Polish media reports: Recyclix is a pyramid scam

According to Polish Newsweek, Recyclix is a pyramid scam. It seems evident that the company hasn't used any money at all - or only an insignificant part of it - into actual recycling business. Thus the company is a ponzi pyramid only interested in recycling money, and most of it has been recycled through laundering process to the peak of the pyramid.

- Just a screencapture. If you wish to see the video, it's here.

Polish Newsweek reports that Recyclix is ​​a limited liability company with one shareholder - a citizen of Latvia. Its share capital amounts to only about 1000 euro. That sure doesn't sound like "One of Europe’s leading recycling companies" like Recyclix describes itself on its official Facebook page.

Recyclix pyramid started to crumble in January after it got problems with money laundering suspicions.

In the Newsweek's article the president of the Polish Chamber of Waste Management condemns Recyclix to be a financial pyramid (translation from Polish by Google Translate):

We do not know of such an entity in the industry. Only seen them trivial movies on YouTube. If you deal with recycling, which I doubt, it is certainly not on the scale of the declared - quoted by the newspaper said Dariusz Matlak, president of the Polish Chamber of Waste Management. In his opinion, the company's operations at first glance resembles a financial pyramid.

Polish Newsweek let's us also know about the current situation Recyclix has in Italy, where the scam has been investigated by Italian authorities (translation from Polish by Google Translate):

Activity Recyclix in the summer of last year examined the Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa (CONSOB). Italian counterpart KNF said that the Polish company operates as a pyramid scheme, which is contrary to the law. In the virtual garbage invested approx. 40 thousand. Italians. 
For several weeks, the company is also looking at Recyclix Financial Supervision Commission."The Commission recognizes the evidence that could indicate a possible violation of law," reads the official statement. According to the DGP at stake the same article as in the case of Amber Gold, that objection of art. 171 banking law. It states that you can not without the permission conduct the business of collecting funds from other people while burdening their risk of losing money. For this type of activity threatens up to 5 years in prison.

Recycling plant in Brożku does not belong to Recyclix

As I suspected the Polish recycling plant in Brożku that had a huge fire in February does not belong to Recyclix. Recyclix has been lying to its members that the plant was one of theirs and therefore the company had to reduce out going money flow due the fire that destroyed a huge stock of recyclable plastic. However those two companies have no formal relations whatsoever. Polish Gazeta Prawna confirms my suspicions (translated by Google Translate):
Why Recyclix took people paid money? As he explains, is the effect of fire of 14 February. in Brożku (Lubuskie), as a result of which burned one of their landfills. Speaking so vividly, as the smoke went waste company, just as the smoke went investors' money. The thing is that indicated by the company dump, which burned down, did to her was not.
- The owner of the landfill is Deko-process sp. Z oo - informs us Zbigniew Fąfera, Prosecutor's Office in Zielona Gora. This entity, at least formally, is in no way connected with Recycliksem.
The lie about the plant's ownership surely makes one wonder about the fire. - Mighty coincidental I might say.

Recyclix silent

Recyclix seem to have chosen North Korean way of handling the case by deleting all comments on its Facebook page regarding the recent news. Word of advice to the scammers: It's too late.

The company was not eager to comment to the media either. Gazeta Prawna tried to contact the company:
We wanted to speak to a representative Recycliksu. Our questions sent by e-mail, but no one answered, and the telephone was received by Ms speaks with a distinctly eastern accent, which at the request of the reply said only: "dobzie, I'll try."

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