Monday, 14 November 2016

OneCoin - The ponzi-pyramid crumbles!

Today seems to be the day that ends the long reign of OneCoin ponzi-pyramid. The everlasting pursue of new bank accounts seems to have driven OneCoin to finally end the game with the following announcement:

The last bank account they had in Tanzania was either frozen or wasn't enough to keep the scam rolling.

However, the scheme can still continue with its independent reps trying to suck the last drops of cash from any gullible victims out there. It's also possible that a new ponzi will be launched exploiting the member base OneCoin had.


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    1. Thanks! And thanks to all the other "haters" out there contributing to the cause.

  2. I would be a bit cautious about calling it quits - this scam seems to have more lives than a cat. Nevertheless it's a beautiful sight.

    1. But haven't you seen it already? Banks can't handle their money anymore. OneCoin was too big! How could the scam continue without a way to deposit money from its victims? There obviously isn't a bank big enough.

    2. As I said in BehindMLM today, you have to remember that OneCoin is “100 times larger and growing faster than Bitcoin, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook”:
      LOL. I have no clue how they can come up with all this stuff and why nobody seems to wonder that media never reports about a company 100x size of Apple and Microsoft. ;)

  3. according to their fake currency, they already mined cca 4bilion coins for 7€/1coin, it makes already 28bilion€, pretty nice :D (sarcasticly said)...

  4. It's REvolutionary indeed...should be in Guinness book of records!

  5. They have been saying this for the last 2 years......this is old news.......written by a hat

    1. On the contrary, I care so much about your kind of gullible people that I did everything I could to prevent you from losing money to OneCoin.

    2. I agree this post is all lies trying to discredit Onecoin,most people do not understand OC that is why it is easy to knock about 3 million members and $5 Billion Market cap.....this is a company that can not be stopped. All the BS about investigations mean nothing...If England (Scotland yard etc) and the US can not do a damn thing.....I say relax.....2 yrs of investigations and millions and can not stop a lady......that is something. So what chance has a hater got...3 million people referring is greater than one single soul who thinks he is saving the world. Everyone is adult either have the balls to invest a few dollars.....or just move on.....either way we we are not advertising for more negative people......only time will tell. Always remember 1-2 yrs after Bitcoin started....all of Google was saying it was a people still believe it is a scam....

    3. "I agree this post is all lies"
      - Please, enlighten us by pointing out where have I lied?

      "this is a company that can not be stopped"
      - All ponzi scams eventually stop. It's their nature.

      "All the BS about investigations mean nothing"
      - Alrighty then. I guess all the frozen bank accounts mean diddley squat to you as well.

      "So what chance has a hater got...3 million people referring is greater than one single soul who thinks he is saving the world."
      - Er, maybe just help some authorities to freeze five bank accounts during the last couple months? Try by all means to freeze my bank account with your 3 million people.

      Anyway, who needs banks, right? You've got like gazillion onecoins! The world is your oyster.


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