OneCoin's frozen bank accounts listed – updated 3 May, 2019

Latest updates:
3 May, 2019: added a new Bulgarian bank account to the list
25 October 2018: added Brazilian bank accounts to the list of bank accounts in Latin America

After OneCoin's problems with bank accounts started in late 2015 it has had at least 17 bank accounts frozen. I checked the company's newsletters and other sources to gather information about all the bank accounts they have lost.

Here they are:


  • January, Banco Sabadell, Spain (the shell company for the account: One Payment for all S.L). The account was frozen very soon after a report about money laundering was filed to the bank. 
  • January, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (the shell company for the account: SAFA Trading Ltd., P.O. Box 122036, Dubai, U.A.E). The account was frozen very soon after a report about money laundering was filed to the bank.


  • November, Bank of Africa, Tanzania. The shell company for the account: IMS Marketing Tanzania Limited. 
  • November, United Overseas Bank, Singapore. The shell company for the account: Vernada Trading Pte. Ltd. 
  • November, Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd, Cyprus. The shell company for the account: Eastern Project Investments Limited. (The bank account was frozen in about two banking days) 
  • November, United Overseas Bank, Singapore. The shell company for the account: International Marketing Services Pte. Ltd. 
  • October, China Construction Bank, Hong Kong. The shell company for the account: Foshan Everbright Import & Export Company Limited. (This bank account was available only about two weeks - thanks to swift police work and the bank co-operating) 
  • September, Banka Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena, Italy. The shell company for the account: Educamax Services SRL. (This bank account was available barely 24 hours).
  • August, Deutsche Bank, Germany. IMS International Marketing Services GmbH. 
  • June, Commerzbank, Germany. IMS International Marketing Services GmbH. 
  • April, Kreissparkasse Steinfurt Bank, Germany. IMS International Marketing Services GmbH.


  • December, Capital Bank, Georgia. The shell company for the account: One Payments Ltd. 
  • November, DSK Bank, Bulgaria. The shell company for the account: One Network Services Ltd. 
  • November, Noor Bank, Dubai. The shell company for the account: Onecoin Limited.

I couldn't find information about when the bank accounts in the banks below were frozen. However it must have been in 2015:

  • TD Bank - (Florida, U.S.A.). The shell company for the account: ONE EUX, LLC.

  • DBS BANK Ltd (Singapore). The shell company for the account: International Marketing Services Pte. Ltd.

  • LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC (U.K.). The shell company for the account: International Marketing Strategies Limited.

Currently (at the end of 2016 when this was typed) OneCoin has no bank accounts. The last two accounts the ponzi had in Tanzania and Singapore were available surprisingly long considering OneCoin's track record. However, eventually all the bank accounts were lost after authorities and the banks were contacted by me and some other concerned anonymous people willing to put an end to this worldwide scam.

I must give credit to the banks in Hong Kong and Cyprus because of their swift action and especially to the Italian bank because they responded to my e-mails in about 24 hours.

Update after 17th March 2017:

The situation regarding the following bank accounts is unclear. I can't get to confirm whether they're still usable or not:


Account holder: Premium Payment Solutions Private Limited

Name of the bank: ICICI Bank (India)

Account number: 015405500642

Information about the company:


Account holder: 3TS SARL
48 Avenue de la Republique
Akouda 4022

Name of the bank: Tunis International Bank

Bank Accounts in Latin America

This list was added on 18th October 2018

Below you can find bank accounts related to ponzi-pyramid scam OneCoin (aka OneLife) in Latin America. I have no information whether all these bank accounts are still active. Some of them might already be frozen – or about to be frozen.


Bank: Banco Galicia
Bank account holder: One Network Servicios Argentina
Account number: 3648-3-306-7
CBU: 0070306020000003648377


Bank: Banco Do Brasil
Bank account holder: Network One Servicos

CNPJ (company ID number): 24.064.905/0001-93
Ag: 1744-2 
CC: 23,548-2

Bank: Caixa Economica
Bank account holder: Network One Servicos
CNPJ (company ID number): 24.064.905/0001-93
Ag: 2995 

Op: 003 
CC: 00001361-8

Bank: ITAÚ Bank

Bank account holder: Network One Servicos

CNPJ (company ID number): 24.064.905/0001-93
Ag: 6328 
CC: 14440-4


Bank: Bancolombia 
Type of account: Savings 
Bank account holder: PAYMENT EXPRESS SAS 
Account number: 237.659783-78 
NIT: 900.513.308 

Bank: Bancolombia 
Type of account: Savings 
Bank account holder: ESSENTIAL 7/24 
Account number: 237-656055-55 
NIT: 900.728.368-5 

Bank: Bancolombia 
Type of account: Savings 
Account number: 237-661120-81 
NIT: 900.976.785

Costa Rica

Bank: Banco Promerica
Bank account holder: OLCR BIZITZABAT SA

Account number: 30000001858999 
Client: 11610300018589995 

Account number for dollars: 40000001859319 
Client: 11610400018593193

Dominican Republic

Bank: Banco Popular
Bank account holder: One Life Servicios
Account number for pesos: 799632518 
Account number for dollars: 799633334


Bank: Banco Pichincha
Bank account holder: One Network Servicios Ecuador S.A.
Account number: 2100134325


Bank: Banco Inbursa
Bank account holder: Bramex Easy SA de CV
Account number: 50030515053
Clabe interbancaria: 036180500305150531
– This account is suspected to have been closed.

