OneCoin - E24 article - Financial IT's deal with OneCoin ended?

E24's article

The largest online newspaper for economy and business in Norway, E24 published 3rd of October an article about OneCoin titled "Thousands of Norwegians invest in disputed cryptocurrency". You can read the whole article here (Google Translate to English - in Chrome with right click and select "translate"). The article seems to be well up to date, however it has incorrect information about OneCoin having 1.3 million members. OneCoin claims to have over 2.5 million members nowadays.

"Arrests, million seizure and investigation in several countries. OneCoin described as a pyramid in Bitcoin-disguise. - We have sent a letter with no response, says Norwegian Gaming Board."

Norwegian Gaming Board tried to approach OneCoin with a letter without success. The way N.G.B. is acting tells a lot how helpless authorities in the EU region are with OneCoin - I think the same goes almost with any other international pyramid scam there is.

"There are many asking whether OneCoin is legal or not. But since we have not created a supervision, there is nothing we can ascertain, says amble to E24."

Silje Amble from N.G.B. let's us know that they couldn't do much more than send a polite letter to OneCoin informing about the Norwegian rules. "It's not often we do it", she adds. The letter was sent in April with a request of confirmation of receiving it. There has been no response from OneCoin. Also E24 tried to contact a Norwegian representative of OneCoin without success.

Financial IT's deal with OneCoin ended?

Financial IT has deleted the issue with Ruja Ignatova on the cover from their archive:
- All other issues can be found there, after all it's an archive. I suppose the deal between Financial IT and Ruja Ignatova is therefore over. Since there's no point keeping a ponzi-promoting issue in their archive anymore, it has been deleted. You know, it just isn't good for business to leave evidence about supporting international ponzi scammers. 

The extra issue OneCoin bought from Financial IT

It remains to be seen whether there is going to be a "Pablo issue" published in the future. However I seriously doubt that because OneCoin is sawing off the branch it's sitting on. And I see no more branches below it. 

Chris Principe, the publisher of Financial IT, has also been a familiar face as a guest speaker in the latest major events OneCoin has held, at least until Bangkok.


  1. Onecoin-liideri Yazir Mirza on laittanut facebookkiin videota Bangkokin eventistä, jossa hän istuu Wahlroosin ja Igorin kanssa samassa isojen poikien pöydässä.

    Videolla noin kohdassa 5:50 Wahlroos kättelee ja Mirza halaa kovasti Chris Principen oloista miestä, jota puhutellaankin Chrisiksi.

    Tämän perusteella vaikuttaisi, että välirikkoa Onecoinin ja Principen välillä ei olisi ainakaan eventin aikaan ollut.

  2. Edit: Mirza taitaakin vain kätellä, vaikea sanoa, koska Mirzalla on kamera vasemmassa kädessä.

    Joka tapauksessa Principe vaikuttaa olleen paikalla Bangkokissa, ja olleen siellä hyvää pataa coinarien ylälinjan kanssa.

    1. Principe tosiaan on näemmä ollut Bangkokissa yleisön joukossa mukana. Ehkäpä Principelle tarjottiin ilmainen matka ja hotelli, kunhan tulee patsastelemaan eliitin joukkoon.
      Välirikkoa en ole epäillytkään, mutta joka tapauksessa Ruja-numero on edelleen Financial IT:n arkistosta poissa.

      Nähtäväksi jää, onko Principelle ja tämän mainoslärpäkkeelle enää käyttöä OneCoinilla. Jos Pablo keulakuvana vielä saa rahavirrat pysymään vuolaina tämän kusetuksen kirstuun, niin ehkäpä Chris Ponzipe pysyy vielä kuvioissa.

  3. More wild idea about FinancialIT:
    This is now the time Ruja steps back and will work in less visible role (i.e. take the money and run). How about if she is just asking all OneCoin partners to remove her face from everywhere as if she never existed?

    1. That would just be impossible after plastering her face all over OneCoin and labeling herself as a CryptoQueen - a mastermind of cryptocurrencies.


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