Wednesday, 8 June 2016

(Updated 12th June) OneCoin desperately trying to have tickets sold to the London event

As the CoinRush event in London is just behind the corner OneCoin is apparently desperate to have tickets sold. At the last minute effort they finally gave in to have AXS Ticketing System to handle the ticket sales. SSE Arena seems to use mainly AXS for selling tickets to events happening in the venue - so why it was not used by OneCoin in the first place?

I tried to book the maximum amount of tickets (6 pcs) in front of the stage and had no problems proceeding to the ordering phase - and I didn't even allow split seats. I then repeated the action a couple of times and tried all the three sections in front of the stage. There was always free seats available for my "group of six". 2 million members and so many seats left? And OneCoin has been rushing people to order tickets as soon as possible while they still last. Probably there isn't going to be such a "coinrush" they were expecting?

Here's the link for ordering tickets:


Update 10th June:

Based on the SSE Arena's seating chart below and AXS's ticket service OneCoin has failed badly with selling tickets to tomorrow's event. 

According to the AXS's ticket service the seats for silver level tickets are almost entirely available. That's around 1300 useless seats! However they have managed to sell some of the bronze level tickets. The first available seats for bronze level can be found on rows 2-3, so there's approximately 600 seats left and maybe about 100 tickets sold. What comes to the gold level tickets there are maybe 700-800 seats reserved out of which OneCoin has given free tickets to the members of certain level(s). That been said there must be above 900 gold level seats left.

The seating chart of SSE Arena.
It seems that the SSE Arena will look quite empty tomorrow.

Update... again:

After couple of hours since my last update there has been some strange modifications to the seating arrangement. It looks like they have moved all the customer that have bought bronze level tickets to the silver level area. This of course makes sense because it seemed that nobody had cared to buy those silver level tickets. However it still is laughable how badly they have arranged this whole event.

It looks like there's still some modifications going on because the seat map has been changing a couple of times during this latest update.


Update 12th June:

Surprisingly they seem to have been able to fill up the A and B sections quite well as you can see in the video below. Although it's hard to see possible empty seats because people are standing up.

I suppose they gave a lot of free tickets to fill up the empty seats which were there until the very last moment before closing the ticket sales. Adding up the people that were not seen in the AXS's ticket sales but visible in the video, there could have been that 3000 people that OneCoin had announced. However, there clearly was a lot of seats unsold so it was not by all means a full house.


  1. Give them the benefit of doubt, say 3,000 attended. SSE holds 12,500.
    Up to the last day, the message was "Book now, nearly sold out!"?

    1. According to AXS Ticketing System OneCoin had reserved only sections A, B and half of C section for the event. Maybe it was cheaper to reserve only a small part of the total seating capacity.

      I kept an eye on AXS ticket sales until the very end they stopped the selling. According to their system there was only about 700-800 tickets sold. My guess is that they let in a lot of British OneCoin fanatics free of charge.


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