Monday, 12 September 2016

OneCoin/OneLife stealing pesos in Mexico - 10th September

OneCoin's circus visited Mexico 10th September and as usual we have some video clips in YouTube of the event. I have checked out the presentations of Sebastian Greenwood and Ruja Ignatova so let's go through what they had to say.

Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood performs like a crazy televangelist on the stage. This makes me wonder whether this is really a ponzi or an absolutely lunatic religion that costs dearly to its believers.

"That is why we wake up in the morning, we brush our teeth, we put on our clothes - and we sell three Tycoons, three Ultimate - we go to sleep. It's the most easiest job in the world! Do you agree? Brush your teeth, put on your clothes, sell three Tycoons and Ultimates!"
- In case you didn't know a Tycoon package costs 5500 euros and an Ultimate Trader package hefty 118.000 euros. Mexicans must have a lot of loose money if that's really the most easiest job in the world. That's over 370k euros of sales and Greenwood urges the people to do it daily. - You know, it's easy like brushing your teeth.

"And there will be a day when your grandchildren or your grand-grandchildren ask you, what have you done in your life. - I wrote history, I created cryptocurrency and I became a MILLIONAIRE!"
- So remember this all you onecoiners! Tell your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren that Sebastian Greenwood became a millionaire. However, I'd rephrase those first two claims if I were you.

"Now what happens if two and a half million people sponsor one more person or two more people? What happens? Anybody went to school? - So, if two people help two people help two people help two people to understand what we are doing, to understand why you can profit not only from the project, the cryptocurrency, but you can profit by really this time building a team. And a team needs a leader."
- Well, Sebastian, you sure aren't shy about describing the pyramid part of this ponzi scheme. However, I guess you are just preaching to the choir there so no harm done to the scam.

"If you sleep you die! If you sleep you die. Who wants to die in this room? When people say that Jesus Christ walked over water, I walked over fire but didn't die! I'm still here! - For you."
- Mmkay? What did I say about a crazy televangelist.

He moves on to educate the importance of ranks. Apparently it's very important to push other people to push other people to push other people to grow in ranks. And then he reminds the people that it's easy: "Wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, put on your clothes, sell three Tycoons and three Ultimates! And then go back to sleep. How difficult can it be?"

"How many of this room have done the level 6 of the OneAcademy? Anyone? Anyone? Level 6? Level 5?"
- Anyone? Yeah, OneCoin is all about the education.

Ruja Ignatova

Ignatova performs like a Mother Ponzi Teresa. She feels very passionate about the 2 billion unbanked people albeit she doesn't want them anywhere near OneCoin because no one without proper identification is welcomed to OneCoin. Also she doesn't want the members to think that this is a way to get rich quick although she's doubling the coins of each member with her magic wand in 1st October. And by the way, there's at least one split coming before 1st October, wink, wink.

"Two and a half million active members. And over 300 millionaires on commission in the last two years." ... "I would like next time when I come here to have more than 300, and to have more of them sitting in this audience."
- At least the chances of becoming a millionaire with OneLife are much better than winning in a lottery. About 0,015 % of the claimed 2 million members are millionaires. However, I wouldn't trust much to the figures presented by OneCoin, because they have a strong odour of bullshit on them.

"When you go in the Internet you can find 5000 other cryptocurrencies. But what they do not have is they do not have the users or the people. And yet we have been criticised for the distribution model we use, network marketing." ... "No other cryptocurrency has more users than us." 
- I have to mention this again because Ignatova keeps claiming that OneCoin has users. OneCoin has zero (0) users. They have only members who have bought a package of toy money. OneCoin has no usability and hence no users. Also OneCoin has not been criticised for using network marketing but for being a scam, a ponzi scheme. Let's say it also in Spanish: ponzi.

"So what is cryptocurrency? What can we do with cryptocurrency? Being very very simplistic about it, it is digital money. But it is independent from a government."
- Well, onecoin as a currency certainly isn't independent. On the contrary to every cryptocurrency out there OneCoin is ruled by the dictatorship of Ruja Ignatova. Even the coin's value is set by her dictatorship which makes the whole concept totally laughable. However, the members aren't allowed to laugh at OneCoin. Anyone criticising the coin or the company is going to have user account and any possessions there confiscated. 

"Now we are in 194 countries."
- Oh, they finally learnt that there are actually 194 countries in the world instead of 241 used in OneCoin's marketing material. For a long time OneCoin has been marketing itself by claiming to have members in 241 countries, including this official advertising video.
"So I as a merchant can have customers in 194 countries. Every person in these 194 countries can send cryptocurrency to me. It takes one minute and the cost is much lower than Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. And this is what we want to do, we want to become the number one coin for the merchants."
- Okay, where are the merchants then? Nobody seems to have any will to start using the coin and there isn't really a way to start using them.

