Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Blog statistics, OneCoin scam's features and the latest newsletter

Here are the statistics of my blog visitors so far:


The total amount of page views so far is about 1500. I began to write this blog in the late February 2016, at first in Finnish but then I changed the language to English during March because there's quite a lot of information 
available in Finnish about OneCoin scam already.

Finland's pole position goes along with its position in Google Trends. There has really been visits from all around the world. The countries listed above are the most common ones but there has also been some visits (varying from 1-10) from New Zealand, Australia, Macedonia, Hungary, Portugal, Denmark, South-America (Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil if I recall correctly), India, Canada, Singapore, Zimbabwe and China. Those are the ones I still have statistics for or can remember but I'm sure I forgot to list 3-5 countries or so.

For those who fear that I make money with this blog: Fear no more! The 1500 page views seem to cause massive earnings of 0,01-0,09 euros per month. Well, even that exceeds what I was expecting. I do also have a professional interest in having ads in my blog as I work in advertising. I was curious to see how this advertising thing works. Of course I would not mind the claimed 1.8 million onecoiners to drop a visit to fatten up my wallet. Then again I have already earned much more money with this blog than most onecoiners will ever get from the ponzi scheme. Feeling envious? Don't feel yet because there's a 70 euros limit to reach for withdrawals. With this phase I'd be very lucky to make my first withdrawal in 60 years.

That been said it's absurd that some ponzi scammers instruct their victims not to read blogs because "bloggers make money with each visit". They conveniently forget to mention that they'll receive their blood money from every victim they manage to lure into ponzi.

OneCoin's exchange shows the blockchain in action?

I spotted someone believing that the video in OneCoin's exchange is showing the actual "blockchain". Nope, it's just a video you can purchase from an image stock called Shutterstock:
- Ponzi scammer's defence would most likely be: "It's only a decoration to make the exchange sexier." Then again why to use a video which has even nothing to do with the block chain? By judging the age groups OneCoin seems to attract I bet there are many more thinking the video is the actual blockchain.

S Systems Ltd auditing the coins

OneCoin's audit company finally has a web page:

It took almost a year for that "audit company" to have their web page online. Congrats S System, looking awful! But could you really expect more quality from an audit company located in this address.

The first audit reports OneCoin published came very fast online. Now they seem to have forgotten the whole audit business because we are still waiting for the one from December 2015 (update 11th May: I just checked that the audit report for December had finally emerged. Now we are waiting for the January 2016 report.) The audit reports contain nothing to strengthen anyone's beliefs in genuine auditing so I guess we are not missing much. The reports are nothing more than pdf files signed by someone named Atanas Lazarov. He's basically just reporting that "everything is alright". I guess he gets his rent paid for that splendid audit work he does.

OneCoin's newsletter 9th May

A New Prepaid Card:

Just after Chinese authorities seemed to be onto OneCoin the ponzi scam announced: "very soon we will start the issuing of ONE NET UPI CARDS in association with UnionPay". It would be a debit card "accepted in China, and will operate in US Dollars". The fee for the card would be 100 euros. The newsletter does not say when the card would be available.

They still have no comforting words for their members with the useless prepaid MasterCards.

OneCoin is now offering also "Coin Transfer option" between members:

"OneCoin is proud to announce it has officially implemented the Coin Transfer option between Members! Now you will be able to send and receive OneCoins to and from all Members in your Downline, as well as all your Sponsors in your Upline."

Well, the members can't even sell their coins because no one is buying so why would they transfer those worthless coins?


"For your convenience OneCoin team offers translation services for your KYC documents. If you need us to translate your KYC files the fee of 25 Euro will be withdrawn from your cash account. The increase in the fee is to support the verification process and will optimize the procedure, allowing us to provide you with timely and efficient service."

I can translate the above text free of charge from OneCoin bullshit to English:

You are by far the most biggest group among our members. However we don't give a flying fuck about that. On the contrary we value you now even less because the Chinagate incident prevents us from exploiting you with the same magnitude as before. Now pay us more money, 25 euros! The increase in the fee is to show that we are almost doubling the effort of pretending to do the KYC procedure.

OneCoin - banking the unbanked with banking.

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