OneCoin lost its Singaporean bank account - The second one!

OneCoin has lost its Singaporean bank account. This was in fact the second bank account they had in there using shell companies for money laundering, the first one being International Marketing Services Pte. Ltd. and the second one Vernada Trading Pte. Ltd. 

After investigating the case thoroughly United Overseas Bank has obviously frozen the account which forced OneCoin to immediately remove the bank details from their ponzi shop. Now OneCoin has only the African bank in Tanzania to launder its money.

The Bank of Africa is still offering a safe haven to OneCoin for money laundering.

PS. Thanks to the UOB and the Singaporean Monetary Authority for taking the matter seriously and preventing more people from losing their money!


  1. what will theoretically happen, if OneCoin will have all bank accounts frozen ? That means, they cant operate with money -> the end ?

    1. I suppose most of their victims pay via bank wire so losing all the banks would be devastating for the ponzi.


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