Monday, 27 June 2016

OneCoin presents: The Adventures of Super Ted

I was checking out OneCoin's new affiliated sites when I bumped into this hilarious shit that's supposed to be for children - you know, to educate them:

One World Foundation and One Academy presents: Yippee, it's The Adventures of Super Ted! This must be great. My inner child is so full of anticipation to get educated by Super Ted.

Wait a minute... what is this shit? You've got to be kiddin' me!

This is the best quality animation they got using their claimed resources of billions of euros? And not only that, this is just a teaser and doesn't even serve as any kind of educational stuff what so ever. The very poorly animated chap let's us know that there's a whole series of these videos to educate children. My inner child is very disappointed and just wants to put that deformity out of its misery.

"Are you ready for this adventure?"

It's a kind of trademark for every ponzi/pyramid/scam there is that every and each one of them have more or less - usually more - features that can be found awkwardly clumsy, poorly executed, against common sense etc. OneCoin is one of those ponzis that has been very generous providing lots of warning signs from the very beginning. Nevertheless it's like Kari Wahlroos educated us, there's that 5 percent minority that is ready to sign up for everything (with a snap of Kari's fingers) no questions asked. 

So now OneCoin has three new web sites to confuse their victims. seems to be totally useless now that they are urging people to use You can't even log in to your account from anymore. The web pages look alright so I was a bit surprised to find that shitty video. Yet I'm not at all surprised to find where Ruja Ignatova's heart is - yeah, it's in her chest.

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