OneCoin - the deathwatch continues

The collapsing ponzi pyramid is still rattling on its deathbed. It's unbanked and just waiting for the evident. Meanwhile there are still high profile ponzi pimps around the world stealing money from new gullible victims as long as there are any.

Xcoinx seems to be closed for good, DealShaker is going to be DOA

Today on Murobbs discussion board an anonymous informer leaked a statement from the Finnish Country Manager of OneCoin - country manager with the blessing of the dictatorship of the Crypt Queen - Tommi Vuorinen. According to the source the statement was made to a closed Facebook group in Finnish.

Briefly translating the most important parts:

"Greetings from a legal meeting in Germany!" 
"For now it is forbidden to promote OneCoin in Italy, because of the acts of independent representatives there. No events to be held." 
"This is not an investment and the company is not a financial company." 
"DealShaker is a discount coupon. Onecoins can't be exchanged into fiat currency. Therefore any merchant should set the euro cut of the price to an amount that ensures profitability." 
"Xcoinx will be reopened 2018 in the second quarter." 
"OFC is not a financial instrument, but a Future Certificate that entitles you to receive shares in the company OneCoin."

This certainly puts the hyped DealShaker (aka DealShitter among ponzi antagonists) to an awkward position. Onecoins are utterly useless by the means of what comes to making transactions in the platform. In addition any merchant stupid enough to participate has to sell their products ridiculously overpriced to compensate the huge 50 % cut that goes directly to Ruja's purse. Needless to say that the merchant platform is going to be a failure, dead on arrival so to say. I don't think that it was even planned to work, but instead just play time for the scammers.

It's going to be a smelly 16th of February for onecoiners.

Now that none of the members can exchange their coins to fiat currency, the scammers are hoping that members might fell on to the old OFC trick. However, I strongly doubt that it will be a success. Instead the members must feel dismayed by the fact that they don't even have the option to sell their coins anymore - not that it would matter anyway since no-one could really sell much of the worthless coins there.

Furthermore not even the so called leaders of the scam know what the OFC is all about and how to deal with it:

No shit! However a scam with a plan is all about wishes! 

Onecoiners exploiting media backfires - yet again

Recently there was some top OneCoin leaders spreading this link to an article about OneCoin:

Today the article was gone:

Fintechtime is a small-time magazine published in Turkey. Apparently the magazine received many complaints about the article promoting a ponzi scam. After studying the case they swiftly deleted the article.

Maybe OneCoin would better rely on the services of Mr Chris Principe and his corrupted Financial IT ad-magazine?

U.S. rep McMurrain lost his program slot on Grant Cardone TV

According to Wikipedia Mr Grant Cardone is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer.

He also runs tv production offering a variety of shows that seem to be quite focused on... focused on Grant Cardone. I don't know exactly how popular his shows are or how large audience he reaches, but it's obvious that he has been successful at what he does.

Tom McMurrain as the host of Grant Cardone's tv show "The Coin Profit" interviewing Juha Parhiala. Link to the video.

As far as I know Cardone has nothing to do with OneCoin. However, he has been offering some screen time to Tom McMurrain who's a known OneCoin representative from the U.S.A. McMurrain has also toured with some British OneCoin leaders spreading the disease.

Yesterday I was informed by OneCoin antagonist Tim Tayshun that the slot McMurrain had in Cardone's channel has been cancelled.

Tim Tayshun:
"I phoned Grant Cardone TV and confirmed McMurrains Show was “no longer being sponsored by Grant Cardone.”"

OneLife network is a big happy family?

OneLie to rule them all

Muhammad Zafar is a big shot OneCoin representative from the U.K., a member of the "Diamonds Clud". This is the picture they like to give outsiders about the OneLife family:

I happened to notice this on Zafar's Facebook page while snooping around for information about OneCoin:

Now, I'm just guessing, but maybe Mr Shah wasn't in the video holding hands. One could even say that he appears to be quite angry.


  1. Any news about Sebastian Greenwood? I have not seen any info about him lately.

    1. I know nothing about Greenwood's whereabouts and doings. I guess he just knew when to stop. Now that I think of it, he really just showed up rarely, mainly at the big events. With his reputation I'd think it was a wise move for him - and for the scam.

