Saturday, 10 December 2016

A stooge appointed as the new manager of five OneCoin related companies

A Bulgarian newspaper the Capital/Капитал published an article today revealing that OneCoin has appointed a new manager for five OneCoin related companies. - No, it's not Pablo Munoz. Instead the new manager in these important positions is a 25 year old Bozhidar Zahariev who - according to the Capital - lives in a... erm... in a quite modest neighborhood for a man of his position. 

The Capital let's us know that he was appointed to manage the companies somewhere in November. It's quite a coincidence that OneCoin ran into severe banking problems at the same time. - Ironically one could say that OneCoin has been unbanked since then.

"Yes, you are the new manager! And don't worry about missing the brains. You don't need them in OneCoin."

The Capital (with the help of Google Translate):
"Accordingly, it is rather odd exactly where they crossed both worlds and what Zahariev was able to prove. But the fact is that he is now governor of ownership from mother to Ignatova "Artefiks Europe" and its subsidiary "Pegaron invest". This latter company owns the "One Network sarvises" during which OneCoin operates and which has over 60 employees. Moreover Zahariev was the new manager "One peymants" as well as "One Property" which holds the house of the former mayor Dimitar Mollov against the National Assembly, which was bought in 2015 for 5 million. Euros. There is a request that he be registered as a manager of "Diamond Property" which has new headquarters of OneCoin Square "Slaveykov. According to news from the company's website literally days ago there must have been opened the first of its kind kriptovaluten information center in the world. 
Thus, in the hands of the young man who makes little experience as a manager, at least on paper proved to be assets for millions of business whose scale is difficult to assess given the lack of data. While the said Munoz and other public entities of OneCoin not formally take up any posts."

According to the Capital despite his young age Bozhidar Zahariev appears to have a history of being a straw man counted on when dumping some unwanted companies. In other words he is just a puppet - a stooge if you will - with the only purpose to have the upline of scammers exit the stage nice and easy.

The Capital:
"This makes purchases of its kind to look like typical schemes involving "straw man" - someone who sells his identity to his transfer companies, which due obligations or other reasons their current managers want to get rid. By the time while he was their manager, they did not submit reports and is not very clear what activities have at all. However, since the beginning of 2016 several of them at least dozens of documents recruit employees. One of them in April even an act of the Labour Inspectorate from April 2016 with 13 mandatory instructions."

So it's more and more obvious that the top scammers have quietly left the sinking ship and doing their best to shrug off all the traces left. Like OneCoin already announced after losing all of its bank accounts, it's now up to the independent reps to run the show. Sadly ponzi scams don't have lifeboats reserved for their passengers.

Here's again the link to the Capital in case you missed it. It's worth reading though Google Translate has some problems with Bulgarian language:


  1. In the translation "wang peymants" and "wan properties" translate properly to "one payments" and "one properties".

    This bulgarian->english translation issue has been discussed before at least on behindMLM.

    1. Thanks, corrections done. I was aware of this, but it slipped my mind while posting.

  2. Just found your blog, entertaining to read and a great resource for information about Onecoin. If you look at the google trends and Alexa numbers for Onecoin, Onelife and xcoinx it looks like Onecoin has reached a plateau. So hopefully the pyramid will collapse in a short time.

    1. Thanks. Now that OneCoin has been unbanked it truly seems to have a major effect on the cancerous spreading it has had.


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