Sunday, 1 May 2016

OneCoin investors arrested in China

BehindMLM released an article 27th April about OneCoin's investors having been arrested in China. As it was suspected earlier the event in Harbin was indeed cancelled because of intervention of Chinese authorities. Furthermore there was some OneCoin investors arrested because of criminal fund raising. The Chinese police have frozen about 27 million euros worth of assets and money.
Source from China with the help of Google Translate (note that it usually translates Onecoin as "Vicat money" / "Vicat currency")

Meanwhile OneCoin is just giving a shrug of shoulders to this Chinagate. They try to keep it calm but this surely hits the ponzi hard. OneCoin claims to have over 800.000 members in China. That's most likely highly exaggerated figure but nevertheless the latest news about OneCoin's recruiters dealt as criminals is a serious blow for the ponzi scheme's future. (Although it's about to end soon anyway when it becomes evident even for the members that the so called cryptocurrency does not exist). The fact is that the latest events will probably end money flow from China. The Chinese authorities are now well aware about OneCoin's true nature and I bet they are observing transactions to certain bank accounts.

Some members of OneCoin are already alarmed about the happenings in China and the way OneCoin and their beloved leader Ruja acts is nothing to soothe them. Here's an example:

Here's a short article from CBN Global in English:


  1. non abbiamo bisogno di ricevere soldi da truffatori .Ruja e l'allegra banda sono dei TRUFFATORI DI POVERA GENTE

  2. italy don't need any money from ONE LIFE because is money blood dirty!!!!!We like to get money from honest person not from Ruja and other illegal person.


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