      Also Ignatova has made a fortune with this ponzi but I think she probably sticks around because she loves to show off her wardrobe and to be the center of attention.

  2. The FAQ on confirms that xcoin will stay closed until the IPO. Including a shameless confirmation that the purpose of xcoinx was only "to practice".

    "What will happen to xcoinx?
    The exchange has been for internal use only and for very limited transactions with the purpose to allow members/users to practice the knowledge gained through the OneAcademy educational packages. It is not a liquid and open exchange forum. After the IPO xcoinx will be opened to the general public. In preparation, we are working on the necessary legal and regulatory requirements needed to provide an open exchange platform accessible for everyone."

    1. I don't think they presented Xcoinx as a practice platform when they launched it. The exchange they had before Xcoinx on the other hand was explained to be just a practice platform when members were questioning the very poor exchange rate and expiring sell orders.

      But it's a ponzi scheme. They can come up with what ever excuse they like and the members have to swallow each giant bullshitty poop they make.

    2. No "practice" but "faster and greatly enhanced system" in announcement of on 7 November 2016:

    3. Well it did go down faster and it was greatly enhanced to show the stupidity of the system.

  3. Screenshot of some of the Questions & Answers in the

    1. Companies list on stock markets to have investors investing money in them. OneCoin's IPO is about the members exchanging their onecoins into stocks. The capital of the stock listed company would therefore be nonexistent.

  4. Wow, now it looks like OneCoin really is coming to an end. I hope the arrival of the worthless dealshaker will be the breaking point.
    But what really surprises me is that there are still so many people promoting OneCoin. Is it blind faith, naivite, or trying to squeeze just a few more euros out of guillible victims?

  5. What I'm curious about is how they currently get money from the donkeys? The bank accounts are gone and it seems even the secret bank accounts do not stay alive. There's not much point to promote your Ponzi scheme if you can't get any money for it, right?

    1. It's likely that not much money ends up going to OneCoin's head of the scammers anymore. I suspect that the operation of the ponzi is pretty much scattered to benefit the individual top scammers who have still access to distribute educational packages.

      Google Trends seems to be quite accurate in showing lifespans of different ponzis. It's starting to show a nosedive for OneCoin:

      - The peaks of the chart show the most important things that have happened during OneCoin's development:

      1. The blooming of the ponzi-pyramid.

      2. The big event in London.

      3. The doubling of the coins.

      As we can already see DealShaker isn't going to save the ponzi from the upcoming nosedive.

  6. 3. Is also the Onecoin Mastermind event in Bangkok.,onelife,xcoinx,dealshaker

    Looks like onecoin / onelife has a small uptick, but xcoinx is dead and dealshaker is not going anywhere. I wonder why the small increase for Onecoin and Onelife, maybe the slew of negative news?

    1. As a reply to myself, I just checked the alexa rankings of onecoin and onelife, and it appears that although both sites are declining, they are gaining traction in India. And since India is a big market, it could explain why Onecoin isn't dying faster.

    2. The Bangkok event was the very place where the coins were doubled. It was also the highlight of the event, and nobody much cared about anything else happening there.

      For some reason the graph goes a bit higher in your link than in this single graph of onecoin:
      However, the difference / increase is pretty insignificant. I think Google Trends is rather vague way of following these kind of scams. Therefore I wouldn't pay much attention to small lumps on the charts. Nevertheless it shows the general trend of the followed subject quite accurately.

      And like you hinted, also media reporting about OneCoin can have an affect to its chart on Google Trends. It's important to bear in mind that the chart does not show how popular OneCoin is, but the overall trend of google searches.

  7. A great article about OneCoin in Aftenposten:
    (In Chrome click right button and select translate. English translation is usually the best option.)

  8. Well Dealshaker definitely proved all the critics wrong. It is a huge success. More than 200 items or services for sale! It's a great place where those 2.8 million OneCoin users can spend their hard earned coonsm I wonder what the site's daiyly revenue is, maybe even as high as 25 Euros! Eat that eBay, Amazon and Alibaba!

  9. how is it possible that there is an ad masked as news (not the other way round!) on yahoo finance in the news section????

    1. OneCoin has been using similar kind of news feed platforms to make it seem as an independent news provider published their bullshit.


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