Thursday, 29 September 2016

Blog statistics: 1 August - 29 September

Because I'm a transparent blogger let's have a look at my blog statistics between 1 August to 29 September. I linked my blog to Google Analytics in the beginning of August because I noticed that Blogger's statistics had been recording a lot of bot traffic. Yes, there are a lot of bots snooping around the Internet and causing additional traffic. Some sources say that half of the Web's traffic comes from bots. It might be well over half for some web pages, like my blog for instance. Google Analytics seems to be able to filter non human traffic whereas Blogger has no filter whatsoever.

Here's an overview to the statistics for the time period. The highest peak is 14 September when there was much interest towards my post about the OneCoin event in Mexico. The post in question got 245 pageviews of the total amount of 379.

All in all there has been 3696 sessions and 4778 pageviews in the time period. Most of the attention goes to OneCoin which has been the dominant subject in my posts. The other one, Zinzino, draws only a fraction of the traffic.

The top 20

Finland continues at the pole position generating most of the traffic with its 795 sessions. All in all there has been visits from 120 countries all over the world. There has been 10 or less visits from about 70 countries - the most of them have only 1-2 visits made. 

Only two visits have been made from China which has over 1 million members according to OneCoin. However Chinese people don't use Google as their primary search engine and they have a language barrier to cross to reach any information in English. Then again there are several other countries on the list that don't prefer to use the Western alphabets and have a language barrier to English. I might also add that OneCoin has only recently put an effort to actually market the ponzi to Chinese people.

Although OneCoin has clearly spread all over the world the claim about it having over 2 million members is as believable as the coin's value.

The map show the countries infected by OneCoin.

Earnings from the blog

So far I have earned 0 euros from my blog. Google AdSense doesn't pay a thing below 70 euros. Until the limit is reached I get no financial gain from my posts. However  at the moment I have a staggering amount of 11 euros and 39 cents in my account just waiting to grow. It took five months to reach that amount so with this phase it would take about 27 months more to reach the limit of 70 euros. 

I have serious doubts though that OneCoin will last much longer so most likely it will take a lot longer than 27 months to reach the required limit - unless another ponzi like OneCoin emerges in Finland and keeps me going.

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