Wednesday, 15 June 2016

OneCoin - Kari Wahlroos isn't there to convince people

Today we have a treat! OneCoin's European "Ambassador" Kari Wahlroos is educating us all in this video:

After 5:30 someone in the audience asks the following question:
"I want to know how do I sell to my prospects the fact that the blockchain has changed after telling them we can't increase the number of coins in the system?"
This is actually a very good question because there's a major conflict to an essential thing to any cryptocurrency. Once a cryptocurrency has been released it would not be a cryptocurrency if you were able to modify it afterwards by changing the number of coins, "retiring the blockchain" and replacing the old one with a new one.

Just a reminder. This is how OneCoin was marketing itself before London 11th June 2016.

Here's what Kari Wahlroos answers: "You sell it with confidence." Then he just goes on blabbering about doubling your coins and disrespectfully urges the man: "You should attend more trainings". The man replies that he thought this was a training session. Wahlroos admits that this is a training but he can't teach such specifics. - Wow, what a professional he is! Wahlroos hereby let's us know that he doesn't even know basics about the things he should know when claiming to represent a cryptocurrency. 

I have to admit that there wasn't any sensible answer to give - other than admitting that OneCoin is a ponzi scheme and they had to increase the amount of coins to lure more people to the scam as well as acquire more time for milking money out of the victims. So of course Wahlroos has no other option but to avoid the subject.

Well, let's not blame Wahlroos for not being able to give proper answers. To run a believable ponzi Ruja Ignatova should have hired in the first place someone who actually knew something about cryptocurrencies. The future developments that the PonziQueen announced in London have only underlined the fact that she doesn't have a clue about what she's talking about. As a matter fact economy isn't her strength either. There isn't a currency in the world that has value based only on its brand. According to Ignatova her coin value is based on the electricity costs, computer power costs and the brand. While talking about OneCoin's value she does always mention users and usability but OneCoin has neither of those. As a cherry on top Ignatova thinks she can increase the amount of coins as much as she wants without damaging the value.

Oh, back to the video... After answering to the man who dared to make a question Wahlroos goes on pushing people to building the business and to get active. "We are not here to convince people. So if they don't understand... Next!" ( = Move to the next victim!) "There's seven billion people in the world. 5 percent of those will join like this (snaps his fingers) when you just talk to them. So it's the amount of people you talk. So you don't stop to convince anybody!" So he basically instructs those "leaders" in the room to avoid people who ask questions. Maybe because like himself no one in the room could answer any awkward questions that OneCoin arouses.

Kari Wahlroos isn't here to convince people - and boy does he do a great job to prove that.

"We didn't expect us to be such successful. No one knew how big we will be." 
Well I buy that. After BigCoin they probably just tried to launch another BigCoin by the name of OneCoin.

At the end of the video some members start asking about the prepaid MasterCards. "Will it become available?" etc. Wahlroos doesn't want the members to be concerned about the card and urges people to ask transferring money to their bank accounts. 

Annoyed by the awkward questions he then tries to make a rhetorical question: "Do you need the card to build the business?" - "Yes!", some apparently concerned member replies loudly. Wahlroos: "You really think so?" The man: "Yes." And then they go again. Wahlroos: "You REALLY think so?" The man: "Yes." Too bad the video skips the part where Wahlroos maybe tried to deal with this member's concerns.

Here's the whole video in case it disappears from the link (sorry mobile users, Blogger turns the video in Flash so it does not work with your equipment):


  1. Onecoin a scam?
    I am shure it is not. With all the claims about onecoin being a scam out there. Would they be around if they were a scam? There have been a lot of investigations from multiple countries. But still…. there there!

    1. Why are you sure it is not? There's no evidence other than OneCoin being a ponzi scheme. Everything OneCoin has done is only making it more and more embarrassing for anyone defending it.

      OneCoin is an international ponzi and as such it's not easy for authorities to stop it. It's not exactly illegal to send money to scammers abroad.

      For example the Finnish NBI could not do much more than give a serious warning to Finnish citizens about getting involved with OneCoin. The Finnish police/NBI can not investigate much a business operating outside the borders.

      What comes to you wondering how come OneCoin can be still running if it was a scam, international ponzis tend to run until the very bitter end. Their victims are usually not so keen into making police reports.

  2. Oh well... if is not a scam and it's a real crypto currency why I can't see its market cap in here ? ... there's a crypto currecy named "POKE" though :) ... leave this sh* and focus on the real future: BTC and ETH.

  3. Facebook was also declared a scam in the beginning. But now it's not a scam lol. When will people stop listening to loosers.

    1. This must be the first time ever someone claims such nonsense. I have never heard anyone calling Facebook a scam.

      On the other hand, OneCoin is one of many scams that have been detected as a scam from the beginning. Luckily it has been withering away for months now.


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