Monday, 25 April 2016

OneCoin's newsletter 25th April

For your information I have had a free OneCoin rookie account for a quite some time now just out of the interest to see the latest news and to check out the insides of the system - as far as a free account let's me in.

Just a while ago I received OneCoin's latest newsletter. Let's have a closer look at it:

... Nothing much new. Same shit they usually put there every week. 

They are selling tickets to the upcoming London event. Interestingly you can't buy tickets with onecoins. OneCoin still only accepts euros. It's quite strange that they don't bother to mention how many seats are still available in the event. There are three levels of tickets: Bronze (100 EUR), Silver (150 EUR) and Gold (200 EUR). 

"The Ticket classification is based on the proximity to the Stage. Gold - closest, Silver - medium, Bronze - back of Hall. But don't worry - the tickets in all categories will present an excellent view of the stage!" It's funny that this is the first time they bother to reveal the meaning of each level. However you still don't have exactly a clue what you are buying and where you will be seated. 

In addition: "In order to show our gratitude to our most dedicated supporters, we are giving all Members with Diamond rank and above 2 FREE TICKETS for the event!" - So they are also just giving the tickets/seats away not giving a damn about if there will be enough room for the participants.

"Ticket sales have been going through the roof, so make sure you book your seats as soon as possible, before they are sold out!" - Yeah, right. 


Well, this is interesting! Are the members finally able to apply for the famous prepaid-cards? You know it has been several weeks now (maybe two whole months already) with out the possibility to apply for the prepaid-MasterCards. Well, nope:

"Please note that due to a technical procedure, which we are processing together with the Issuing Bank of MasterCard OneCoin Cards, both the approval of new card requests and the card loading functionality are temporarily suspended. As soon as the process is completed, we will keep you duly notified. We apologize for the inconvenience."

According to the newsletter OneCoin members can't even load cash into their existing cards. The usage of the prepaid card was supposed to be a huge deal to OneCoin members because they would be able to cash out their ponzi money with out authorities finding out. 

Nothing more interesting in the newsletter. The Harbin event was evidently cancelled but OneCoin has not mentioned it at all. Also the breaking of 30 % limit of mined coins and releasing coins to use for shopping was something they didn't acknowledge at all. I guess what doesn't happen in OneCoin stays in OneCoin.

Onecoin accounts for sale

The numbers of members trying to get rid of their OneCoin accounts is rising. If you check out OneCoin's Facebook page you can see it for yourself. Apparently there are no buyers because they just keep on selling with out responses to their generous bargain offers.

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