Again we hear about Ignatova's passion to bank the unbanked. However we still get no answers how this could be possible with OneCoin's strict policy of insisting all members to send their passport copies and proofs of addresses to them. This is beyond crazy even with ponzi standards. However onecoiners don't care to question these illogical statements.

"I often hear from some of the distributors - and I don't like it - that OneCoin is an opportunity to get rich quick. And I believe that saying things like this about OneCoin just don't give the opportunity justice. Yes, OneLife changed a lot of lifes. Over 300 people got millionaires. But what we're doing, we are creating a long term value." ... "OneCoin is not a short term opportunity."
- Yes, she is talking about those 300 members who are claimed to have become millionaires with their commissions. That's really the only way to make money with OneCoin, by scamming others to join to one's downline. So at least 300 people got rich out of this and received over 300 million euros paid for the education packages (and toy money). Wasn't Greenwood just on the same stage educating the audience that you can get rich quick and it's easy? - You only need to wake up, brush your teeth, put your clothes on, sell three Tycoons and Ultimates.

"In two years we will be the biggest cryptocurrency."
- Wait a minute, isn't OneCoin supposed to become the biggest in 1st October? OneCoin has now about 840 million coins, after 1st October that sums up to about 1.7 billion. The coin's artificial value is now about 6.9 euros so OneCoin's imaginary marketcap grows to way over 11 billion after 1st October. That's much more than Bitcoin has.
"We will have 10 million users and 1 million merchants."
- Promise?
"So it's now all with you to make this concept succesful."
- Okay, now you promised that the members will do it all. That's convenient. 


  1. "Now we are in 194 countries."
    (Oh, they finally learnt that there are actually 194 countries in the world instead of 241 used in OneCoin's marketing material.)

    Actually they can't be in 194 countries either because operating in e.g. the North Korea, the Iran and the Syria would violate a number of international sanctions.
    But I'd keep quiet about it as I liked it better when they told they were in 241 countries as then there was higher chance the audience smells BS. ;)

    1. Yes, OneCoin having members in all 194 countries is about as believable than having members in 241 countries. They are just blurting out numbers without even giving a thought how ridiculous it makes OneCoin seem. However, like Kari Wahlroos educated OneCoin reps, about 5 percent of any population will swallow anything without hesitation and no questions asked.

  2. sharply analyzed. I would like to send these critical and just remarks about onecoin to my family and friends who have participated in onecoin with an incredible amount of money, but it is of no use. They wave it all away and seem brainwashed. I'll be really sorry for them when the whole scheme blows up...

    1. Too bad that your family and friends got sucked into this mess. It's amazing how authorities are totally helpless and maybe even somewhat ignorant with international ponzi/pyramid scams going on, especially OneCoin.

      What's the worst part from the victims' point of view most of the money is likely gone forever and can't be confiscated by any authority.

  3. I have family and friends in OneCoin who are banking big time! My family and I have been burnt before, so I couldn't bring myself to follow. I just don't want to see my loved ones hurt when this hits the fan ��

    1. Well, the members can't really bank much from OneCoin unless luring others to join. The commission is 10 % from the fee paid for each package, and you only get 60 % to your cash account as 40 % of the commission is spent to force-feed the onecoin play money account.

      The way this thing runs is just a pure pyramid scam in addition to the ponzi scheme with worthless virtual coins.

  4. Wow!

    Jason Richard Mangan's post

    You know every time we send euros in our Onelife back office its a bankless transaction as well. Some people do not get the power behind that feature as well.

    I'm living a prosperous life outside of central banks

    we're conducting an entire economy.  Selling Education. Transferring money. Earning commissions.  No bank involved.

  5. Totally agree Ari. It's bigger than coins! Lol

    1. OneCoin aims for a cashless world and it's doing it by making people cashless one by one.

  6. I think people on this blog should read more. Don't write things because you think that the company will fail. Research first!! Nothing in life is secured. Is your banking system secured??? What guarantee do you have unless you have an insurance? Assure your future!

    1. I don't "write things" because I'm thinking that the company will fail, I'm informing people about a ponzi scam that will cause its victims to lose a lot of money.

      The traditional banking system is the best we have for now. You on the other hand are recommending a system that is a clear and simple ponzi scam. This scheme is going to ruin a lot of lifes around the world.


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