Wednesday, 22 June 2016

OneCoin's converting MasterCard was a lie

An Austrian tv program has reported about OneCoin 16th June. The information given is not flattering to OneCoin.

The reporter also contacted MasterCard to find out whether OneCoin's claims/promises about MasterCards were accurate. The video is in German but I translated the part where a representative from MasterCard was interviewed.

5:20 G. Gruber, MasterCard:
"The program was never authorized by MasterCard. We have initiated steps already in order to prevent giving out the card."
- So there you have it directly from the horse's mouth! There isn't going to be a MasterCard for OneCoin. Ruja and her henchmen have known this for months but didn't inform the members because it would had been very awkward to admit that all the talk about MasterCards has been nonsense.

Actually this is not the first time MasterCard has denounced OneCoin. A Finnish tv broadcast in March 2016 let us know about a similar response from MasterCard which informed that they were not into the program OneCoin was aggressively marketing here in Finland. According to Tommi Vuorinen and other OneCoin's reps the deal was to offer onecoiners a prepaid MasterCard that would magically use onecoins for making purchases. However OneCoin's members have not been able to apply for the prepaid cards nor to load them since March 2016.

This is what OneCoin's customer service has responded to an inquire about the situation of prepaid MasterCards in April 2016:

"Dear Member,

Thank you for contacting our Support Team.

We have postponed the shipment of the OneCards as both the card approval processes of new card requests and the card loading functionality temporary are suspended.

We will inform all Members once the development is completed and will send the cars accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if further information is required.

Thank you for choosing The OneCoin Concept.
Best Regards,
The OneCoin Support Team"

Other news from the ponzicoin world:

We have been gathered together to witness and celebrate the union of two ponzi-pyramids, Bonofa and OneCoin. May their mutual life continue till collapse do them part! 

More information here:

As OneCoin ponzi continues to grow they haven't been shy to exploit other pyramids to scam their victims too. We have seen this many times before. If I recall it correctly Conligus was the first outside scam to become part of OneCoin. 

I guess OneCoin receives some easy money out of these deals. Of course many of the victims of those outside scams might already be drained out of cash, but there still are a lot of desperate people ready to spend some more to become millionaires. I assume this is also a relatively cheap way  for OneCoin to attract more victims to join. They might even pay some bloodmoney to an outside cult leader to make him convert his followers under the new religion. Soon that new herd of victims receive an e-mail about this wonderful new opportunity called OneCoin to drag them out of the misery.

PS. I have to thank "anjali" from BehindMLM's comments section for informing about the Austrian video clip.

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