Saturday, 18 June 2016

Stop the press! OneCoin accepts onecoins for payment!

OneCoin has been mocked since the beginning for not accepting onecoins as a payment even for its own products. Well, it has been discovered that OneCoin actually accepts onecoins as a payment method. If you are willing to buy OneCoin's gift code or OneTablet you are at least offered an option to choose your onecoins in your account to make the payment. Isn't this great! I can't confirm that a purchase with onecoins would go through but it certainly seems possible.

However, it seems that OneCoin does not value the coins much. If you want to buy one piece of that crappy OneTablet you'd have to use 1160 onecoins for it. According to the artificial value set by PonziQueen Ruja that would be over 7000 euros (using the current value in for a tablet they otherwise charge 580 euros. Similarly if you want to buy a gift code for a Trader package that costs as much as the tablet (580 euros) you'd have to use 1160 onecoins.

Finally we have some tool to calculate the actual value of onecoin - keeping in mind that so far OneCoin is the only merchant that accepts it as a payment method. So let's calculate:

580 e / 1160 onecoins =
0,5 e / onecoin

This means that the accurate value for onecoin is 0,5 euros. This is exactly how much Ruja Ignatova is willing to pay for 1 onecoin. However I can't emphasize enough that even this is only the value set by the one and only merchant that accepts onecoins - not confirmed yet - in a closed system where all laws of economics and principles of crypto currencies tend to be nonexistent.

Other news from the world of ponzi currency:

OneCoin has yet again frozen some members' accounts. The coins they had in their accounts and the commissions they were to receive are now property of OneCoin. OneCoin simply kicked them out after some other cult members made a complaint about their actions. More information about the case in BehindMLM:


  1. It is clear that the East block is bringing economic systems that dont go down well with West block economic systems and the purposes oh the West block Econonomic Hitman. Therefore the Westblock will do everything in their power to discredit East block efforts that seem to improve the economic standards of the global citizenship especially those that reside in the socalled third world countries.

    1. I don't see any improvements coming to the third world countries from a ponzi scheme. However would you please clarify what you mean by saying that West block doing everything their power to discredit the East block? And what is has to do with OneCoin?

      OneCoin is an international ponzi-pyramid scheme. There is no East versus West set up there. The only reason there has been police investigations launched and people arrested is because OneCoin is a ponzi running with pyramid scam.

      It's also inevitable that a lot of people are going to lose their money because of OneCoin. And because of the complex money laundering that's crossing borders those people won't ever get their money back.

  2. The people arrested were running a scam of there own using One Coin as the bait. One coin was not involved with it.

    1. I don't know what arrests are you referring to. Maybe you accidentally commented on a wrong post?

      However, as we know the amount of scammers involved in OneCoin scam, it's hardly a surprise that there would be sub scams, side scams and scammers scamming scammers.


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