Saturday, 3 December 2016

Muftis condemning OneCoin. Xcoinx keeps on pending and expiring

Muftis condemning OneCoin

OneCoin seems to have rapidly spread like a virus among muslims during this year. The ponzi has been marketed to muslim victims as being Sharia compliance and this nonsense has done its charm. 

However, as a counter measure a research paper was published yesterday by some muslim scholars:

The paper concludes that it is impermissible to participate in the OneCoin scheme. The paper has been approved and endorsed by the following scholars:
  • Mufti Amjad MohammedBradford, UK
  • Mufti Faisal Niazi al-Mahmudi, Montreal, Canada
  • Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir, Blackburn, UK
To read or download, please click on the following link: onecoin-research-paper-islamic-ruling
The research paper explains thoroughly what OneCoin is and what makes it a scam. The conclusion of the report states: "it is impermissible to participate in this scheme." 

Although the report was composed for muslim audience, it's a very good source of information to anyone regardless of religion.

Xcoinx keeps on pending and expiring

Let's see how the exchange on is working at the moment. A onecoiner has uploaded a video just recently to show how he's doing some successful withdrawals from the exchange.

Account 1 (1:30)

The man refers to the account as his main account. Apparently he has at least four OneCoin accounts. In the video he transfers money from each additional account to his main account in order to buy a gift code. I guess the purpose of this procedure is to sell the gift code to a new victim and pocket the cash, quick and easy.

As seen on the chart, the onecoiner managed to have two buy orders executed and one sell order was successful. Both successful coin purchases were made at the market price. The one and only successful coin sale was made way below the market price.

The market price for the buy order that expired in 17th November seems odd for the date, because OneCoin's artificial value did not rise to match that figure until 25th November. I can't figure out explanation for this.

Account 2 (3:15)

The second account has only sell orders visible. It took him two weeks to have three coin sells executed.

There are just sell orders here. Again three of them executed with exact same dates as the previous accounts.

Account 4 (7:30)

This account is identical to the previous one. Again sell orders executed with the same dates.

More examples:

One other example of expiring coin sells. - This onecoiner is trying to have sales with discount prices and yet he is failing.


After checking these videos I think it's safe to say that Mr Parhiala and the queen of ponzi currency were both half right; Europeans and Chinese are indeed sleeping. But just the opposite to their claims, no one is awake to purchase coins. 

It is possbile that there might have been some money injected to the system in the end of November, because some sell orders were executed. On the other hand nothing guarantees that OneCoin has cash in its system to cover all the coin sells. Thou shalt not forget the most important rule: Never trust a ponzi.

Weather forecast for the coming weeks

Here's the weather forecast for onecoiners: There's an increased likelihood of freezing breeze coming towards bank accounts.


  1. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how OneCoin defenders tell how they have been able to "get their money back".
    -If that was achieved by recruiting new members, it's called participating a fraud.
    -If that was (and it rarely is) achieved by selling coins, IT STILL ISN'T WHAT YOU WERE PROMISED! The promise was that you put in 10 000€ and in a year you have money to buy a brand new Porsche or a Lamborghini - not that you put in 10 000€ and in a year you have... 10 000€! (Not to mention the trouble of constantly selling coins and renewing expired sales.)

    1. That's the beauty of ponzi business. The most gullible victims don't even understand being screwed. Every coin sold is a small victory for them.

      OneCoin's exchange has always had such strict limitations and lousy rate of successful sells that I don't think a single member has gained much richness from selling coins. It's such a long and dragging process that even getting one's money back takes ages.

      I'm sure that the ponzi pimps organizing events have only the pyramid part of the scam in their minds. Recruiting business is the way to earn stacks of dirty bucks, not coins and "splits and splats". No one wants to talk about the boring coin selling and above all the problems within. It's all about being different colors of diamonds, sapphires and whatnot.

  2. A fair bit off topic but something to look into: Where do european onecoiners pay the sales tax of the education they buy? Bulgaria or the country they live in? I'm sure it's not tax free.

    1. As far as I have understood at least in Finland the buyer should be the one paying taxes when buying education packages from abroad. If you happen to be Finnish, you can find some answers here:
      - Check the part under "4.11"

      However, we are talking about taxing a ponzi scam. I don't think there are much governments supporting taxing of criminal activities.


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