OneCoin - A restaurant accepts onecoins for payments!

Yes, it's true. A buffet restaurant, Spicy Village, from U.K. is willing to accept onecoins for payments. However the restaurant has set the value of a coin to a rather different amount than onecoiners visiting there would expect. According to Spicy Village the value of a single coin is 0,01 pounds.

A member from Murobbs discussion board "c-mo" approached the restaurant via email to find out if the place would actually accept onecoins as rumored. Here's the answer from Spicy Village:

This means that a buffet meal worth 13.99 £ costs 1.399 onecoins - or in case using the value set by Dr. Almighty Ruja and her dictatorship the same meal costs 9.724 euros. 

So which one is the true value of the coins? Since the value set by Ruja Ignatova is not market tested we must trust the figures set by merchants. Therefore the true value must be no more than 0,01 euros per coin.

However as far as I know there still isn't a way to transfer onecoins between customers and merchants so it's hard to say how a transaction would be executed. Thus a purchase with onecoins still seems to be impossible.

Anyway a buffet meal for 100 worthless coins is at least something. Isn't it?

Onecoins accepted here!


Further questioning reveals that the transaction procedure isn't clear even to the customer service:

This doesn't look promising for onecoin as the future of payments. 

OneCoin's inner exchange should be back online in Monday after two weeks maintenance break. As herds of onecoiners rush to desperately trying to sell their coins, I don't think that it will be a happy Monday for them.