OneCoin - An old webinar introducing OneCoin to Conligus members

I checked out a video from April 2015. It's a webinar with Juha Parhiala introducing OneCoin to some Conligus members that were integrated into OneCoin. So there's nothing much news in here, but maybe we learn something about Parhiala's character.

A woman asks Parhiala how is it going with OneCoin. He answers: "I have 200.000 people in my downline." ... "I know a lot about cryptocurrency, because I was into Bitcoin... I bought Bitcoins back in 2009... I know how it works."
- Well, you can call me a skeptic but I have serious doubts that Parhiala bought Bitcoins in 2009 when cryptocurrency was just taking its first steps.

There are several videos where Parhiala explains about how he became part of OneCoin and admits that he knew nothing about cryptocurrency:
"Mr. Sebastian called me one day and said Juha, are you interested and open to looking after a new thing - It's called cryptocurrency... Never heard about that!"
Here you can hear it yourself.

"We're going to have 250k - 500k members when we enter markets. When Bitcoin went public it had no members at all. There are multi millionaires all over the world investing in cryptocurrency..."
- Bitcoin must have had members (no membership is required though) as soon as the first transaction was made. Otherwise there couldn't have been any transactions at all. This is of course unthinkable for onecoiners because they believe that first there must be millions of members, then 1 million merchants and only after that transactions made possible maybe in 2018.

In the middle part of the video Parhiala appears to be even somewhat pissed of about the questions and urges the participants to study in OneCoin's back office instead of asking him questions. The woman replies that she has been studying already but is interested in how to sell this thing to prospects.

At the end of the video a man asks why the fusion between OneCoin and Conligus has happened. Parhiala replies briefly: "Because OneCoin bought Conligus." Then the man wants to know whether the stuff promoted in Conligus will ever happen, a penny auction and whatnot. Parhiala answers: "What Conligus had promised will be delivered."
- Well we know how solid that promise turned out to be.

Below is the webinar video. It's mainly in Finnish but there's also a Russian translator speaking. Parhiala speaks English only occasionally in the video.


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