Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rotten Financial IT continues promoting OneCoin

Chris Principe and Financial IT continue their journey through the sewer system of immorality and corruption. I don't mind the existence of magazines selling editorial coverage in addition to ad space. However when a magazine chooses to accept money from a ponzi scam and openly support the scheme it really pisses me off. There are a lot of people all over the world suffering heavy losses because of this ponzi scheme, and Financial IT is involved in it.

The latest May issue of Financial IT has a "Publisher's letter" by Chris Principe. As an errand boy to Ruja Ignatova he takes care of mentioning OneCoin in the article:
"Whether it is the mobile payment revolutions in Africa brought on by M-Pesa, the cryptocurrencies potential as a global trade currency through Mastercoin, OneCoin, Primecoin, etc. or the rush by banks to the Blockchain technology in search of potential useful applications."
In the previous March issue he points out:
"Bitcoin is the best known. However, others such as OneCoin, Peercoin and Litecoin are attracting interest."

It's quite funny that Chris Principe mentions "Mastercoin" in the May issue. As a magazine covering "innovations in technology" - like their slogan says - shouldn't Chris Principe be aware that Mastercoin was rebranded as Omni over a year ago? Furthermore, anyone having even a basic knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work should of course detect OneCoin as a ponzi scheme. 

However anyone accepting money from a ponzi scam should be nothing more than expected to willingly make a complete fool out of himself and overlook all the facts visible. That's where Financial IT and Chris Principe have succeeded astonishingly well.

As the deal with OneCoin apparently continues Financial IT sticks to advertise the OneCoin issue on its homepage skipping the cover of the March issue that should have been there now instead of Ruja's face:

To underline that there is an ongoing deal with Chris Principe and Ruja Ignatova the OneCoin issue is the only one that is not downloadable free of charge from their archive.
Here's also a video clip with Chris Principe boosting ponzi scheme's marketing 
(Update 24 July 2017: the video has been removed):

I wonder what Chris Principe would say about BigCoin. It was the first attempt to create a centralized crypto currency, "the future of money", with Ruja Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood involved.

By the way, I have signed up twice already to receive Financial IT's "free daily" newsletter. It has been months and I have not received a single newsletter. Financial IT also has quite sloppy made web pages for a technology oriented magazine. Well, at least they got rid of the place holder text which they had in a tab of the previous version of the web pages before updating it from shitty to sloppy.



    Here is a video recording from the moment I receive the Ruja February issue to me comparing it to the January issue directly from Financial IT's website.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! I linked your video in my blog late April:
      - It's funny that Financial IT still doesn't share that issue for free like it does all the other published issues. Was it about 20 $ to have that issue? That's like a gold mine for Financial IT when thousands of poor onecoiners order that piece of crap.


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