Wednesday, 8 March 2017

OneCoin - ponzi news of March

OneCoin released today its "Official response" to the news about the ponzi trying to hire a blockchain specialist. The company is of course denying everything and claims to have already launched "legal measures". Well, there's no possible legal measures for OneCoin to grab on so this is pure ponzi bullshit they are shoveling to reassure victims of the scam.


Dear Members,

In relation to recent online publications regarding Onecoin and its blockchain, we would like to reassure you that the published information contains entirely false and misleading statements. We consider such actions as unfair competition and purposeful defamation, aimed to hamper the business development and prevent the growth of a strong cryptocurrency, such as OneCoin. 
Please be kindly informed that the Company has never offered a position to this person, and he has never been asked to "build" a blockchain for Onecoin. Therefore any claims related to offers and salaries are totally false and untrue. Please note that all necessary legal measures to protect our members' and OneCoin users' interests have already been undertaken.

A blockchain specialist would had been exactly what OneCoin needed to actually have a cryptocurrency in the first place. It has been evident since the beginning of OneCoin that there has been no blockchain and no cryptocurrency.

Autopsy of an imaginary cryptocurrency

This blog "OneCoin OneLife Facts" examines very thoroughly all possible data that OneCoin has published about its imaginary cryptocurrency.

Recently the blogger discovered that all transaction history in OneCoin's Cash and Trading Accounts has been erased (except for the last 30 days). - Maybe Ruja needed some more space in her laptop?

The latest post on OneCoin OneLife Facts blog investigates the auditing process of onecoin and the two auditing companies OneCoin has used. It goes without saying that auditing a non existent cryptocurrency leads to some very embarrassing audit reports that have next to nothing to do with real auditing. The auditors deliver some unforgettable gems like this: 

"Our tests are performed on the data provided to us by One Network Services Ltd. We accept this data as correct and we hold no responsibility concerning the data correctness. Our engagement is based only on the data provided by the Client and n third party sources are used."

After the first auditing firm, Semper Fortis, noticed the stinky turd they had in their hands, the company's website went offline. It took some time before somebody managed to find the new website address of the company. Apparently the whole incident was so embarrassing for Semper Fortis that they decided to remove the auditor Dian Dimitrov from the Key Management Team where he still was visible prior being the auditor of OneCoin. Dian Dimitrov's profile on Linkedin still refers to his Managing Partner position at Semper Fortis.


  1. From Daily Mirror today about OneCoin and Moyn and Monir Islam:
    The flashy Islam brothers heavily promoted get-rich-quick scheme OneCoin - now they've abandoned it

    Here is a great opportunity to comment the article, do it please!

    1. Something is wrong with the link you posted. This should work:

    2. I don't really have anything interesting to comment besides what has already been told in the article. This is how career scammers operate, they move to another scam as soon as the money flow starts to decline, or they start an entirely new scam.

    3. Yes, we all here surely know that but the readers do not get the whole picture. I believe the Mirror cannot tell all the circumstances due to that there does not exist any legal complaints against these bros. Yet.


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