OneCoin/OneLife changing a bank yet again - Updated 22th August

I just happened to log in to my rookie account and check the "information center" about bank accounts OneCoin is using. They have been using three banks: "United Overseas Bank" (in Singapore), "Bank of Africa Tanzania" and Deutsche Bank in Germany. As you can see there's a bank missing:

OneCoin itself has not yet informed about any change in bank details. However I bet they will announce something about the missing bank account rather sooner than later to prevent their victims from sending money to a frozen account.

I guess they have been searching for a new option for some time already because I have noticed some traffic from banks to my blog for a week or two. It seems like banks are alerted about OneCoin and try to find information related to it. There has been at least six banks that have shown interest in my blog recently - three of them today. And the most popular target blog post they were snooping was the one about OneCoin being under regulatory investigation in Germany.

Update 20 August:

Looks like it's only a matter of time that OneCoin announces a lie explaining the frozen bank account. Someone in Murobbs had noticed this in a Facebook account of a German OneCoin branch:

Again I bet it will happen in an instance and OneCoin just blurts out in their Monday's newsletter that the Deutsche Bank account is not to be used anymore and advises people to use one of the remaining accounts. A legitimate company would notify about these kind of changes at least a month beforehand.

Well, it will be funny to hear onecoiners explaining the awkward frozen bank account yet again.

Update 22 August:

And now it's official:

Without any warning in advance they just notified today their members that the bank account in Deutsche Bank is not to be used anymore. Usually OneCoin has managed to find a new bank account to replace the frozen one. This time they are not giving any information of a new bank account to use. Instead they are advising the members to use the United Overseas Bank. 

Apparently they are having hard time finding a bank who would accept their co-operating companies as a client. I wonder when they'll loose those remaining bank accounts.


  1. OneLife, defacto, DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE!
    They should TELL THEIR MEMBERS THAT ....
    but DON'T!

    Everything they say and do is a LIE . . .
    ONE BIG MEGA-SCAM that all amounts to NOTHING!

    Inspector-Tzar Lazar.


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