Sunday, 9 October 2016

OneCoin - "The whole attack comes from Bitcoin"

The response from OneCoin's marketing director

Bulgarian newspaper Банкеръ / Banker published an article about OneCoin last Friday 7 October. The article goes through the latest warnings given by authorities and the earlier scams where Ruja Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood were involved.

Nothing new there, but the fun part starts when the journalist behind the article managed to contact a representative of One Network Services and to get her to comment on accusations made about OneCoin. The marketing director of the company Жаклин Гочева, "Jacqueline Gocheva" as translated by Google Translate, was apparently asked about the bad press and pyramid claims. Her response was:

"The whole attack comes from Bitcoin. They are the creators of the first cryptocurrency and any others that jeopardizing, preventing them. So with paid placement, paid bloggers and journalists they fight with others - newer and more developed cryptocurrency such as our - OneCoin, which is much more complex. 

While Bitcoin able to "dig" only professionals and requires a lot of technique and energy to be extracted, OneCoin is easier digging for three important reasons . First, we have OneAcademy, a set of preliminary financial training. Without these prior knowledge no one can "dig" at us. After training receive promotional "tokens", with which you go and start digging coins. For us it is interesting and actually easier for themselves diggers. 

The other important is that we have KYC policy, which is an abbreviation for 'know your customer'. our customers not anonymous, we have his personal data, while hostilities our competitors everything is anonymous. With Bitcoin can buy prostitution, drugs, weapons and whatever you remember more because it's anonymous currency. They have huge problems which we manage our transparent system to avoid. Furthermore, with us it is clear who is behind this currency as a company and even as an individual. Naturally, there is a person there and whom to swear."

Well, that was a lot of baloney. First of all the main reason for OneCoin to have such bad reputation, bad press, ponzi claims, pyramid claims, bank accounts frozen, authorities giving warnings is that it simply is a ponzi-pyramid. Gocheva accusing Bitcoin for attacking OneCoin and even paying for attacks to happen is totally insane. - By the way, I'm not paid by Bitcoin, I don't own any Bitcoins and neither do I ever have owned them. I just don't like scams and scammers.

Then she mentions OneAcademy referring to the OneCoin's education packages and how every member is like obligated to study before being able to mine. This is pure nonsense as well. I'm pretty sure that almost 100 percent of the members don't even bother to glance at the education package they've bought. And why should they? There isn't much to study about cryptocurrencies - let alone OneCoin.

And the last thing she blabbers about is the KYC policy and how OneCoin's customers are not anonymous. We get the usual waffle about how Bitcoins can be used to illegal activities. For an obvious reason she doesn't care to mention that onecoins have no usability at all. Hence there is no point whatsoever for criminals or terrorists to put any effort on obtaining onecoins, because the coins have no real value and even no e-wallet to use for coin transfers.

Calling to the CEO

The journalist from the Banker managed to reach even the CEO of the company herself, Ruja Ignatova. Apparently she wasn't pleased about being approached by surprise. God forbid someone could ask her awkward questions about cryptocurrency. - Questions that could reveal her lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Mrs Ignatova, hello! Calling you Chavdar Tsolov, financial editor of. "Banker" ... 
- Who gave you my phone, Mr. Tsolov?
So I'm a journalist, so I can get what I need.
- That does not answer my question. Who gave you my phone?
I invite you kindly tell me about the pattern of OneCoin.
- Well certainly, but we have our legal department. So I will give your phone a marketing department and surely someone can contact you.
Okay, but there is sentiment against you in Bulgaria, without knowing what it is.
- Yes, that's possible, but I don't do business in Bulgaria. The setting in the country do not quite so important. My markets are in Asia.
Yet explain what model is OneCoin.
- I told you, I will contact you.
Comment, please, at least warning of the London Financial Supervisory Commission to investors associated with your company.There in the regulator does not understand what it is you ...?
- You see very clearly what was written, but we are not the first company with a similar warning. British regulator says that we are not regulated, but we do not need a license to be regulated. They have not dealt with our business are not in contact with us at all. They say it can be dangerous. I absolutely agree with them cryptocurrency is now one of the riskiest products that are on the market. This is quite normal. But they say that license I do not have, and I'm not supervised by them, nothing written inside.
OK, but warning the public about a company that is dangerous not infringe competition law?
- This is a fact. Our lawyers have contacted them, wrote them letters, but you know how it is.

Here's a link to the original article by the Banker:


  1. OneCoin Bangkok Mastermind event happened on Oct 1st, where OneCoin "the Bitcoin killer" became the biggest cryptocurrency in the world according to the company. How did the scared bitcoiners react?
    Picture below:

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