Bank: Banco Banamex
Bank account holder: Bramex Easy SA de CV
Account number: 9289607888
Clabe interbancaria: 002180700245406247


Bank: St. Georges Bank
Bank account holder: ONE DREAM TEAM PANAMÁ, S.A.
Account number: 2503136

– There are some familiar names behind the company that holds that bank account:
Christian Steinkeller
Jose Antonio Gordo Valero (aka Jose Gordo)
Maria Eugenia Diaz Cordero


Jose Gordo on the left, Christian Steinkeller on the right.

Update 3 May, 2019

The following bank details emerged recently directing the scam victims to deposit money to a bank in Bulgaria. As far as I know this bank account has not been yet frozen:

Bank: Postbank
Beneficiary: One Tech Ltd
IBAN: BG44BPBI79401487959701

– The original information named the bank as International Asset Bank. However, the IBAN and BIC are issued by Postbank (subsidiary of the Greek Eurobank). (Thanks to Nickolay Stoyanov for the information!)

This is the website used to sell scam packages to the victims. The terms of use indicates that One Tech Ltd is a Bulgarian company "headquartered in the capital Sofia, Sofia 1000 via Ivan Vazov 42, P.iva 205,535,020". One Tech Ltd. is registered in Bulgaria on Feb 8, 2019 by three people: 2 unknown Bulgarians (Ivan Tzvetkov and Tzoni Goranov) and 1 Italian named Marco Vassanelli.


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    *Next split will be a SuperSplit*

    What is SuperSplit??

    SuperSplit is a *second chance for people who missed the opportunity to double the coins.*

    So *Dr. Ruja announced in the CEO Summit*
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    I sense some money coming in is drying up.
    Also, someone should screen capture some of the member frustrration and comedy going on on their Official FB pages! Wow!

    this looks to be confirmation:

    To show our gratitude to our most dedicated supporters, and especially following the launch of the new OneCoin cryptocurrency blockchain, we have decided to give all our members a unique opportunity – the #SUPERSPLIT!

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    Wow! They are really on the brink of collapse and just going crazy with this stuff now. First a coin doubling “that will never happen again” and now this SuperSplit!? Just wow! You can’t even make this up!

    1. Yeah, it really looks like they are up to test Ruja's followers beliefs by throwing them what ever crazy shit they can come up with.

      OneCoin was already puffing the SuperSpit in its Monday's newsletter, just couple days after doubling all the coins.

      However I didn't bother to make a blog post about it because they usually are promoting something every Monday to lure more victims to join. And I was more into snooping OneCoin's banks.

      I have had some interesting traffic to my blog recently. Hopefully it means that stuff is going to happen, but I'm keeping my pants on for now.

      As suggested the mobile app "MAB" is probably the worst idea ever - even in ponzi standards. Steinkeller brothers and Staffan Liback released a short four minute video already to explain how the members should deal with the MAB because of "a lot of questions".

      There has been some discussion in Murobbs as well as in Petteri Järvinen's blog about this application. It turns out that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the M.A.B. First of all the application eventually costs more than the prices announced by OneCoin. There would also be for example the following problems:
      - What should a cashier do when a purchase is made partly with onecoins?
      - Any instructions for accounting? How to work with this toy money?
      - Businesses have to pay also taxes as well as salaries. Accepting onecoins certainly does not help with these liabilities.
      - What does a merchant do with onecoins? There's only a poorly executed training platform which does not count as a market place for selling the coins. So all merchants would have to just stock their coins and hope that someday they'll turn into euros? A merchant has no use for onecoins. They need fiat money to run their businesses.

      I'm sure that we'll never get any answers to those questions.

  2. Germany freeze OneCoin’s bank accounts!!!
    ...german forum with real facts about onecoin:

    1. Thanks for the link to the German forum!

      I already posted about BaFin's press release here:

  3. Statistics from the list of account holders:

    7 x International Marketing Services Ltd.
    (includes IMS Marketing Tanzania and IMS International Marketing Services GmbH.)
    2 x One Payments
    1 x One Network Services Ltd.
    1 x Onecoin Ltd.
    1 x ONE EUX

    All rest (7 of them) have nothing to do with One(Coin/Life/Network/Payments), at least what comes to the name. It seems that buying Unaico/Sitetalk in January 2016 was a gift from heavens for OneCoin bank accounting - close to half of their bank accounts have been recycled from the same IMS International Marketing Services GmbH that Sitetalk used.

    1. The Spanish bank account frozen in January 2017 held by "One Payment for all S.L." was probably not so directly connected to Onecoin Ltd. despite having similar kind of name.

      One Payment for all S.L. is owned by Luis-felipe Mendez Banderas:
      Other positions/companies:

      Apparently he is a lawyer. I found also this discussion indicating that he has experience of some shady business prior to OneCoin:


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