Monday, 13 March 2017

Cash strapped OneCoin pleads for patience

The cash strapped ponzi pyramid pleads for patience from its victims:

The announcement declares payout delays due an increase in transactions. How could that be? has been closed down since January so no-one has been able to sell their coins. DealShaker platform hasn't got much transactions because it's extremely far from being "extremely successful".

What comes to the imaginary blockchain, OneCoin has been boasting how their blockchain is capable of handling far more transactions than credit card providers:

"The new OneCoin blockchain is very powerful, being able to process more transactions than credit card providers. It runs every minute, which makes it the choice for merchants because it stores users' KYC documents - setting a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry." 

So what are these "payout delays" then?

The merchant platform doesn't cause much transactions so there should be no problems there. Furthermore it should only serve as a surplus for OneCoin as the Queen of the Crypt takes a hefty cut of each deal. So it certainly doesn't cause a dent on Ruja's wallet.

The only thing left is commissions. This could mean that banks - the rare ones that still were offering their services to OneCoin or its shell companies - are refusing to transfer those payouts and scammers don't get their dough anymore. No wonder there has been a lot of upliners leaving the sinking ship recently.


  1. The only sure way to make money with Onecoin now is bet on the day it will close!

    1. 😂😂 Onecoin passed another case you fool

    2. That was not surprising at all. Similar decision was made by the Finnish NBI. OneCoin is a foreign scam and authorities are helpless with them. OneScam is only one of the many scams that have been rolling freely through the whole world.

      However, despite police being helpless, banks treat these scams like the criminal organisations they are. That's why OneCoin has already at least 17 bank accounts frozen.

    3. OneCoin didn't "pass" anything.

      In any case, the case has now been reopened, so the OneCoin scammers can stop rejoicing (whilst totally ignoring the ban in Italy):

    4. Yes, the Swedish police is continuing the investigation.

      I would also like to remind that the Finnish NBI is still monitoring OneCoin.

  2. I've got my money on the end of March!

    1. Sorry, I was responding to the post from anonymous to bet on the day onescam closes. I think the end of March.

    2. My apologies! I was too hasty while reading your comment and didn't notice that it was a reply to the earlier one.

  3. I think you should couple that "due to an increase in transactions" statement to OneLife newsletter stating that they have passed the 25 000 sold deal coupon milestone last week. That means this unbearable "increase in transactions" translates to an average of 1 000 transactions per day.

    ...and - as you already pointed out - apparently that cannot be handled with an alleged blockchain that is supposed to mine a new block 1440 times per day.

    1. I strongly doubt that DealShitter generates even those 1000 transactions per day. Currently there are about 18.000 registered merchants and their businesses ain't blooming. Maybe the newsletter meant that there has been a total of 25.000 coupons set up? Coupons don't turn into transactions until redeemed.

    2. Irrelevant to the point that both official OneLife statements combined say the blockchain can't handle even one transaction per block. ;)

      OneLife newsletter said "Last week we passed the 25 000 SOLD DEAL COUPON milestone!" (Caps are theirs, not mine.) I say they at least claim they have sold 25 000 coupons.
      I say it could be true. There are literally order(s) of magnitude more OneCoin-only deals than I had anticipated. They have sold 200 sun lotion tubes and also the cheaper jewelry sold deals count in around hundred for the best sellers. Sure, it is uncertain at best that those products will ever reach the customers who bought them but that is irrelevant for the amount of sold coupons.
      Link to OneCoin-only deals:

    3. "Irrelevant to the point that both official OneLife statements combined say the blockchain can't handle even one transaction per block. ;)"

      Well that's of course true. However, I believe OneCoin stating that there are "payout delays" must refer to cash transactions. Who cares about onecoins anyway? Happy Mondays aren't about onecoins, they are about cash.

      The announcement was surely made to reassure nervous ponzi pimps who have been waiting for their commissions. Maybe some fat bank account was just recently frozen and Ruja has now no money to pay bloodmoney to keep ponzi wheels rolling.

    4. Undoubtedly the payment delays relate to euro payments - the OneCoin transfers within the SQL database (that they REALLY use) have always been lightning fast.

