about a subject of this magnitude. Come on! There are over 100.000 merchants lined up to get the onecoins circulating!

Expectations exceeded already!

It becomes more and more obvious that the top of the ponzi gang did not expect the scam run as far as it has ran. They have been struggling running the ponzi for quite some time now and there are obstacles piling up as well as broken promises. One thing revealing the exceeded expectations of those ponzi scammers' is that there still is no way possible to make transactions with onecoin and yet they have been promising merchants to accept coins soon. Anyhow it would be difficult to build a transaction method for a currency based on an excel sheet.

Grand Ceremony in Harbin China cancelled

OneCoin's "Grand Ceremony in Harbin" appears to be silently cancelled. Maybe some Chinese authorities are on to OneCoin and prevented the Harbin event from happening? There were onecoiners bragging about this soon to be massive event just recently. OneCoin on the other hand has been awkwardly quiet about the whole event most likely because its cancellation is some what embarrassing. Instead they have been strongly focusing on marketing their future events like the one in London 11th June. It's going to be interesting to see if there are much one-believers participating that event. At least OneCoin has to come up with some pretty good excuses for broken promises in London.

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