OneCoin under investigation in Germany. OneCoin changes bank account yet again.

BaFin, the Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany has started investigating OneCoin. There isn't much to tell about the investigation because the authorities are not giving comments about it.

However it seems that the investigation has lead once again OneCoin having a bank account frozen. It was soon after the news about BaFin's interest on OneCoin were released that OneCoin announced new bank details to use immediately instead of the old account in Germany. The new account is also in Germany which is interesting considering the ongoing investigation.

I wonder how long that account is going to last. For those who have just started to learn about the true nature of OneCoin, the ponzi has been struggling with frozen bank accounts and this is not the first time they have informed about sudden changes in bank accounts. I can't even remember how many times it has been already.

By the way the bank account belongs to IMS International Marketing Services GmbH. This was the company behind OPN-Sitetalk which joined OneCoin in the beginning of 2016:
"As announced during our event in Budapest on January 16th, 2016, OneCoin united with the highly respected Opportunity Network (OPN) Network Marketing business. By joining forces with OneCoin, the OPN global teams and clients will benefit from the unique opportunities offered by OneCoin. OPN brings in its pioneer of social networking together with a unique digital marketing platform under the leadership of industry legends Frank Ricketts and Kenny Nordlund."

The London event confirmed

Yes, it was finally confirmed today after several people had inquired about the upcoming event from the SSE Arena. The London event is really going to happen in the SSE Arena London next Saturday. As the event is private the SSE Arena was not keen to spread information about it. That's why it wasn't marked on the event calendar. Well, I hope we get to know soon what bullshit was fed to the fanatic onecoiners who are expecting a lot to happen and eagerly waiting for the opportunity to spend their worthless onecoins.

The performers of the event are yet to be announced. Maybe they are kept as a secret so that no one could tip them of about OneCoin being a ponzi scam.