      The reason why I'm talking about the blockchain is that this all is now where OneCoin should have been superior due to their alleged blockchain: merchants, shopping, future of payments. ;-)

    5. Boy it's hard to discuss about an imaginary cryptocurrency that has A LOT of questionable details wrapped in lies. :D

      But you truly have a really important point there about OneCoin's imaginary blockchain conflicting with all the claims the Queen of the Crypt has made. This should be a devastating eye opener for every onecoiner... well, at least for some of them, for those who aren't in a cult like trance.

  4. I saw someone on Facebook with the following question:

    "Is there a cancel function on Dealshaker after I bought coupons? If I don't use the coupon, will the coins come back to my account? When I bought the Coupon, the coins were gone".

    This MAY imply that manual handling by OneLife employees is required to transfer the OneCoins to the merchant after the coupon is used.

  5. I finally managed to crack this thing with DealShaker - it's a mechanism to remove all the cash points from the circulation.
    Ruja and OneCoin leaders are not interested in OneCoins - those are Ponzi points with 0 value and they can generate them at will. What they are interested in is the cash bonuses:
    When a donkey pays 1000€ to OneCoin, Ruja gets 1000€. The pyramid above the donkey gets credit of 300€ (100€ per level for three levels).
    Here comes the problem: when the pimps try to cash out those 100€ cash prizes, Ruja will have to take 300€ from her purse and she does not want to!
    First there was a 15€ "handling costs" for withdrawals, ensuring that 45€ stay in Ruja's purse.
    Then they upped it to 30€, making sure that 90€ will stay in Ruja's purse. And now... DEALSHITTER!

    Let's have imaginary person Ken LaPimp who has 100€ in his cash account.
    Don McDonkey, an unhappy OneCoin investor sets up a service to DealShitter, offering a party service that includes pizzas and drinks for participants. Don sells the service for 100€ + some OneCoins.
    Ken buys that service from Don, paying 100€ to Don.
    Ruja takes 50% fee, Don has now 50€ in his cash account and some OneCoins.
    Don needs all the stuff for actually arranging the party! He pays everything else himself but luckily there's a pizzeria where Ingrid De La Investor is selling two pizzas and a large Coca-Cola for 5€ and some onecoins.
    Don buys 20 pizzas (2 x 10) with the 50€ he has in his cash account.
    Ruja takes 50% fee, Ingrid gets 25€ to her cash account.
    Ingrid needs the ingredients for the pizzas and the Coca-Cola! She pays the pizza ingredients herself but finds that Ken LaPimp is selling some excess Coca-Cola from his previous party for 2.5€/bottle.
    Ingrid buys 10 bottles of Cola from Ken with the 25€ she has in her cash account.
    Ruja takes 50% fee, Ken gets 12.5€ to his cash account.
    We're back at Ken who has 12.5€. He could set up another party except all of a sudden 87.5% of the money has dissappeared to Ruja's purse!

    In every step the donkeys can't cash out the euros trapped in their cash accounts as payments "are having difficulties" and is closed. The only use for the euros in their cash accounts is to shop in Dealshitter which gets you some physical real-life goods with monetary value without having to wait for the next excuse from OneCoin/OneLife.

    It's ingenious as donkeys send the money to Ruja by themselves so you can't really even call it a fraud. :D

  6. Go to sleep troll, get a life, see ya in 2018 :)


    2. @Pablo Marin
      Would you be interested in buying some BigCoins? Ruja says they are "the future of money":

      (Probably better than OneCoins. You should ask your upline how you can trade OneCoins to BigCoins.)

    3. Great work all. Keep it up!
      I am letting people I know here in Australia to beware, as I have seen One events scheduled all over the east coast. Scary...

  7. Onecoin onelife es la mejor, la gente que comenta sin saber bien, le tienen miedo, setemos una criptomoneda unida, ya todo normal despues del ataque de la competencia

    1. Please, I'm not afraid of OneCoin. If it wasn't a scam, I would have nothing against it. However, I know more than enough about it to declare it as a pure scam.

      OneCoin is under ongoing criminal investigation and labeled as an international criminal organisation by the authorities investigating it.


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