Wednesday, 2 November 2016

OneCoin - Singaporean Bank Account frozen

As I suspected the bank account seems to be now frozen. However, OneCoin doesn't run out of shell companies. Just a while ago this popped up after logging into my member account:

The shell company OneCoin uses now is:
Vernada Trading Pte. Ltd
- I couldn't find much about the company. Apparently it was incorporated 31 August 2016 so it's a brand new one:

Surprisingly the ponzi is still using United Overseas Bank:

I have just filed a report to the bank and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

A police report filed as well. Hopefully the authorities can work a lot quicker now as they certainly have studied the case.


  1. Replies
    1. Police don't usually blabber much about their ongoing investigations and banks don't share information about their clients, so I really don't have much to share besides what's already posted on my blog.

      I don't know if there has been anything published in Singaporean media though, but obviously the authorities there are well aware about the true nature of OneCoin.

      All in all OneCoin has been in the news every now and then around the world, while this crumbling ponzi has been getting the attention it deserves from police and authorities from an increasing number of countries.


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