OneCoin's secret bank accounts

Shortly after being unbanked by continuous money laundering suspicions and frozen bank accounts OneCoin's scammers started to instruct their victims to send money to some secret bank accounts. 

Earlier all OneCoin's bank account details were public in the back office for all the members to see. Now anyone willing to be a member of this cult must contact an anonymous email address to ask for bank account information. After being contacted one must apply to register to a secret web page. Only after successful registration one can purchase a membership or an additional package full of scam.

Bank wire transfers seem to have been the most used way for members or new recruits to transfer money to OneCoin. All this secrecy must have made money flow to the scam considerably smaller and OneCoin must have been struggling for its existence during the last months. The phase their bank accounts were freezing in the late 2016 must have also been bad for marketing the scam.

Forecast to onecoiners for the near future: there's a freezing cold blow coming towards OneCoin's bank accounts. Prepare for awkward explanations from your upline.

But let's get to the point. Here are details of the two secret bank accounts OneCoin is currently using via partner companies:

Name of account owner: SAFA Trading Ltd., P.O. Box 122036, Dubai, U.A.E 
IBAN: AE32 0030 0009 5131 8320 001

Bank name: Banco Sabadell, Av. Espana 116, 29680 Estepona, Spain 
Name of account owner: One Payment for all S.L 
IBAN: ES49 0081 7462 5800 0164 2468

The service used to acquire bank account details: 


  1. Assuming the quoted email from Japan is legit:

    They've gone one step further from bank wires. OMG!

    1. I bet it must be a brown paper bag. - And no cops, capisce!

  2. Oh, I forgot to thank my source about the information. Thanks on behalf all the victims that might have their money bouncing back as soon as those bank accounts freeze!

  3. You should add space between the BIC code and "IBAN".

  4. I got duped by a bogus broker recently, I had to hire a refund professional to get my funds back.


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