OneCoin/OneLife - Kari Wahlroos, Tampere 4th September 2016

A OneCoin/OneLife event was held in Tampere 4th September. Present was also Mr. Petteri Järvinen, a known IT-professional and OneCoin critic in Finland. According to him the venue had a capacity of 400 seats but only 250 tickets sold. The ticket prize was 10 euros which is quite reasonable for an entertaining ponzi show but enough to limit most of the audience to the ones that truly were there to become millionaires.

I'm sorry to say that the video of the event is in Finnish, but I have translated the parts that I considered to have some significance.

15:35 "Bitcoin is old technology."
"We are already ten times bigger than Bitcoin and we're going to be twenty times bigger than it by the end of this year."
- Well the "Bitcoin Killer" certainly is a very silent killer that not many knows and no one has ever seen. And what's its weapon? Is it going to kill Bitcoin by boring it to death?

18:20 "The OneExchange is only a training platform."
"The purpose of the exchange is only to offer a training platform to the members so that they can try and train how to buy and sell coins. It's only for training purposes, nothing more."
- No wonder that the exchange sucks so badly and the members have such tremendous difficulties in trying to sell their coins. Now we know that there's actually a purpose in all this - to gently prepare the members to the harsh reality that no one is going to buy their coins.

25:40 "Moving to the new blockchain will not affect the coin value - at least not negatively."
- This is illogical nonsense because Ignatova and her partners in crime can freely decide what ever the artificial value of the coin is. Wahlroos doesn't even bother to explain his claims, but never mind that - the audience is applauding anyway.

26:50 "Charity"
"Then we have this charity. I personally like very much about it. I must have given nearly 100.000 euros there already."
- Wow, that's certainly a lot of money. Too bad the OWF can only spend 3.000 euros at most to a single project"Please, note that grants are provided only to non-governmental organizations and the budget should not exceed 3 000 EUR." - In other words: We wouldn't like to arouse any suspicion of money laundering, would we? With OWF's phase of spilling their funds to charity those 100.000 euros will last for about 33 different projects. I guess that should be enough to cover several years - unless the ponzi collapses.

28:45 "4 million members by the end of the year"
"I believe we are going to have thousands of merchants by the end of this year, or maybe even tens of thousands. And we are going to have about 4 million members by the end of the year."
- Maybe Ruja and her magic wand will double also the headcount of onecoiners in 1st of October. It's about three months till the end of the year and about two million new victims/members to lure.

29:25 "We make more sales everyday than any of 90 percent of the world's companies... We are at the moment most likely the fastest growing company in the world."
- Well, I'm surprised that media doesn't recognize this claim anywhere. In fact Ruja Ignatova and OneCoin are quite unknown to a larger audience. 

39:15 "8.000 people maxing out"

Again this same bullshit. Well, let's have it once again: "8.000 people maxing out."

For those of you who don't know what this means, "maxing out" refers to those OneCoin members who earn 35.000 euros each week. However, 8.000 people to earn this much money would require over 120.000 people to spend at least 5.500 euros in OneCoin each month. You can check my calculations here.

As far as we know, according to OneCoin 8.000 people have been "maxing out" every week since the London event in June. These past four months would have required about half million new members just to cover the commissions of those 8.000 members.

54:50 About the MasterCards
"What the hell do you need a card for when you don't even have money in your cash account? Now that I know you're nothing (referring to ranks) so what the hell do you need the card for? I have a card but I have also a heck of a lot of money."
- To explain Wahlroos's attitude and rudeness, he's pissed of because the audience didn't know about all the ranks earlier in the video. I guess he's also trying to push the audience/members to do their work as a OneCoin affiliate better because he's not satisfied about how things are going in Finland. The pyramid has been in a stagnant state for a quite some time already.
"I'm even ashamed to say how much money I make each day... And then there are people calling me a scammer and an asshole. From whom have I stolen anything?"
- Well, it's a ponzi scam. That's why they don't have to actually pick the pockets of their victims' because OneCoin lures the people to hand their money .

56:55 Doubling the coins
- Surprisingly Wahlroos is a bit skeptic whether all the coins will double at once in 1st October. He states that if the process is accomplished due the end of the year he would be extremely happy. 

1:07:40 "OneCoin is the biggest and most stable company in the world." 
"We need to make people understand that this is a new thing... such as cellphone was 25 years ago. This is a new thing! It has to be presented to people in a such way that they understand. Don't go telling about things like crypto-this-and-that... blockchain... that even I don't understand. Tell them something that they understand. Okay?"
- Wasn't this supposed to be all about education? So basically Wahlroos is educating people that he doesn't understand much about what he's selling and urges people to educate others to know as little as he does.

Bonus clips

Training Millennium Gloucester Hotel 2016 part 2

I recently found this video clip that has some interesting statements:

2:15 A man asks about the KYC and also inquires about the MasterCard situation.
"A pending approval means that it's approved. So everybody get's their approval in 24 hours. This is basic information that I should not be repeating." ... "If you have not been honest (with the KYC documents) we will cancel your accounts. You'll be frozen forever."
- So they are going to include KYC documents into all the coins whether the KYC is truthful or not. I know at least couple of photoshopped/prank KYC documents that have "pending approval". What's the point in the whole KYC process when it's clear that anyone can use a fake personality?

What comes to the MasterCard there wasn't any actual answers given.

5:30 Why was the bank account in U.K. closed?
A man - apparently a leader of some sort - explains that there were people carrying loads of money into the bank 2-3 times a day and that's why the account was closed.

Ruja Ignatova is pregnant

Okay, let's go through this video clip although there isn't much news anymore. We have two broads having a chitchat that's obviously targeted to female audience. Mariana López de Waard, a diamond of OneLife, is having a personal interview with Ruja Ignatova.

4:22 Ruja Ignatova explains the advantages of cryptocurrency versus traditional fiat money:
"You have the limited amount of coins, so you can't print as many coins as you want as a lot of... as you know national banks do."
- Well, isn't this awkward. OneCoin happens to print as many coins as Ruja wants to. And not only that, everyone's coins are doubled after 1st October.

7:30 About Bitcoin:
"... And I discovered there some very big advantages but also some disadvantages. It was created for example before terrorism attacks and all these things."
- This isn't the first time Ignatova has claimed that Bitcoin was created before 9/11 terrorist attacks that happened 2001. Bitcoin was created 2009. Apparently Ignatova not only dictates what the philosophy of cryptocurrency is, she also rewrites the history of cryptocurrency.

11:10 She's pregnant and it's a girl. She states that there are going to be some changes in the management of OneCoin. Wouldn't it be appropriate to hand the keys back to BigCoin?

And if you're interested here are the latest news about OneCoin just released today by BehindMLM:
OneCoin under police investigation in the UK